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PlymouthbreezerSep 1, 03:11 PMThis would give me a lovely reason to ask for a nice 20" iMac for Christmas!

My 1GHz G4 iMac is starting to show its age!

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NT1440Mar 19, 11:47 AMThinking ahead, what happens when the power vacuum is in place?

Get ready for the same old story, yet again, just in Libya this time.

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ajkrauseSep 1, 01:08 PMDammit, I just spent $3200 on a MacBook Pro 3 months ago! Apple is going to drive me into the poor house if they don't stop making stuff I want to buy.

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chrono1081Apr 12, 10:02 PMNo, but having features like face detection does suggest that it's a 'consumer' orientated product.

Personally, I don't mind. As long as all the old multitrack features are still available (and the price significantly drops, to say, $50-$300,) then I intend to buy it.

Not necessarily. They added this to Aperture and at first I was skeptical but its actually very useful and lets me enter metadata easily and search easily. Its not perfect obviously but it takes a lot of extra work out.

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caspersoongApr 20, 03:38 AMHope Apple surprises us... And not just a Sandy Bridge upgrade alongside Thunderbolt.

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StellaSep 6, 09:12 AMThey are expensive - slow, with a lack of hard disc capacity when compared against the new iMacs and existing PowerBooks ( which I'm sure are also about to go Dual Core 2.

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Posts Tagged #39;prom braided

AerofluxMar 28, 03:53 PMI stopped reading at "silky smooth 30fps". What the hell? Is this "silky smooth" for a timely epileptic? Talk about hype. I'm looking forward to the NGP more than anything else for portable gaming. I've been waiting for dual joysticks on a portable since playstation. Ironic, since Sony is the king of hype. Apple advertises games as part of their platform, yet doesn't have one accessory for gaming...and how many accessories for everything else? Screw that bipolar approach.

"Microsoft announced the Kinect would extend the life of the 360 by 5 years, and PS3 launched with the intention of a 10 year life span. "

This is just a misnomer for an era of 32x hardware to thrive in place of new consoles. It's killed console gaming for me. 30fps is a relic. It was mildly entertaining when, year after year, gamers defended it in light of shiny graphics. Now it's just embarassing.

Every now and then I rent a console game and end up setting it aside before beating it; because a nine foot screen and 30fps interactive media with a ton of screen tear does NOT mix well unless you include vomit and/or motion sickness. Then it's chunky goodness to the last dry heave.

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miloJul 20, 04:47 PMThat's funny that is not what they told us when I worked for Aldus, although there was one time that we could not trade.

I think the blackout period is only for execs and VPs, most of the time.

Although that could be because we were in San Diego and not Seatle, companies with lots of remote offices would probably be the same.

Probably depends on the company. It's still very dicey to make transactions right before an announcement, since accusations could easily be made of insider trading. I suppose at McDonalds they don't enforce a blackout period for the guys flipping burgers...

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admanimalSep 1, 02:28 PMIt all seems pretty obvious.

...which is exactly why it will not happen.

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coupdetatJan 30, 06:24 PMBest handling car i have ever driven.... have a 5 month old little boy though so i think its days are numbered in favour of a truck!

Why would you need a truck to haul around a 50 pound boy? Keep the Lotus! Don't let your wife pressure you into buying a Toyota Highlander!!

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millerrhOct 23, 04:58 PMI sure hope DanCosich's post is true! I just had my 12" Powerbook stolen from me last week and my insurance company is paying for an equal replacement or if one isn't available, the next thing up. Looks like a 15" MBP is the next thing up! Going from a 1.33GHz G4 to a C2D MBP is just a plain silly upgrade. I'm out $1000 from a deductible, but that's quite the upgrade for $1000. I'd say it was worth the theft except the fact that my car got busted up as well.

*crosses fingers*

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hdsalinasSep 1, 12:38 PMMy Guess:

iMac 17" - 1299
1.83 GHz
160 SATA
8x DL
ATI x1600 - 128

iMac 20" - 1699
2.0 GHz upgradable to 2.16
250 SATA
8x DL
ATI x1600 128 upgradable to 256 (As is already)

iMac 23": 1900 x 1200 - 1999
2.16 GHz upgradable to 2.33
1 GB Standard
250 SATA upgradable to 500 (as 17" and 20" is)
8x DL
ATI x1600 256
FW 800

I didn't say upgradable on 17" and 20" hard drives because we already know that.

In a dream world I'd say the 23" vCard would go to the x1800 or something

I think that your predection is very realistic. I would think that if they do introduced this model they would at least drop $100 off the price of the current models

Now with those specs, the imac 23 should be called the "Imac Pro"

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EarendilNov 27, 04:08 PMSame hear. I just find it interesting that you seem to be ignoring the fact that 1 year ago you were willing to pay an approximately $100 markup for SWOP certification, yet you find it completely reasonable for Apple to essentially be charging $300 for it today? I'm about the biggest fan of Apple of anyone but their prices are out of touch on their 20" displays.

