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boston marathon map 2011

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon 2011 route.
oston marathon 2011 route.

moondog190Feb 24, 02:19 PMI was able to get the link working but the picture won't show on the forums for some reason

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon route map 2011
oston marathon route map 2011

aiqw9182Mar 24, 05:12 PMI am talking about graphics capabilities now.

Actually, you are just confused and trying to back peddle:

You are talking DirectX version numbers(which already has nothing to do with what we're talking about and has no bearing under OS X) in relation to OpenCL when OpenCL has nothing to do with DirectX? Something doesn't add up here.

boston marathon map 2011. Boston Marathon 2011.
Boston Marathon 2011.

TomorrowApr 20, 03:46 PMWere your other cars manual? The Camaro isn't helping your argument any more than the Lotus is helping mine.

What argument? My main point is that I hate driving, and a manual transmission doesn't help me enjoy it any more than an automatic.

boston marathon map 2011. 2002 Boston Marathon.
2002 Boston Marathon.

ChazUKApr 26, 01:09 PMRovio's generic use of the word "App Store(s)" made me think about this issue when I watched the trailer with my daughter the other day.

If Apple retain the trademark, I wonder what they'll do to stop people and companies using it in this way?

boston marathon map 2011. 2011 Boston Marathon Runners
2011 Boston Marathon Runners

kfenertyAug 21, 01:43 AMyou might look knda retarded walking down the street with wirless headohnes people will think your nuts... and wouldnt the traditinal "iPod Headphones" fall out...:rolleyes:

boston marathon map 2011. SUNDOWN ULTRA MARATHON 2011:

cjc343Apr 7, 12:13 AMSo long as Apple is around, I do not care if they are growing or not, nor do I want the Apple brand to become associated with ****. People already think Macs are inferior to windows... some guy IM'd me earlier today and the discussion turned to computers... I told him I use an Apple Macintosh, his first response is:


disclaimer: I do not actually know this person, somehow they found my AIM SN and IM'd me....

I told him/her a few reasons why macs are better, but he/she wasn't even listening..... I don't want Apple to give basis to his/her argument by making a regular POC like dell, eMachines, or gateway does.....

boston marathon map 2011. Boston Marathon Map : 2007
Boston Marathon Map : 2007

imac_japanApr 5, 01:40 PMand guess which company has been more profitable recently? which company is debt free? (hint: it's not gateway) and which company had to expand beyond just selling cheap PCs to continue its operation? (another hint: it's not apple.)

Now that has to be the most double standard quote that I have ever read !!!

Apple had to expand beyond its computers to be profitable....If not for the Ipod - Apple wouldnt be making money.

Steve get Apple into gear man ! Drop prices - Take on the market...With good marketing , Apple will not cheapen..

boston marathon map 2011. 2011 boston marathon route map
2011 boston marathon route map

Mr-StabbyApr 12, 09:19 PMWhat was the render dialog ?

If a clip needed processing before it could be played back in real time (like if you've added an effect to it, or it was in an un-native format, you had to 'render' the clip, and Final Cut couldn't be used until the render had finished. If you are a professional editor like me, this going is a BIG plus.

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon results 2011
oston marathon results 2011

ArtOfWarfareApr 12, 08:25 PMNormally I go spoiler-free, but given I seriously doubt Apple will release an official video for download, I'll just follow twitter feeds as this unfolds...

boston marathon map 2011. map of oston marathon route.
map of oston marathon route.

RebootDApr 12, 09:09 PMFinal Cut X and 64bit whoo hoo.

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon route map
oston marathon route map

appleboyMar 21, 09:22 AMThats not the least bit true ! and if you lived in Japan - you would understand. I don't mean to be rude at all. Dell for example has desktops for under 100 000 yen (about $1 200 US)....

eg:Australian Meat for example is cheaper than Japanese Meat....

Most foreign products are cheaper or about the same price as the Japanese product
1200 for a dell they sell for 499 here with a monitor hey are still **** computers though

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon poop 2011. map
oston marathon poop 2011. map

rdownsJul 19, 06:33 PMHere are historical Mac sales by quarter.

