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world map with countries and states

world map with countries and states. World+map+with+countries+

LollypopAug 7, 12:40 AMIf I didn�t have to work this would feel like xmas morning!!! :D If apple are saying these things about leopard they must be very very confident, as much as I love tiger I would love to see Vista smashed into the ground, and apple can do it!

Last week I was hoping for a few new things, now with a lot of potential promise from leopard I will be fine with leopard, the new pros... and maybe the iphone! LOL

<side note... does anyone know how to attach excitement to a post, I can just do pics? :p >

world map with countries and states. blank world map stateslank
blank world map stateslank

kadajawiSep 7, 03:36 AMWell I posted it in another thread however I just built a PC with some amazing specs for under $500. It was a P4 3ghz, 2gb ram, 250GB HD, 256MB GPU, DVDR, bluetooth, wifi. The kicker is it's a Shuttle so it's tiny, not much bigger than a mini, and it's made of aluminum. The thing is very Mac like. And being able to build it so cost effectively, really ticked me off.

Because no matter what I'd get on the Apple side it would either cost much, much more or it would be hobbled in some way (GPU, monitor, etc.). In the end you have to realize that as a Mac user you're paying more for a brand and for the ability to run OS X. That's fine, provided you can find a system which meets your needs.

(yeah it's late and I'm cranky) :P
Yes, I was about to build one with a Athlon 64 3000+ (doesn't eat up electricity like the P4... and with RM Clock or so you can reduce power consumption quite a bit additionally. The default voltages are usually far above whats needed, both AMDs I've built run perfectly with 1.1V (standard is 1.4 to 1.45), unfortunately it isn't possible to lover the voltage further), 512 MB RAM, 160 GB HD, onboard graphics, DVDR, in a 9x27.5x35 cm enclosure. Price with Windows: around 400 �. Bluetooth and WiFi is lacking, but shouldn't add too much. In comparison the Mac Mini Core Solo was 600 � at that time. I'd consider both systems comparable... Mini has front row, BT and WiFi, PC has better connectivity (especially on the display side), 100 gig more HD, DVD writer, card reader. Quite a price difference to me.
Lack of OS X + iLife, the upgrade to Core Duo, student discount and the printer promo made me chose the Mac Mini.

world map with countries and states. united states map
united states map

petsyMar 24, 12:07 PMWoulda been funnier if the conversation looked like this:

Q: Apple killing iPod?
Sent from my iPhone
A: We have no plans to
Sent from my HTC Hero

I'd like to see a new Classic though, preferably before summer. I'm out of space and there's 40+ gigs in my iTunes that I can't sync to my pod. Don't want to go the whole summer without an updated pod.

world map with countries and states. World+map+with+countries+

vincenzApr 3, 01:10 AMGreat ad, love the new direction

world map with countries and states. one countries,world map
one countries,world map

StellaJul 18, 09:58 AMI like to know that I can listen to (or view) my music on my schedule, at my convenience, on my time. If someone's telling me that I've got to hew to THEIR schedule, then it's just ceased being convenient.

Thanks, but I'll pass.

Apple are allowed to change their minds about the purpose of iPod / iTunes ( just like a woman , as we keep on being reminded! ) :-)

When you rent a movie from Rogers, blockbusters etc, you watch the movie to their schedule...

world map with countries and states. Download free map font
Download free map font

groovebusterApr 11, 01:39 AMThe only automatic I've ever owned was a car that was only ever made in auto form: a Jaguar XK8. Fortunately in the UK most mainstream cars are still available in manual.

There is another disturbing trend though: many modern manual cars (VAG group cars I'm look at you) won't let you use all three pedals at once. This is terrible for the spirited driver as you cannot heal and toe down the box. Kills the slight enjoyment one might get from driving a bland hatchback like a Golf.

It is only a question of how fast you can shift and how good your are with the clutch and the throttle. There is no need to use all three pedals at once, when you know what you are doing. If you want proof, come over to my place and I will go fast with you on some country roads with and you won't even notice that I am shifting gears, except from the different noise the engine is doing.

