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TheBobcatNov 28, 09:40 PMin five years neither the iPod nor the Zune will have any significance. The hardware market will be dominated by Samsung and distribution by walmart.

Samsung is becoming the most dominant consumer electronics company in the world: from LCD TVs to cell phones, to camcorders, to MP3 players. in 2006 they will have sold 150 million phones, growing much faster than Nokia and Motorola. Their camcorder business is just picking off with megapixel camcorders priced below $300. They are just now getting to be serious about the MP3 market. The YP-Z5 would have been one of the top players, had they decided to be agressive on pricing, however for some reason it's held very high selling prices throut the world. Now watch for the YP-T9, it will outsell iPod nano in 2007. It is ridiculously loaded with features and is much better priced than the Z5s.

Walmart controls 40% of DVD distribution. If the DVD goes the way of the music CD, they are not going to let this market slip away from them. They have just started selling digital downloads and have much more clout with content companies than either Microsoft or Apple. rankings offer extremely limited view of the world. They are only USA, plus research shows that it is the preferred vendor for highly sophisticated users. The world is much bigger. Creative Zen Nano is #1 electronics seller at and (France and Germany) you can check it out. Creative is not a powerhouse, though. Watch out for Samsung to start ramping up the YP-T9s next year and blow everyone out of the water. As it is now, they are on backorder and sold out at many outlets... Plus Samsung's music phones will far outsell the Iphone...

Which cost more, your device for predicting the future or your Samsung stock?

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kadajawiSep 6, 10:54 AMPlease explain to me who would buy a mini and why?
I just don't get it when a imac is close in price with a monitor.
What am I missing?
Just ordered mine :) The line up is nice because the lower end is pretty decent already with the Core Duo.

Why would I prefer the Mini... because a decent 19" widescreen is very cheap, and bigger, and I have a few monitors (ok, CRT, but what the heck...). Because people might have one of the HDTV LCDs or Plasmas and they want to use it in the living room (add a tv tuner and you have a nice HTPC).
You can always add an external DVD writer and HDD (which would be faster too).

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pyramid6Apr 26, 02:35 PM...
It was.

I believe they have filed for a trademark, but the USPTO has not issued it.

Microsoft, and now Amazon, are opposing the issuing of the trademark. If it is issued to Apple, Apple will most likely prevail against Amazon. If they are not issued the trademark, everyone will have an "App Store".

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mongoos150Jan 12, 04:57 PMEvery Keynote people look WAY too much into Apple's advertising and come up with all these crazy ideas. MacBook Air :eek: Wow its made out of 100% oxygen and is invisible, has 16 cores, 4 BluRay drives, 2 HD drives and Windows Vista Pre-installed on a Bootcamp partition.

Every time people come away disappointed because they overhyped it themselves.

Apples advertising is done by a marketing company like anyone elses. Some of the adverts are good, some are not. There are no super secret cryptic clues. Its always quite obvious but no one sees it. There may be a little lateral thinking involved but if no one gets what they are promoting then no one will buy the products.

"There's something in the air" clearly means there's something in the air. It's either a PowerBook G5 that runs on unleaded fuel or something to do with wireless content streaming.


I'm sure it is something very mundane, like streaming movie rentals via iTunes.

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Rt&DzineMar 22, 01:47 PMYes, it's a company that makes it's own decisions and it's own products. They choose what they will allow and won't allow. If you are a car company you choose to make a mini van or not. Apple chooses what they want, we accept what they give us. If you don't, dont download it or get it, no one is forcing you to have it!

I actually agree. But would you still think this if they didn't allow "Gay B-Gone." Or would you cry that gays always get their way?

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mrkramerMar 18, 08:35 AMYou know it. I would even go so far as to say it's ridiculous! :rolleyes:

In full disclosure, I've had a borderline man-crush on Obama since he announced he was running for POTUS... but when I heard about this UN resolution, my heart just sank. Eight years of Bush "forcefully spreading the gospel of democracy 'round the world" idiocy and we appear to have learned nothing. Nothing. :(

this isn't forcefully spreading democracy like Bush did, the difference between here and Iraq is that the Iraqis weren't asking for us to come but the Libian rebels are. Plus we aren't sending in a ground force to occupy the country if we did that I would have a problem with it.