1Q2000 - 1,377,000
2Q2000 - 1,043,000
3Q2000 - 1,016,000
4Q2000 - 1,122,000

1Q2001 - 659,000
2Q2001 - 751,000
3Q2001 - 827,000
4Q2001 - 850,000

1Q2002 - 659,000
2Q2002 - 813,000
3Q2002 - 808,000
4Q2002 - 734,000

1Q2003 - 743,000
2Q2003 - 711,000
3Q2003 - 771,000
4Q2003 - 787,000

1Q2004 - 743,000
2Q2004 - 749,000
3Q2004 - 771,000
4Q2004 - 787,000

1Q2005 - 1,046,000
2Q2005 - 1,070,000
3Q2005 - 1,182,000
4Q2005 - 1,236,000

1Q2006- 1,254,000
2Q2006- 1,112,000
3Q2006- 1,327,000

boston marathon map 2011. map of oston marathon course.
map of oston marathon course.

a104375May 2, 04:41 PMThe bigger question is, should Apple dumb OS X Lion down to allow the iOS people to have an easier transition, just seems like it undermines the quality of the product especially for the people who already know and like OS X SL the way it is.

Perhaps when you first start up the computer they can have a "Do you want iOS mode or Fanboy mode?"

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon 2011 winner
oston marathon 2011 winner

bokdolJul 14, 04:10 AM... and what you'd loose when the disk goes bad :mad:

but you can say that with most drives....

boston marathon map 2011. 2010 Boston Marathon middot; 2010
2010 Boston Marathon middot; 2010

QCassidy352Jan 10, 10:03 PMbah, way out of date comment, didn't realize how old this thread is. mod delete please. :o

boston marathon map 2011. oston marathon 2011 route.
oston marathon 2011 route.

savarNov 15, 11:57 AM31% is a little disappointing for 2x the number of cores. I'm hoping that particular benchmark isn't particularly tuned for multiple cores. I was thinking 60-70% would be more likely. I don't see where all the overhead is coming from. Or it because these aren't true quad-core, but really just dual-duals on the same wafer?

boston marathon map 2011. map of oston marathon course.
map of oston marathon course.

BoyBachNov 29, 02:28 PMAndy Neff also writes "Apple noted that it has a number of products currently in development that are likely to be introduced over several years."

I'm glad that he confirmed this. Otherwise Macworld in January would be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Mr. Jobs finished his keynote with the startling admission that there is nothing left: "That's all folks! We've got nothing else in development. See you in 2010."


boston marathon map 2011. map of oston marathon course.
map of oston marathon course.

Riemann ZetaApr 2, 01:32 PMAs far as I know, Snow Leopard "fixed" what Leopard started. Mac OS X Lion is a completely new OS with new features, most of which are not present in Snow Leopard.
haha, no chance. Tons of new features here. I can see Apple charging less than $129 if they go the App Store route, but if boxed retail is released I'm sure it'll be $129.

Snow Leopard was a bigger upgrade than most people assumed--but only in an under-the-hood sense. The switch to a real 64bit system (with pure x64 kernel and extensions) was a big deal, albeit an invisible one. All the system core revisions, a 64bit finder and a $29 price made Snow Leopard a worthwhile update.

As for all these "tons" of new features that would make Lion worth $129: I just don't see it. Smaller window controls, iOS buttons and scrollbars and a few other iOS-derived tweaks and features just don't seem like that massive of an upgrade. Auto-saving, application 'resuming' and iOS-like state-suspention don't make a whole lot of sense for a desktop OS (perhaps if a machine is all SSD-based, with no physical discs, these features will allow Apple to eliminate swap/VM). So all-in-all, Lion feels a whole lot like Snow Leopard: a collection of refinements and nice, subtle improvements.

boston marathon map 2011. map of oston marathon course. When you click on the map,; When you click on the map,. leekohler. Apr 28, 04:04 PM. Whoa, seriously?
map of oston marathon course. When you click on the map,; When you click on the map,. leekohler. Apr 28, 04:04 PM. Whoa, seriously?