In the old times "Heel and Toe" was interesting especially for Rallye drivers who wanted to get the RWD car into a controlled drift by using the throttle and the brake at the same time. Something you will not be able to do with a FWD Golf anyway.

world map with countries and states. countries,world map
countries,world map

kadajawiOct 14, 10:49 PM@generik: You're forgetting the much bigger and FASTER HD. I've gotten curious and tried OS X on my windows box too. To be honest it simply kills the Mini. Having 1 GB RAM over 512 MB and a nice, fast HD really helps alot. The box is much snappier, eventhough it has only an Athlon 64, no dual core like the Mini has. Of course anything that requires graphics card support won't run or runs slow, but other than that it boots much quicker, reacts faster, starts programs way faster, ... So I guess the iMac will be quite a bit faster than the Mini because of its HD.
Perhaps I'll try OS X on my Windows/Linux box with 512 MB to compare.

Ps: The Mini looks much better though :D And is so silent. And small. I like it :D But it's so painfully slow... I'm running Rosetta@Home though, that eats quite a lot of RAM. Without its zippier, until I manage to fill up the RAM (which is very easy though).

world map with countries and states. world map with countries
world map with countries

KilamiteApr 21, 11:20 AMRead the letter. I'd like an open response from Apple which specifically answers those questions.

world map with countries and states. world map with countries
world map with countries

zombierunnerApr 19, 12:36 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

Thank goodness .. Finally an iMac rumour ... I am still going to wait a bit more and buy it when the new iMacs ship with lion preinstalled .... July I guess

Really hoping for 1080p target display mode will be supported in the new iMacs ...

world map with countries and states. Countries,world map
Countries,world map

tilmanAug 30, 09:40 AMFry's Electronics is advertising Core Solo Mini's for $499 today. "Some demo, some open box". That is usually a sign that they are clearing out their remaining stock of an item.

world map with countries and states. countries states
countries states

aibo82May 2, 07:54 PMYes but are they bringing:

Ios to the mac

Mac to the ios

The wrong way around is going to kill power users and the openeness thats left of the mac os operating system do we really want a closed off mac os/ios hybrid?

Mac os should be advancing not getting waterd down with simple user toys! We are going to be paying more for less!

iPad Pro?
Macbook dead!

world map with countries and states. World+map+with+countries+

�algirisMay 3, 02:28 AMFirst of all, this looks like this only works when you are in LaunchPad mode so there, it makes perfect sense. I truly doubt the press/hold/jiggle works in the Applications folder, where it would be very out-of-place.

Imagine that Apple did not put in the feature there in LaunchPad which is suppose to be iPad-like... people would come out of the woodwork to piss/moan about how Apple was lame to not unify the process with the press/hold/jiggle.

Secondly, this only works for Apps that have been downloaded from the App store,... this is probably implemented so that when you say YES, delete this, it will then give you an option to rate the App while simply deleting the App with a Command-Delete or a drag to the Trash would not invoke such a Rating option.

Thirdly, it's not like Apple is taking away the other options of trashing an App. Use the method that you're like and MYOB and STHU. Honestly.

50% of Mac buyers are new users so they're use to this from iPhones/iPads/iPods. Let them be comfortable. I've been on a Mac since 1995 but I realize that Apple needs to help switchers be comfortable. All the changes to Mac OS X that I've seen so far, I'm really looking forward. If you don't want 'em. Don't upgrade. Oh... and STHU.

Tell that to the whiners. All they do is whine. It's a great feature and LaunchPad looks like a handy feature as well. If someone doesn't like it's not intrusive, just don't use it.

world map with countries and states. world map with countries
world map with countries

Lord BlackadderMar 21, 07:47 PMI agree ... interesting progress this UN decision has become, the Arab partners seem to now be on the fence.

They called for the NFZ, then they backed away, and now they are supporting it again. They will have to be coaxed into taking any sort of action.

Getting Gaddafi to step down seems like a logical solution ... however that may not happen if he tries to all of a sudden play ball a bit.

