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physicsguy13Apr 2, 08:54 PMthousands of ipads being returned?! source?
what really happened is about 5-10 people unfortunately got a defective unit, then freaked out, and called all the news sites around, so they can tell the world how mad they were about there product, that they surly got a free replacement model.

Well I guess that I would be one of the 10 people because my iPad 2 has a light bleeding issue and I called AppleCare today about it. I was told that my serial number was part of a bad batch and they would replace my iPad without question but they could not guarantee a perfect unit at this time and that Apple is aware of the issue and is investigating it. I only talked to the guy for about one minute and was told that Apple was looking into this so I am guessing that more than 10 people have an issue.

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aiqw9182Mar 24, 02:50 PMOpenCL are COMPUTE tasks. If you can't do them on the GPU, you would need a HUGELY powerful CPU. That's why having true OpenCL means you have a better "CPU".

In one or two months after Bobcat Fusion was introduced there are already 50 Fusion-oriented Windows apps.

I'm not taking about DirectX 11 concerning games, but concerning OpenCL.

OpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

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zeemeerman2Apr 19, 11:13 AMWhat are these "Macs" you speak of?

Long, long ago, when the animals could still talk and houses didn't have Windows, a round piece of fruit made a Mac, a revolutionary way to use computers ( /com-puu-ters/ ). They improved the system time and time again to the extend that we have nowadays.

Then came the evil Bill, known from the creation of fences and Gates, and he made something that looked like nothing but was in fact something. Namely, glass Windows. You could look through it, yet not go through it. It was symbolic to say "You can see your home, but there's no possible way to go there. Muahahaha!"

Unknown by many people, Macs at the other hand, you just could eat (since Mackintosh is a sort of Apples) through and go through. It would finish your hunger and you would be never hungry again.
And because of the amount of water in the Mac, you wouldn't be thirsty again either. Romans knew that already; they named it Aqua.

Nowadays, times are different. The Aqua is bit by bit drying up, and Apple thinks more about phones. But even if the Aqua will be gone soon, the Mac is still an Apple, and it will finish your thirst.

Apple knows that, and they think chocolate has a better taste. Therefore, they have Cocoa now. Much better than Aqua. And it fills directly to your stomach, underneath all things you see, so you don't even have to see that you're drinking. You can do other things while your stomach is filled with Cocoa.


Well, anyone else can made a story from puns of Apple stuff? (Anything about getting a job (Steve Jobs)? ... Just saying...)

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thank you notes to teachers.

dwarnecke11Sep 30, 10:12 AMI finally ordered a case. I'm sick of waiting for Best Buy to stock some decent cases.

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TheManOfSilverDec 10, 06:43 PMI posted this a while ago - but I think Jobs was hinting that apple wants to be everywhere. iPod is a lifestyle product, as is the iTv.

Apple has proven that they have a true understanding of the user experience, and can spread that halo wherever a user may go. Hence the iPod's success, and perhaps the iTv and phone future success.

Bottom line, wherever there is media, apple wants to be there, showing everyone how to do it the best way.

I agree with your line about Apple wanting to be in multiple places. The one place I see them finally going themselves is the car ... not designing a car, but rather replacing the head unit on your car with a true video ipod interface. No onboard HD, just a true 3" video interface that shows your iPod's content just as it would on your iPod, while it's safely stowed in your glovebox, armrest, etc.

No one has done iPod integration right yet, because no one is Apple. Apple could go the route of designing a new iCar head unit itself for aftermarket sales and could sign deals with the automakers to offer it as an optional feature. They could partner with a big name in high quality car audio to get the sound quality right, but they would design the front end.

Perfect opportunity for Apple to fill a need that no one is addressing in an elegant, simple fashion.

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BlackheartAug 6, 10:50 PMMaybe I'm reading to much into this... but did anyone else notice that Apple has all of their products on that big banner except for the full-size iPod and the Xserve? Could it be that the new iPod will certainly be released then, and that its banner is hidden?

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MCIowaRulzApr 12, 09:56 PMI wonder if they'll update the whole studio suite
(yes, including DVD Studio Pro I hope. Maybe they'll rename it Media studio and make it output DVD's, Blu Ray, maybe even interactive Quicktime files )

My thoughts exactly!. As a owner of FCP 7 (and the rumord price drop for FCP X) How much will the upgrade cost? Price speculation time!

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aznguyen316Sep 14, 03:24 PMI was thinking that blue might look feminine but it's actually pretty slick with the black ipod. thanks for those pics.

Am still pondering the “do I or don’t I” question on a screen protector. Now that it’s glass, simple logic tells me it shouldn’t be necessary unless someone wants to begin scraping diamonds down the face....right?

I am opting for a screen protector granted it's a high quality one that won't get too scratched up quickly and needs replacing every month. The reason is my GF's 2G touch which is also made of scratch resistant scren has a couple of scratch marks on it and a very small little "dig" in the screen, like something hit it and took a small chunk of the glass with it lol. Not the iPod's fault but if I can help it then I'd prefer to have one if it's not really noticeable. I would hate to have the mini scratches.

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Reverend WallyJan 1, 08:34 PMOK ....

This is what will happen at MWSF.

A new technology will be introduced. About 2 minutes after that a wavering shimmer will appear on stage and "POP" ... A capsule will appear, and out of it will climb an iAndroid which in reality will be an android built by future Apple, Inc. and will have Steve Job's brain installed in it. He will then announce that as a result of the previously announced new technonlogy the iTraveler, an Apple time travel machine was made possible and was built in the future enabling him to come back in his new android body to show us all just how truly advanced Apple has really become.