I still am failing to see a counter point.
We both agree that Apple has a higher quality display, that id required by professionals. We both agree that the prices a year ago were a good price, and competative. Now you are making a claim that the competition has lowered their prices (linky?), and that this proves me wrong. I've already stated that my quick searching revealed no such compition in that price point half of what Apple's is, and have put the ball in your court to show me otherwise. Surely if you are making these claims you are aware of a product?

It is not hard to find 20" LCD monitors that cost twice as much as Apple's (Check out NEC's site for example). So I'm failing to see an example of a similarly specced wide LCD to show me exactly how out of whack Apple is. All I hear is "too expensive!" and "100% more!!".
Sure, I'd like them cheaper too, but I'm not going to scream foul without being able to back it up with something.

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homieg340Oct 23, 09:59 PMWhat TIME are the updates on Tuesdays usually made? EST? PST?

Also, can we be certain that the update is tomorrow? Wouldn't this be too soon for them to update? It seems they've given almost no time for the resellers-then again, does apple usually make suprise announcements, completely out of the blue like this?

Someone with more experience please clarify.

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MrCrowbarAug 24, 06:29 PMOne day I'll buy a mini - they look so sweet. And with a C2D they'll go sweet too!

Maybe dual optical drives like the Mac pro. This is getting standard on Macs obviously.


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TmelonApr 6, 09:58 PMI've also noticed that Spotlight has been pretty screwed up. First off it's been indexing every other day which is unnecessary, and while it's indexing it will say ridiculous things like "35 hours remaining" with it finishing soon after.

I think they mean minutes. :rolleyes:

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miloSep 6, 05:06 PMironically, this is why Apple stock does not plummet like other computer vendors. giving buyers few options to upgrade forces people to keep upgrading the system. you know that Apple Mac users upgrade their computer more often than PC users.

Or it encourages them to look at PC alternatives. Do you have a source on mac users upgrading more often? Among the people I know it's the other way around.

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kelving525Sep 10, 12:42 AMI'm so excited for Belkin Grip Vue since I love that case for my 3G. I will most likely end up getting that. However, all the other cases look fairly cool, too. Decision, decision! :)

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mahonmeisterNov 29, 07:42 PMI'll speak loud and clear:


iTunes Store can't now nor will it likely ever replace Dish Network for me. Just let me record my shows either directly with iTV or via something connected to it. I hope when this is released, HD DVD and Blu-ray make there way into Macs.

AppleScruff1Apr 23, 07:38 PMI live in MA and it was on the Boston news channels, CNN, MSNBC, Ars Technica, etc. It hit all of the major news outlets.

lordonuthinNov 18, 07:57 PM^yeah almost seems unfair to ppl that want to compete but dont have access to high end hardware. i guess if you look at it from an aggregate standpoint then low point crunchers make a bit of a diff.

the amount of power sucked from the wall per unit would be WAY less i would imagine. from an environmental standpoint it wouldnt make sense

That's why I dropped the G5 after I saw how little it was doing against the Mac Pro and even the low end amd's, it just wasn't worth it in terms of the electric bill.

And speaking of electric bills... I'm just kind of guessing here but I think folding is costing me about $50 a month :eek:

GoldfingerAug 31, 03:07 PMKnowing that Apple doesn't pay listed prices, it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple could get the Yonah chips for less than Merom ones.
But the same is true for Merom chips. It's not that they aren't getting volume discounts just because the chip is new..

Also, Apple has historically liked to scale its product lineup to encourage buying then next item up the scale. Some have even referred to it as "crippling" the lower machines.

regtamacMay 2, 07:27 PMHello,

As was already mentioned this feature just deletes (and only apps from the Mac App Store it seems) not uninstalls an app along with its related files. To find out more or to ask any questions just visit my site below. All the best!

Reggie Ashworth
AppDelete Developer (

KnightWRXApr 10, 06:31 PMOK, so apparently you don't have experience with automatics...

But yet you have an opinion on how superior your choice of manuals is.

Yes, obviously the thick sarcasm and the pointing out of P R N D 2 1 means I've never stepped in and driven an automatic ;) I was kidding about not knowing how to drive automatic if it still isn't clear.

Really, is there even someone who doesn't know how to drive an automatic ? It's pretty self-explanatory, not much of a learning curve shifting from Park to Drive and hitting the gas. Of course, if one were to put it in Neutral not much would happen and Reverse is a very bad thing if you're looking to go forward.

I think we have a winner for the "humor impaired post of 2011".

I feel that coupes should be manual and the rest autos, except for 2 door suvs (wrangler, D90). Just my opinion.

Coupes are just awkward. Give me a good hatchback or wagon anytime. The agility of a coupe, the interior room of a light SUV.

Subaru doesn't make coupes, that should tell you something. No need to sacrifice all that interior space to get a sporty feel. Heck, a WRX feels much sportier than a damn Hyundai Tiburon and is much more convenient to boot (god I miss that car... stupid TS wagon I'm stuck driving these days...).


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