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*LTD*Mar 22, 10:54 PMThey still make this thing?

I could have sworn Apple was itching to retire this line.

But on a lighter note, notice that Microsad's best attempt at a *modern* iPod-Killer is completely dead, but the good old iPod Classic is still chugging along and probably sold more in that last year than all models of Zune/Zune HD combined since its ill-fated introduction in 2006.

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PBFMar 30, 10:33 PMAre you able to download System Voices in DP2?

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arkitectMar 22, 12:47 PMWe do work to make things better in the US that's why everyone always wants to come to America.
Nope. Not everyone. I am quite happy where I am… thanks.
Quite frankly after a few visits I am happy never to return to the Land of the super-sized, home of the intolerant.

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BillyShearsJan 2, 03:19 PMOn a hunch I'm calling updated MacBook Pros.

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cubeMar 24, 04:15 PMYou got it wrong.

Llanos, Brazos and pretty much every Fusion platform does not compete against Sandy Bridge. No...

It competes against Intel's Atom platform. Atom CPU offerings beat the many of the offerings on the AMD side. However, on the GPU side, AMD has got Intel really well.

Anandtech did a nice little article on this. They found the whole Fusion concept and implementation as a whole beats Intel's Atom implementation overall for the HTPC. However, down to specifics, well I just discussed it.

Llano is not Atom-level hardware. That is Zacate/Ontario.

Llano is the mainstream Sandy Bridge competitor.

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MisterMeNov 28, 12:58 PMDo you have anything to support that MS lost billions on the xbox, I heard it was more like they broke even...I have no idea where you got that one from. The original Xbox never made a profit. Microsoft is deliberately selling the Xbox 360 at a loss to capture marketshare. However, the PS3 and Ninetindo Wii are selling like hotcakes, are latest big things, and have the buzz. The best laid plans ...

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riscNov 29, 01:36 PMand hinted that that theme gave a "little idea of where [Apple] is going."

It's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

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ipodG8TRSep 7, 10:10 AMWhen will the studios get a clue. I can rent movies almost anywhere for a couple dollars (only $1 at the grocery store vending machine with my debit card). So, why buy?

More convenient - I don't think so. It will take a decent amount of time to download.

Better quality - I doubt it. Don't expect much better than iTunes offers now.

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islandersDec 28, 01:20 AMI wouldn't hold my breath on the word processing and web surfing. WebTV showed surfing the internet on a TV sucked because trying to read normal-sized text from six feet away was hard, and bumping the text size up would goof up the page layout generally. Same reason word processing would be silly.

Here is your quote SeaFox.

You are an condescending individual and take my post out of context.

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gnasher729Aug 29, 04:47 PMIF TRUE - Just In Time Invintory Management Makes When Yonah Price Falls The Time To Do It. That would be once Merom is shipping - like NOW.

I'm still not convinced this rumor is true. I've got my fingers crossed these two processors are going to be C2D at 1.66 and 1.83GHz - not Yonah.

Only fair & logical reason it might be true would be due to constrained supply of Merom to begin with so Apple has to use all those for MacBook Pro first, then iMac - excluding a Conroe plan -, MacBook and finally mini when supply of Merom is unconstrained like around November-December. By first doing the speed bumps to the Merom speeds with Yonah, they can deliver an immediate benefit to their mini customers without spreading the limited supply of Meroms all over the lines yet.

So after they have enough Meroms for MBP they can switch the MB to Meroms at the same speeds as now, then switch the mini ALMOST silently once that line is satisfied fully. iMac is a big unknown due to Conroe possability.

More I think about it, that is probably what's happening. Intel probably has the order with Apple designed to reduce the Yonah supply as quickly as they can provde enough Meroms to keep satisfying Apple's every growing appetite for more and more C2 Intel processors at the ever growing assembly lines in Taiwan & China.

I think Apple has to use a Core 2 Duo chip in the iMac immediately following the MacBook Pro, before MacBook and MacMini. So if a Conroe iMac isn't developed quick enough, I would expect iMac using Merom, even if it ships that way for two months only.

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CougarcatMar 22, 04:07 PMThe chance that the iPod Classic is updated to 220GB is zero. Apple has no plans to ever update a hard drive based non-touch portable device (they would not waste their time), and they've shown even less interest in increasing the capacity of any device beyond even 64GB flash.


Flash is still expensive, that's why we haven't seen anything bigger than the 64 GB touch yet.

As for the iPod Classic, the reason it wasn't updated last year was because the 220 GB drive didn't exist. It would require very little effort on their part to swap out the 160 drive with this one, so if they do keep it around I'd be surprised if they didn't upgrade it come september.

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shawnceJul 20, 12:09 AMSo will there be any surprises at WWDC?

They weren't very clear...

If they told you it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? :D

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MacinDocSep 5, 12:12 AMWould something in this realm be feasible for the mini updates? Just wondering while waiting for updates. Of course this is very vague on my part.

$499: Core solo - 1.5
$599: Core duo Yonah - 1.66
$699: Core duo Yonah - 1.83
$799: Core 2 duo Merom - low end (Not sure what that is)
Won't happen, all Core Solos are now the same price as the 1.66 GHz Core2 Duo. So, the Solo is dead. And, regrettably, a price drop is unlikely.

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Lord BlackadderMar 7, 05:18 PMIndeed, I think you've also inadvertently described the perfect engineering challenge that todays manufacturers really should be embracing, but instead seem so reticent to take up. The most remarkable thing about the original Mini, wasn't its size, it wasn't its cost… it was the whole. And in that respect alone, I cannot think of one car today that is really in anyway comparable whatsoever.

I agree. If you look at "small" cars these days, they really aren't that small. Of course, what made the Mini special was packaging, and I don't think we've seen a revolutionary new "package" since the Mini.