Then we will all gather to sing "We Are The World" to bring the MWSF to a dramatic and exciting climax.


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thank you note. to teacher

shawnceNov 17, 11:27 AMWill consider a Mac Pro if it gets 8 cores and they drop the FB-DIMMs. Don't want FB-DIMMs, they have the definite feel of an overcomplicated solution to a problem. FB-DIMM are likely the future... it will truly start to will shine when they make available more channels out of the memory controllers allowing bandwidth to scale and it hides memory specifics from the memory controller allowing advancements in DIMMs to remain compatible with existing systems.

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dongminJul 19, 07:03 PMwhat happened exactly in between 2000-Q4 and 2001-Q1?Such short memories...

2001-Q1 would be when the " Bubble" burst. The whole PC industry tanked, not just Apple. Motorola was also struggling to bring faster G4 processors to market, if I remember correctly.

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Blue VelvetMar 22, 12:23 PMlol no, look at my previous post.

Wasn't sure, so had to ask. :)

It's such a weird notion, that people can choose their sexual orientation. But then, I don't believe that's what many really believe when they say it... instead, I get the vibe that what they mean to say is 'why can't you just closet yourself and act straight?'.

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techluvrJan 31, 03:44 PM2008 Honda Civic Si

Most Civics look horrible. That one looks awesome.

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teddy bear thank you note.

codymacJan 8, 12:22 PMmy 2003 540i M Wagon. upgraded w afe intake and remus exhaust. custom catback piping + resonator delete. stock 290HP/320torque :) 92K miles. next mod is prob full aluminum radiator + electric fan. i heard the cooling system starts degrading around 100K. got the water pump (replaced OEM plastic w metal impeller) and hoses done when i first bought it
took on a 3200mi road trip last year-- really fun on the highway and surprisingly gets good highway mileage

Great looking wagon!

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Retro Teacher Mini Cards

daneoniSep 1, 02:26 PMI think it'll be a crime for Apple not to use Conroes in the iMac, they withstood the G5 processors so i dont see any reason as to why they cant do the same for Conroe. Using only merom or xeon processors is just to big a gap and is not ideal. Worse it may plumet the iMac sales unless there is a must have feature in the new revision.

Why would i want to upgrade from a current core duo imac to a merom imac when the performance difference is only 10-15% at best...for a desktop it makes no sense whatsoever and that means the iMac would purely be form over function. The again Apple fans tend to buy anything no matter how illogical

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Marx55Jul 14, 03:28 AMCheaper Blu-ray next month: "BenQ to launch Blu-ray Disc writer in August"

Blu-ray is awesome for backups as well as HDTV and HD movies in general. You can also have much more content on a Blu-ray than on a HD-DVD disk.

So, should Blu-ray drop prices more to match HD-DVD as seems the trend, the election is clear: Blu-ray for ever!

Apple: go for it with the option ot two-drive BTO Macs. We need them.

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Digital DudeJun 22, 03:09 PMI don’t feel this should be a ‘Page 2’ topic in that it makes more sense as to why Apple is dragging its feet on a replacement of their 30-inch desktop display.

As for a new MacPro, I think Apple couldn't care less about professional designers anymore. It's now all about bubblegum social interaction with 16-year old bee-bopping mall kids.

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gkarrisMar 25, 09:58 PMI find it frustrating that Firemint continues to hype this game and talk innovation when the game does not even work as advertised today, supporting both original and second iPad's. Crash and burn. How about a news release on the improvements they will be making to stop the crashing rather than this pathetic self promoting fallacy.

It's known that the first iPad is Apple's "experiment"... :eek:

Anything serious, like hardcore gaming, will require an A5 based machine.

AFA game consoles, Apple crashed and burned with their last console. If they do anything, it'll be only on their mobile devices and not bother competing with MS/Sony/Nintendo on the console front.

With mobile gaming, there's really only Sony and Nintendo, so there's room for Apple... ;)

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coder12Mar 25, 10:32 PMWow! This looks insane!! I didn't realise that the iPad was so powerful!

Little do you know... that the iPad can output RAW LIGHTNING!!! *Cracks of thunder* Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!

iScott428Mar 25, 03:52 PMThe Future of video games? This looks awesome, and works great with a racing game that can show you the course on the iPad. Just wish I could run this on my Original Ipad :(
Will this work over Airplay with the Apple TV, obviously in 720p?

noriyoriNov 29, 03:02 PMI would just hope they would have video streaming like the slingbox so you can access all of your content from where ever you may be around the globe.

needthephoneJan 2, 04:19 AMPersonally speaking I can't get excited about software. An OS is an OS windows, OSX I don't care as long as it works (OK advantage Apple but if MS did the job I would use it) Ilife come on, surely something not as dull as free software no one uses.

Please let it be new stuff you can hold.

kftrainerApr 3, 05:55 PMI don't think it is a bug. It allows more screen to show when using full screen mode. The menubar re-appears when needed. Preview auto hides the menubar as well in full screen mode.

I dont know the significance of the big gray bar on top of the page where it blocks a portion of the page when the menu bar is coming out of auto hide -they could of made it semi transparent Hopefully they change that in the final release

LollypopAug 16, 07:50 AMI wish whoever posted this would get it straight - Microsoft is coming out with zune to compete with iPod. They are the one with the new product that will inevitably suck.

I don't understand why this post says that Apple is coming out with wireless capabilities to compete with zune - if nobody has wireless out yet, then there is not much a competition. And it certainly isn't Apple hoping to be the ones to catch up.

The post says apple is going to compete with Zune because everyone knows almost everything about zune, with the exception of having a physical zune apple can at least stay on top by brining in inovative features before zune has them.


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