I think that allowing Gaddafi to remain in power at this point is not an option for anything but the immediate short-term. But it is the Libyan people who ultimately must remove him. The rebels' policy is ending the Gaddafi regime, and they have refused to negotiate on that point. Currently they have a strong hand - as long as they can keep Gaddafi at bay (effectively with coalition help) he will go nowhere. At best he can try to hold on to Tripoli and the remaining loyalist towns. Any attempt to re-take rebel-held territory will be opposed by both the rebels and the UN-mandated coalition.

Stalemate plays into the hands of the rebels in the long term.

One point that has gone largely undiscussed is the situation in Tobruk - it's a critical port city and so far has seen little if any conflict. The official statements by the Benghazi-based rebel organization seem to indicate that Tobruk's government is sitting on the fence a bit in officially joining their movement, even though they are obviously anti-Gaddafi.

world map with countries and states. Rectangular world map
Rectangular world map

retrospekJan 2, 04:58 PMI really hope the iTV will stream internet radio as well as iTunes stuff..

I can then replace my Roku with it...

world map with countries and states. World+map+with+countries+

paulyrasJan 11, 09:29 PMFirst time I've seen USB called complicated :).

Ever used Windows 98? :D

world map with countries and states. state,world map belowworld
state,world map belowworld

Doctor QNov 28, 12:08 is a link ( to the CNN review of the zune. I wouldn't be surprised if they were payed by Apple given how it ends.Woah, that was one scathing review! Just one man's opinion, perhaps, but one that many will see.

world map with countries and states. World+map+with+countries+

RaceTripperJan 9, 11:52 AM@hobbyrennfahrer:

very nice! The 135 is a quick car! (especially because its sooooo light).
How do you like the handling on it though?
For me personally I would probably not get the 1 series for some reason, I'm just not a fan of the looks that much - now the 335i coupe, thats a killer car!
The 135i will likely be my next car (or a 1-Series M Coupe). It's not really that light though. At 3400 lbs. it weighs about what a E46 3-series weighs (while at 3600 lbs. the new E90/92 3 Series weighs what the E39 5-series weighed). BMWs just keeping getting bigger and heavier. My JCW is light, at 2600 lbs. :)

The 135i is certainly quick though.

world map with countries and states. country names, state
country names, state

Random PasserbyOct 24, 01:19 AMI should be posting to the 'update before the holiday season' string to help it get to 4000 posts - but I was wondering at what time of day would an update happen, were it to happen?

world map with countries and states. this map, countries states
this map, countries states

PBFApr 1, 09:33 PMGoogle Chrome Beta and regular version allow me to use them for around a minute, and then crash. Anyone else having this problem, and how to fix?

I already submitted a bug report.
Use the dev version instead. A lot more stable than the beta one.

DynamykFeb 22, 09:20 AM

Where can I get that date time thingy for my iPad!

aethierApr 15, 04:41 PMWhat you are possibly forgetting is that although, yes, Apple's market share may be shrinking, the market it self - the number of units actualy shifted - is growing at massive rates. I don't really have to explain percentages now do I, it is obvious that 1.7% or whatever it is of 10,000,000 (a figure pulled from the air, I have NO idea how many units are shifted :)) is a much higher number than say 5% of 1,000,000. Apple is shifting more units - may not be computers, iPods are obviously helping Apple to succeed, and do remember that some of these iPod users are going to like the thing so much that they start taking a healthy interest in the rest of Apple's product range.

yes, iPod out sold CPU's this quarter... But they still don't make as much money, as they are cheaper. the 807 thousand ipods sold this quarter count for only 15% of Apple's profit, whereas the 779000 (around that) (up 5% from this quarter last year) count for more then 45% of thier profit..


n7vyFeb 7, 04:08 PMHere is a picture of my weekend ride:


mags631Sep 14, 11:13 AM

Non sequitur.

SactoGuy18Jan 2, 04:41 PMI personally think we'll see this:

1) 2G iPod nano available in 16 GB edition. Apple drops the 2 GB edition and lowers the price of the 4 GB to $175 and 8 GB to $225.

2) 30 GB 5.5G iPod dropped, replaced by new 40 GB model. 80 GB model has no changes.

3) "True" video iPod (about the size of the Samsung Q1 handheld computer) arrives with 16:9 aspect ratio screen with full touchscreen functions. Will offer either 80 GB or 120 GB hard disk drive capacities.


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