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the white house map room

the white house map room. Room of the White House in
Room of the White House in

EagerDragonNov 16, 12:53 PMPrevious question: How hard could it be to take advangate of the multi-cores.

The first thing is that it depends on what you are starting with. If you have zero code out there, you can come up with a nice design for your program that takes advantage of as many cores as you throw at it. If on the other hand you have large chunks of legacy code that was written in the time of single cores, it may be close to a re-write to fully take advantage of the hardware. In some cases it will be easier in some cases to throw the old code away.

But some of it is imagination, if you can look at a problem and the solution you orginaly came up with, and using your imagination look at the problem at hand in inovative ways, parts of the programs could be re-written to take advantage of the hardware and other parts can be left alone (for the short term). This is an incremental step, you gain X% in one area and little to nothing in another area. The key is to determine what your program spends most of it time doing and re-write/re-design that section of the code for the biggest short-term gains.

I remeber working in assembler and selecting the correct combination of instructions based on their function and the number of CPU cycles it took to execute each instruction. Sometimes a set of 12 instructions was faster than a different set of 8 instructions in accomplishing the same result. Use your imagination and look at the problem from a different angle. If your brain only sees a number of serialized steps, you won't be able to come up with anything that takes advange of the hardware.

What you start with (old code) and your imagination can get you there quicker or slower.

Short answer: It depends.

the white house map room. Room of the White House,
Room of the White House,

arkitectMar 22, 01:00 PMI don't believe any was born gay, that's my opinion. I believe you make the choice in your life, just like you make the choice on what career you want and college you desire to go to. I have friends that were once married (guy/girl) and then divorced because they liked their sex better. So now they are openly gay and happy.

The only choice these friends of yours made was to try and fit in with straight culture.

They were always gay. They chose to be straight… and that never works out.
I have back and forth e-mails with them stating they consider it a choice. One of my friends is a writer for Lesbians and spoke in front of congress on this issue 2 years ago. I was with her and she even stated that it was a choice to become a lesbian and it's now America's choice to accept it for all for choose this path.
Colour me sceptic.
Back and forth with emails confessing they chose to be gay? Oh come on.

FYI, I made a choice about my career… tonight's dinner, my brand of underwear… I did not choose to be gay. No more than you made a choice to be (I assume) straight. Or… did you… which brings me back to your gay/straight switching friends. Perhaps time to do some more emailing? Talk things over with them? No need to be so deep in that dark closet.

the white house map room. Room of the White House on
Room of the White House on

damienvfxSep 1, 02:08 PMThis is pure speculation here, but remember a month back when there was talk of a cinema display with a built in camera? What if those rumors started from someone who saw the new iMac and didn't even know that it was so much more than just an update to the cinema displays?

Well, this is my first guess before a release, so we'll see how it pans out.:rolleyes:

Still waiting for a Merom MBP. Leaving for Australia at the end of September, I'd love to be able to bring it with me.

the white house map room. Room of the White House in
Room of the White House in

Nmx-Apr 1, 12:56 PMNo, I made sure that it wasn't indexing before i checked.

the white house map room. the Map Room of the White
the Map Room of the White

freebooterSep 1, 12:13 PMCall the 23" iMac Pro, paint it black, give it a glossy screen, charge 30% more, awright!! The prestige!!


I think a 23" iMac would be close in price to a standard MacPro would make my next upgrade a tougher decision than otherwise would be the case. I'd probably go for the 23 if she had 4GB ram (easily acquirable ram) potential and a decent GPU. God! I'd have a 19" + 23" setup!! Holy Mother of Jesus!! I think I just soiled myself.

Oh, I think disposing of the chin would be desirable and might be possible.

the white house map room. to the White House tonight
to the White House tonight

bushidoApr 26, 02:21 PMwell we all know who really controls the goverment and everyone involved ... companies. so whoever throws more money at them is obvs gonna win

the white house map room. room of the White House
room of the White House

Surf and TurfOct 24, 06:23 AMdun get excited it is just routine maintanace. The new mbk will will be released late november

the white house map room. Room of the White House on
Room of the White House on

Fubar1977Feb 20, 07:48 AMSeriously though, it's like they are intentionally trying to cause that wrist problem (I forget the name XD) with those keyboard drawers!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ;)

the white house map room. the White House briefing
the White House briefing

Lord BlackadderMar 12, 11:24 PMDo you think GM would confirm an internet report of a diesel Cruze coming? Unless it comes from themselves, they won't confirm anything.

True. So far it's mostly rumor - the only thing we can be reasonably sure about is that GM is considering the idea of bringing the diesel here. Whether it will actually happen is still anybody's guess.

the white house map room. (AP Photo/The White House,
(AP Photo/The White House,

SciFrogNov 9, 12:33 PMit's not supported?