FubsyGamrSep 20, 01:46 PMOk guys, I'm torn between two cases. First of all, I just got a case from Amazon, the MiniSuit, and I hate it! )= This was my first case for my first iPod Touch, and I was very disappointed. It is silicone/rubbery, but it is like a magnet for lint, hair, dust, and anything else I don't want to go on it. I put it in my pocket (my pockets are relatively clean, nothing too out of the ordinary) and when I pulled it out, it was just covered in lint. I tried to brush it off, but it won't 'brush off' because the rubber is too sticky. Also, the case is not snug at all, and the sides are always slipping off. Not happy. I am returning the case.

So now, after scouring these forums, I have seen two cases that I think I will like a lot, but I am not sure which I should get. I am hoping some of you will have some personal experience and can help me out!

The first is the dermaSHOT ( I am worried, however, that I will have the same problem with lint-magnet, because it is also made of silicone. Any ideas there?

The other is one of the Melkco Leather Cases ( Back when I had my first iPod (it was the iPod 3g or 4g, the first to play videos) I had a case very similar and I loved it! Does anyone have any reviews/tips on this case?

Anywho, any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

shawnceNov 17, 11:27 AMWill consider a Mac Pro if it gets 8 cores and they drop the FB-DIMMs. Don't want FB-DIMMs, they have the definite feel of an overcomplicated solution to a problem. FB-DIMM are likely the future... it will truly start to will shine when they make available more channels out of the memory controllers allowing bandwidth to scale and it hides memory specifics from the memory controller allowing advancements in DIMMs to remain compatible with existing systems.

MicroByteSep 12, 06:19 PMI got Night Sky (very dark blue).

Man, I would have picked that one up immediately! I cannot believe those were the only 3 colors mine had, I'm gonna try the other BB tomorrow.

So how do you like it? Does it seem like it would last?

KedrikJan 12, 04:01 PMMacbook Air just leaves too many possibilities for...

Macbook Error,

Just think of the press on the first glitch. Yikes.

rdrrNov 27, 01:47 PMDon't they already make one? Its called a 17" MacBook Pro... :)

miloSep 7, 08:01 AMPersonally, I wouldn't want to DL a large movie file without the option of being able to burn it to DVD so I can have that tangible hard copy that makes me feel safe and warm. Then I wouldn't have a problem deleting it off of my hard drive.

I don't think there's any question about's just that you'd burn it to a data DVD and play it in computers with the DRM enabled, not on a DVD player. Backing up drm media isn't limited, just playing it back.

Hopefully someday we'll see real DVD burns allowed, but the way the studios are going I don't know how likey that is.

Unlike music, you rarely watch a movie twice.

I think you meant to say "*I* rarely watch a movie twice". You may not, but many people do, especially kids, who will be well covered by disney releases. It really just depends on the consumer and the movie, there's no question that millions of DVDs are sold.

There are a few issues with rentals. Besides DRM, they'd have to compete with netflix and similar companies, which would mean the price would have to be incredibly cheap, probably far less than the studios would be willing to go (don't forget, really the studios are setting prices, not apple). There's simply no way they could compete with netflix without losing money (assuming the studios even allowed it, which would never happen).

And for all the people who will be disappointed if apple can't compete with their piracy scheme? Give me a freaking break. :rolleyes:

The best option (besides a rental model, which we know is not going to happen) would be to release a media center (iTheatre, iHome, etc.) that has a 250GB or 500GB hard-drive. All the movies could be downloaded through the GUI on the TV!

But apple has an even better idea, just have an airport on your tv and stream the video from ANY computer in your house. WAY cheaper, and you're not wasting an expensive computer by having it sitting by the TV all day instead of using it for computer stuff.

But yes... paying for something that it can be accidentally DELETED from your harddrive is NOT cool...

So back it up, why would it be any different than the video and audio content apple already sells? Their current DRM hasn't been hacked yet, has it?

still think the prices are a little steep for things that can be watched on an ipod.

You won't just watch these on an ipod, apple will release a streaming solution for TVs along with the movie store.

Apple keeps track of all the songs you buy anyway, so it's my opinion that you should be able to just "get another copy" if you have already purchased a song.

But sending you files over and over costs apple money. Why don't you just back your files up?

HD or whatever you fancy, it's cool with me, but talking about quality, why are the iTunes songs still at that lousy 128 bitrate. I mean if they can do movies, nice quality (at least 256) songs are not that diffucult?

Because 128 is "good enough" for most listeners. The "good enough" point for movies is probably 480(i or p).


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