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LimeiBook86Apr 19, 12:08 PMMy iMac is a bit over 5 years old, perfect time for an upgrade! :) All I'd like is a Thunderbolt port and a decent graphics chipset, I'm sure everything else will be fine. And a heck of a lot faster than my 2GHz Core Duo! Come on Apple, show us what you've got. :D

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BillyShearsJan 11, 10:12 PMThe only reason i can see it being called Air is because its all wireless....i.e. it connects to its Docking station wirelessly via Ultrawideband wireless USB (which would also connect the External Optical), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc

I still call BS though.

Would be interesting. You have your "docking station", complete with super drive, hooked up to your external monitor and keyboard/mouse. So you only have to put your MacBook Air in the vicinity of the docking station (say, sit it on the table), and it switches over.

The problems I see are:

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twoodccFeb 8, 03:42 AMcongrats to lyzardking for 6 million points!

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QueryAug 6, 09:27 PM"Hasta la Vista, Vista" image on flickr:


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twoodccNov 6, 05:48 PMcongrats to whiterabbit for hitting 2 million!

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twoodccJan 28, 07:58 PMI've lost 2 big units lately for the same reason, power loss & reboots and another one wasn't picked up in stats :confused:

It's hard to stay interested but it really doesn't take any effort to keep going. Maybe too many discover performance issues after they start and only have their main machine to fold with? Maybe as people get newer machines with multiple cores there will be fewer dropouts due to perfomance problems... which reminds me of one of my pet peeves - everyone talks about how not very many applications can take advantage of multi core machines - multiple aplications CAN take advantage of multiple cores... and thus performance is vastly improved when running many apps. my two cents - get as many cores as you can! :D

sorry you lost some units.

i think people get tired of letting their computer fold, and quit folding to be able to use it normally. that, and lack of interest around here

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OldSkoolNJSep 7, 08:28 AMThe prices in CompUSa will be dropped on Friday for what they may actually have in stock. They have been constraining them for the past couple weeks. All I have is the display core duo and one box stock core solo. Alot of the apple employees who work in the CompUSAs had extra days off this week due to the holiday (much needed) so they may not have been back into CUSA to let the staff know.


I checked around at comp usa, best buy and even the apple store to see if the mini's they had in stock would be reduced in price because of the new ones that came out.

Best buy and Comp USA had no clue that new models were released and would not budge in price. I dont know what the apple store policy is.

Shouldnt comp usa and best buy reduce the price of the core solo minis they have left?

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omegaphil6Feb 8, 06:57 AM
2008 Dodge Charger SE

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NorCalLightsNov 27, 11:09 PMI'll be shocked if it doesn't have an Apple remote IR receiver and an iSight. Seems pretty logical to me.

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MultimediaNov 17, 07:16 PMHummm... did a little looking around and it still looks like 2x 1 GB gets you a better price then 1x 2 GB. What place did you look at?Cheapest Two x 1GB sticks kit is $331 from Omni via this link (

That to me spells crossover time since for only +$3 you only fill two slots instead of 4 for the same 4GB of RAM.

Cheapest Two x 2GB sticks kit is $665 at 18004memory via this Ramseeker kit (

I recommend you always use a ( path to get the best price on RAM. It you don't use their respective listed vendors will charge you a lot more when you don't use those links in the ( comparison chart.

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DanksiDec 31, 12:54 AMWhat do I see the iTV for? Streaming media, a glorified IP TV box, an easier way to bring the iPod to the living room. I really don't see it doing anything else. I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

This is how iTV was originally presented, at least from what I recall, accessing your iTunes/iPhoto content on a TV. There's a hint there may be more, but I don't think so.

My interest is the convenience of not having to plug my iBook into the TV and then mount the media drive inside the MacPro located upstairs, to watch some family movies or something I've downloaded. This certainly isn't convenient for the rest of the family.