Not officially. But enough people tried it to make it run nicely.

the white house map room. The White House holds its
The White House holds its

Z-BroMar 23, 03:08 AMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

I lost my 160gb and I've been waiting for a classic update to buy. There's no chance I'll buy until it updates with a 220 drive so I can put all my videos and music. Let's go Apple!!

the white house map room. the Map Room of the White
the Map Room of the White

TMayApr 19, 10:56 AMPlease...Please...Please...provide a pro graphics card option (FirePro or Quadro)

the white house map room. The White House, Pete Souza
The White House, Pete Souza

RocketmanJan 1, 05:31 PMI am expecting MACworld to bring (2/3 of):

A couple of interesting new MacPro BTO options.

A new iMac which is an iTV mainframe of sorts.

iTV enabled monitors.

An iTV breakout box for talking to existing computers and televisions.

802.11n in many places including a "surprise" (to some) announcement Macs have been shipping with 802.11n for several months now and it can be enabled by a software update (available today).

A consumer SAN.

New iPod games

New iLife/iWork apps and upgrades and backgrounds.

FCP update.

One more thing: Video iPod

Later: a "media release" perhaps leading to or at NAB
Later: an iTunes event announcing more movie studios and broadcast content libraries.
Later: Leopard, Mac-Mini C2D, MacMaster (workstation class system)


the white house map room. the White House briefing
the White House briefing

Rodimus PrimeApr 20, 07:26 PMManuals are cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, more reliable, longer lasting, more powerful, more fuel efficient, and offer better driver control. Automatics are for the elderly and the handicapped.

sorry no longer the case for most of that.
Manuals now cost more to buy than autos due to fewer of them being built so supply is lower.
No really cheaper to maintain. Hell manuals can go 200+k with out the tranny or the engine needing to be pulled. Manuals sorry you have to pull one of those items ever 100k miles to replace the clutch. That eats up the saving so at best it is a break even in that department.
Tranny might last longer but that is about it. Still has to be pulled ever 100k to replace clutch. Hell an auto tranny will out last the car any how so a non issue.

Power wise yes auto is going to eat a little more of the power off the engine but really not much less than the manuals eat due to modern hydrolics and more physical locking together of the engine and tranny.

Fuel economy. Sorry no longer the case. High way the get the same due to the fact that the tranny of both are physically locked to with the engine so no gain there. City mileage Autos can and often times do get better MPG even more so with the modern CVT. CVT for the extra gear ratios and on top of that you have computer controlled shifting that can time it quicker and faster and at better points for MPG than any human can.
Even Autos now have 5-7 gears so that gain is even lost from the manuals. They have the same number of gears pretty much standard now.

Now control. I will give you that. but that is about it.

the white house map room. (AP Photo/The White House,
(AP Photo/The White House,

BRLawyerAug 26, 05:14 AM...also known as The New Form-Factor Conroe Mini-Tower/Pizza-Box!

The problem with the all-in-one form factor of the iMacIntel is that when the LCD dies - you have a good computer that you can't use. And if the computer dies - you have a good screen that you can't use.

Or, more likely, when the computer is obsolete you have a good screen that you can't use.

Apple needs something between the horribly constrained MiniMac, and the preposterously huge ProMac.

A Conroe (64-bit, single-socket, dual-core) system would fit the bill.... When will The Steve see the light?

A better question is: when does the LCD OR the computer die, especially in the case of Macs? I would say never...

the white house map room. Room of the White House
Room of the White House

twoodccMar 21, 06:25 PMI guess I'm number 1 on the team now :cool:

congrats! keep it up!

the white house map room. Gathered in the White House
Gathered in the White House

ascendentMar 23, 04:35 PMSure some people see 220 GB as �too much� space but � it�s not all about songs only -- a high capacity iPod is ideal for taking movies on the road. I travel with my Classic and an Apple cable. Plug it into the TV and *bingo* I have the movies or TV programs I want to watch on the big screen. You can use it for displaying photos as well. This is an often overlooked benefit of the Classic�s capacity.

I would buy a 220 in a heartbeat and just upgrade more of my music collection to Lossless resolution. Having empty space also removes a major psychological barrier for me in purchasing more liberally from ITunes (even with their less-than-ideal 256 resolution) because I want to NOT have to manage what is on my iPod. Just put it all there and always have what I want. More space is a plus for keeping folks purchasing new stuff.

-- and I think a lot more people will soon see the value of converting their CDs to digital for use with their home audio system -- but only if they have the memory available for high enough resolution for it to sound good.

the white house map room. AP Photo/The White House,
AP Photo/The White House,

Chef MedeskiJul 14, 10:45 AMIf it's cheaper, looks better, sounds better, and has more available titles, then why shouldn't HD DVD win? If BD used a more efficient codec, or at least had 50gb dual layer discs now (so MPEG2 could have a high bit rate at least), and the all the backing studios pumped out more titles, I'd buy it. But that isn't what it's shaping up to be right now. If they can get their act together, this could be a fight... but they are behind.