The problem is Chevrolet is in a somewhat unique position in many respects here, it's a known brand, but by name only, usually as the carrier of good ol' boys... to a levy of course, when I think of a Chevy it's either something bright pink, with chrome… lots of chrome, or a pickup truck, not the rebadging of dreadful Daewoo cars. I suspect I'm not alone on that one.

And therein lies the problem. That and the Spark of course.

Chevy definitely has a lot of work to do to establish a brand presence in Europe - especially since Opel already covers so much territory with its lineup. Apart from niche vehicles like the Corvette, there isn't much of "American" Chevy that can make the transition to Europe. And in the long run, Chevy can't rely on rebadged Korean cars.

The Cruze is entirely inoffensive, and does the job entirely adequately by all accounts, as it should, after all it does have 4 wheels and an engine. Autocar likened it to the old Mk2 Seat Toledo saloon, and that's probably an apt comparison. Vanilla. Much like the rest of Vauxhall/Opel/Holden/Buick ranges etc actually. And that is a big problem for GM. A very big problem. One that almost sank the ship in the first place in fact. The captain might be different, but there's still no one at the helm.

Damning with faint praise! In the context of this thread I am happy to see a Cruze diesel come to the US, and I think the Cruze will be an improvement over previous GM small cars, but I don't expect the Cruze to be anything other than a cheap-n-cheerful small car - solid but unexceptional. It is true that their biggest problem is coming up with a reason to buy it over other similarly anonymous cars.

In typical Ford U.S. fashion you mean, fortunately, the profit making arm of Ford, i.e. the european division, produced the even better Mk2. ;)

And we never got to see it here. :mad:

While I haven't driven the Insignia over in Europe, the Regal drives solid and is very stable. So I don't think they did any modifications to the suspension.

A SPEED TV show went over to Europe to drive a US Spec Buick Regal and drove it on the autobahn and nurburgring.

I haven't had any experience with the new Regal, but on paper it certainly looks like a substantial improvement over the previous iterations.

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shacklebApr 27, 07:41 PMHere is a snapshot of the website '' from Christmas of 2005:

Note that it defines 'app' as "a computer program like a web browser or word processor", and then further notes:

"A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. When your USB thumbdrive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug, none of your personal data is left behind."

Not sure when Apple's app store opened, but I know that I personally have (as others have) been using the term 'app' for many MANY years before even 2005 to refer to applications.

Now I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me that if you can't own 'drug store', 'hardware store', 'grocery store', 'software store', or 'application store', it doesn't make sense that Apple, or anyone else, could own 'app store'.

Just sayin'

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solvsJan 2, 03:00 AMI'm hoping they release a mini laptop. That's the only thing I really care about. Which means they probably won't.

I try not to expect too much so I'm not disappointed.

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Ping GuoJun 23, 03:01 AMApple made a device for these people - the iPad.

For a desktop, errr, what is the advantage over a mouse? A mouse is more precise and far more comfortable to use as your arm is resting on a horizontal surface. Imagine swiping all over a 27" iMac screen for hours. Neck and shoulder pain anyone?

Touchscreen smartphones: Ideal
Touchscreen tablets/netbooks: Has advantages
Touchscreen desktops: No benefit

We're very used to using a mouse, but it's definitely not the most natural way to interact with a computer. It's not easy either. I've seen old people that never could figure out how to double click without moving the cursor 50 pixels from where they wanted to click.

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burnsideApr 26, 01:40 PMWindows and Amazon are not a generic names. If Microsoft would have named it "Operating System" then that would be generic. If Amazon were named "Online Store" then that would be generic. I'm sure Amazon could have named App Store something else, but then again, it's such a known term now that instantly helps customers identify what they are looking at.

I like Apple products, but they're beginning to be one of the most anal companies out there.

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Phil A.Apr 11, 06:34 AMManual (stick) shift cars are rare today and I'm wondering how many people still know how to drive them. How did you learn and do you have a desire to own one?

As others have said, they are far from rare outside of the USA. Personally, I've driven several automatic cars (both over here in the UK and in the USA) and much prefer a manual gearbox: I like the better control and flexibility to change up when I want to rather than when the car thinks I should.
With a manual box, you don't have to think about "sport mode" or "economy mode" settings for gear changes: you just do it when you want to :)
The only time I think an auto works is on a diesel car / truck: Diesel engines have such a poor power range that with a manual you find yourself constantly changing gear just to keep the thing moving (I personally hate diesel cars with a passion but that's a different debate ;) )

islandersJan 4, 08:28 PMUse Boot Camp and your Mac is a Windows PC, just like any other (although arguably nicer to look at ;) ). Any "conflicts" will be precisely the same conflicts that you'd get on a PC laptop.

BTW, right-clicking on an Apple notebook is now awesome! The "two-fingers on trackpad" click is great, and actually easier than having two buttons IMO.

Heavy FluidNov 25, 03:56 PMUsed, but in really good condition. Great components and tires should make this a blast to ride.

TerryJJul 14, 12:27 PMOn betamax. Your very right it is very succesful in a production studios for broadcasting and what not. But now even those are being replaced by DVC Pro (which I think is sony is it not?).
DVC-PRO is a Panasonic created format.


PygmySurferOct 23, 11:59 AMUpdates are expected very soon boys and ghouls!

It's "boils and ghouls" ;)

heffemonkeymanSep 6, 08:34 PMPlanet Germany ;) The not so expensive part of it though (other Germans are quite surprised too). Macs are pretty expensive here though, IMHO. And there isn't a single store you can get Macs... in a town with 200000 people or so. Oh well...

Wie Geht's!

In most major US cities (I'm in Seattle) 1st run movies in the theaters are over $10.
So $9.99 for a movie download starts to look more reasonable...

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