I've been shoving everything Music/Video related into iTunes, which has made access loads easier/quicker from both the iBook and my wife's Windows XP laptop (using iTunes) - but it's still not on the TV, without cables etc (and no remote)

Unfortunately I've also noticed that not all movies/video-podcasts are shared properly, some are fixed by re-importing, some by re-tagging with 'lostify', but others are stubborn - this 'bug' needs fixing!

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RayLancerOct 1, 01:40 AMActually I just wiped the inside of the case a bit with sandpaper and the watermarks are mostly eliminated. It basically looks like I brush metaled the iPod without actually doing so. It'll probably scratch the hell out of my iPod if I leave in for too long but I figure I'm never rocking this thing naked anyway so might as well.

Yeah they're not that great, but it does keep it pretty safe for a cheap temporary case. Its very hard to squeeze into when you first get it, but once you do, the case loosens. A little too loose actually.

Both the cases I got were like warped out of place or something. It wouldn't properly cover the iPod like in your pictures.

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el-John-oNov 30, 08:02 AMThe only thing that bugs me, is that I quite believe that iOS fakes cell reception. For example, having a FULL 3G signal could be anywhere from 500k-2mbps, where my old phone, aircard, others peoples phones, show 1-2 bars, maybe 3. I get the same speeds with it as I do with my aircard in particular places, but the iPhone shows a stronger signal?

So while it appears to have better reception, I don't think it actually does.

That said, I've never dropped a call. It's definitely no worse than any other device, I just don't think it reports accurately.

LagunaSolApr 26, 04:34 PMWhat Microsoft sells is an Operating System, not a GUI element. Apple is welcome to rename their OS to "Buttons" or "Menus" and trademark that for their OS name if they choose.

Microsoft has a trademarked OS name that is a common GUI element. They also trademarked the word "Word" for a word processing application. Where's the outrage?

Amazon could have very easily chosen a suitable name that did not exactly mirror what Apple had already chosen. Apple's other competitors have managed to do so. What would be wrong with "Amazon Apps?" Amazon picked Amazon Appstore looking for a fight.

satkin2May 3, 01:35 AMIf this deletes the app and all associated preference files etc then it's a good thing. Sure it's not as easy as dragging to the trash, but this doesn't remove all traces of the app.

As someone who's come over from the Windows world this has to be one of the few features that I think OS X is worse at. I shouldn't have to install a stand alone app (AppCleaner) to be sure that I'm removing the whole programme. If this new method does this then I can't see how this isn't a good thing.

rxse7enNov 29, 03:48 PMIts outputs are HDMI and component video. It is designed for HD content.

I learned to drive on a '79 RX-7. Brilliant automobile.

Would be cool if it could upscale streaming video to 1080i at least. I may forgo the iTV if there's ever a solution to stream vid from the Mac to the XBox 360 though. I must say, the 360 is a great piece of hardware at it's current price point. As others have pointed out, would be nice if the iTV supported 1080p over HDMI.

I loved my first car--'79 RX7 and have had several since. My current one is a heavily modified '91 Turbo II. Hopefully we'll see a 4th gen 7 some day.


LethalWolfeApr 12, 09:07 PMChange that is an actual improvement is great. Change for the sake of change is not. On the consumer side things can almost never be made too simple or easy. On the manufacturing side, the creating side the professional side there are many times complex problems to solve and those problems require more complicated tools.


spencersJan 6, 04:33 PMOn a side note, the previous owner of my E30 that I posted on page 1 just called and offered to buy it back, and offered to do a trade + cash for his much newer e9033i (if I understood him correctly). I need to take the e30 out AutoXing first to decide...still, will give him first dibs once I decide to depart with this classic car. I think I would have to get rid of it for an E30 M3 though ;-)
That's a heck of a decision! I'd sell it back though. If he built that car, there's a huge bond he's now missing. There's always a mint E30 M3 out there somewhere. ;)

The engines will, no problem. It's all the expensive bits around them that can't!

That's all that matters, no? I'm not gonna be going around Fred Flintstone-ing my bimmer...

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