Because current performance isn't prove of future trends, even if it is a indicator. If BD has a plan to release 50-200GB discs, while HD DVD can only make 70, then there is an advantage. If BD runs a better codec, I'm not sure but I think MPEG2/4 is a lot more flexible than VC-1 (knowning how windows is), unless its just H.2164? (forgot the number. Yet, personally I used to be a Blu-Ray fan, but now favor HD-DVD. The reason?

Well, firstly, Blu-Ray is obviously going to have a lot more DRM control, which I HATE. I HATE THAT CRAP. I mean the whole rootkit CD thing, pissed of my friends, I mean I didn't care too much cause I could jsut burn it regularily on my mac. :D! But, if a Blu-Ray player comes to mac, I'm sure DRM will come too. And man... that would suck. I really don't want my mac slowed down, so some Sony exec knows what I'm watching.

And personally, I don't see any use for discs over 50GB. I mean I probably could fit my whole music collection on one 70GB HD-DVD to back up. Hell, I could probably fit my music and photo collection if I got rid of some music I have been meaning to get around too. But even if I had to use two discs... big whoop... plus one disc of 200GB.... I don't even have 200GB of HD space ebtween 4 computers. How the hell can I use it?

Plus, with current trends, it looks like HD-DVD will have a bigger foothole by the time Sony releases the PS3... itll be late b/c of shrotage in chip and blue ray drives... and then itll be really expensive. I think Xbox might have one this one... hopefully they dont botch it with the HD-DVD thing. And if they don't then that means for $400 you can get a HD-DVD player.... thats a steal when you consider everything it does also. I just dont see Sony winning this one, unless they drop DRM and massively subsidize all products (fat chance).

the white house map room. the Map Room of the White
the Map Room of the White

killmomsApr 13, 12:52 AMAll I need to know is if AJA will be supporting it.

If the answer is �yes,� then the whiny �pros� in this thread can shut up and get used to the new interface�it�s still just as pro as before.

SUPER excited about this. Can�t wait to see the rest of the suite. I�m doing a ton of hardware upgrades at my office now (new edit suites). Wish I could wait until the new FCS was out, but for now I�ll just eagerly await the day I can unleash all 12 cores of my incoming Mac Pros on some video game trailers. :D

Avatar74May 2, 07:13 PMI guess that's way easier than dragging it to the trash?

People may have already been over this, but dragging an app to the trash doesn't always clean up the mess it leaves. There are preferences files, cache and other things that may be sitting in the User or System libraries, and not in the "package" hidden behind the app icon.

AlphaDoggFeb 24, 07:00 PMHere's my mbp setup.

Do I see a white iPhone 3G/3GS peeking in there?

Spanky DeluxeNov 27, 01:01 PMI don't know if this has been posted here yet or not, I did a quick search but turned up nothing.

LCD vendors such as ViewSonic and Apple are set to launch 17-inch widescreen LCD monitors by year-end or the first quarter of according to industry sources.

LCD monitor vendors expect 17-inch widescreen monitors to replace entry-level and middle-range 15-inch and 17-inch LCD monitors in the future. The prices for 17-inch widescreen monitors will not necessary be higher than 17-inch 4:3 models amid more efficient panel cutting by makers, according to the vendors.

Currently, LCD panel makers such as HannStar Display and China-based players have launched 17-inch widescreen panels in the market. A fifth-generation (5G) substrate from HannStar can be cut into fifteen 17-inch widescreen panels or fifteen 15-inch 4:3 conventional-sized panels, the sources said.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), widescreen LCD monitors will account for 34% of the overall monitor market in the fourth quarter of 2007 with 19-inch widescreen monitors being the largest segment among all widescreen monitors. The proportion of 19-inch and 17-inch widescreen monitors will increase to 15.2% and 11.4%, respectively, by the fourth quarter of next year, the research firm added.

QCassidy352Jan 10, 10:03 PMbah, way out of date comment, didn't realize how old this thread is. mod delete please. :o

Mr. ChewbaccaMar 22, 10:12 PMOur Founding Fathers believed in God, proof alone is the pledge of allegiance "under god". Yes our country was founded on christian belief. Hate to say it, but it's true!

As for the invisible man in the sky I have no clue to what you are referring.

I see a lot of other people called this out but did you know that McCarthyism also gave us things like “in god we trust” on the money, some coins had it earlier but it was not mandatory,the prayer breakfast, the insane tax exemptions given to the church.

I suggest you look into the era, it was a sad time of witch hunts and bully tactics. The perfect petri dish for religion.

*** Looks like the app was removed. I cant find it.

Not sure how I feel about that, as a ultra liberal gay friendly atheist tree hugger I depend on minority opinions being protected. I may find them sick but I'm sure people that worship invisible superheros don't like what I have to say either. We both have a right, even a duty, to stand up for what we believe in.


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