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KnightWRXApr 24, 11:48 AMNo one should freak out and panic just yet, I'm sure apple has a logical explanation behind this.

Sure they do, like "we forgot to delete older data". Really, LocationServices doesn't need a 1 year old log of data. Nothing a software update to clean out older entries can't fix.

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DenariusMar 22, 03:50 PMHAHA, if I lived in Europe I wouldn't want to leave that place, not to say that's where you are, but Europe is great. Not everyone is true, but a big understatement thus the millions of illegal immigrants and people constantly being killed trying to get here. Ahem, Mexico for one.

Oh I don't know, Britain attracts illegal immigrants like a turd attracts flies. The French get very annoyed about the number hanging around near the tunnel trying to sneak over.

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yetanotherdaveNov 25, 07:06 PM

Just got back from seeing him live. Brilliant gig. Bought this DVD at the gig.

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ZebraineZJun 22, 03:37 PMI wouldn't mind an iOS-type OS on an iMac as long as it had some more features of a full-fledged desktop OS. As in:

-Multiple Users
-Some kind of file system
-More apps of a creative side (ie movie editing, word processing, programming, etc.) instead of just media consuming apps

Note: this list is not exhaustive; there are many more features I'd like that I just can't think of at the moment.

Plus, some games/apps will need to be done, specifically those that need the accelerometers. I don't think people would want to swing around a 20/30 pound computer. But that would be a good way to make more money; people keep breaking them so they'll have to pay for repairs/new ones.

I doubt 10.7 will be such an overhaul. Probably more like Mac OS X 11.0 or a totally new naming scheme.

You just described a touchless OS X. It does exactly that...

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GreatestDaneJan 30, 07:53 AMI can't imagine many thieves break into cars to try to steal a built-in navigation system that is in full view on the car's dashboard though.

Maybe not in the US, but in Denmark built-in navigation costs in the region of 10000$ (I don't know how much it is in America), and if you see a car with it, you immediately think: "those people have money.", and if a thief (burglar?) thinks so to he is more likely to steal (from) your car.

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dagoMar 31, 02:59 AMApple has never mentioned the new "Scene Kit" before:

Introduced in Mac OS X v10.7, the Scene Kit framework enables your application to import, manipulate, and render three-dimensional assets. It supports 3D assets imported via COLLADA, an XML-based schema that facilitates the transport of 3D assets between applications. Architecturally, a scene is composed of the 3D entities of cameras, lights, and meshes. Scene Kit lets you access attributes of scene objects—for example, geometry, bounding volume, and material—and is consistent with the APIs of other graphical frameworks, such as Core Animation and Image Kit.

Scene Kit is intended for developers who quickly need to integrate 3D rendering into their applications. It doesn’t require that you have advanced graphical programming skills.

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blueflameSep 6, 09:22 PMI think everyone is obsessing about quality. someone here said earlier that its about convinience. these are going to be the same resoluition as the tv shows, and cost 3.99. i actually dont think they will be letting you burn it on a disk either. I agree that a movie rental system is the way to go. but honestly, for these prices, i can get through time warner all the on demand stations, (stars, stars2, cinemax, showtime, and like 3 hbo channels.) this is the future, there is no waiting to download anything, this model is waht for all reality needs to be used, then if you like the movie enough, you pay $15 for you to burn it to one dvd only (comes with label pictures and cover) maybe they even mail you the emtpy case. for that price, they will afford it.) anywy. maybe this set top box everyone wants is some sort of propriatary thing they are making like tivo, with a burner, from an apple cable server, with an ipod port. I like it. but this is such an exciting time.

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NebulaClashSep 15, 09:00 AMNo, you are missing the point. Yes auto manufactures have recalls all the time and yes the customer has to come in to get it fixed on previous purchases. HOWEVER, they also fix all NEW automobiles before continue to sell to new customers. Apple isn't doing that, and that is CR's complaint.

If it was a safety issue, as with cars, Apple would do the same thing. But it's not, so it's silly to to conflate the two. That was not the intent of my analogy, and that's being missed by those focusing on the trees.

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bigandyNov 29, 04:02 PMYep, cause the media center PCs are selling hand over fist and Tivo is making more money than they know what do do with. Oh, wait...

you mean the market hasn't taken off yet because nobody's done it right. however, with apple in the ring.... hmmmm... :rolleyes:

ipod anyone?

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FriscoApr 2, 08:26 PMA+

"Think Different"

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Westside guyOct 23, 02:49 PMI don't know if this update is imminent. store still shows macbooks and mbp as shipping within 24 hours....

Powerpage is starting to show a significant drop in availability...

Nothing like the old days when the 15" Titanium supply went completely dry though. ;)

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MultimediaAug 31, 12:32 PMWhat about this report of a silent mini update already in the pipeline on the French HardMac website? ( :)

"I have ordered a Mac mini Core solo with 1GB of RAM last Saturday to use it as a server, and what a surprise when I received the box!

My Mac mini has been upgraded:
- Core Duo 1.66GHz instead of Core Solo 1.5GHz
- HD 100GB instead of 60GB
- and a SuperDrive instead of a Combo!

Thanks Apple !

On the box, the specifications are those of a Mac mini Core Solo..."Wow! Fantastic for $599. Awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for - esp the 100GB HD. Looking great. I wonder why the Apple Website Store hasn't been updated to reflect this change? :confused: Surely all in the pipeline that were 1.5 solo are now 1.66 duo. Perhaps Apple doesn't want Joe Blow to know so the rest of the solos can GO with the Blows? :D

That's gotta be the biggest increase in power in recent Apple history for no additional cost - twice the cores running faster than the previous one. Maybe back in the G4 days something like this happened. But it wasn't at the bottom of the line for $599. And it CERTAINLY wasn't unannounced and not even on the packaging!

I'm very excited for all the mini buyers out there. Congrats if you get one like this before Apple admits they are in the pipeline.

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HecubusProSep 1, 12:59 PMMacOSXrumors??? There is, if anything, negative correlation between their predictions and reality.

What Apple had damn well BETTER announce then is Merom MacBook Pros. It's inexplicable that they have not done so already.

Now that Appleinsider is reporting it as well, this rumor holds more credence.

I don't think such an endeavor for a new iMac would negatively impact C2D MBP's from becoming available in the next couple of weeks, at least I hope not because that's what I really want more than anything. This possible new 23" iMac is a sexy concept though.

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TonskoJan 6, 05:36 PMHeh. I used to use 98/99 until about a year ago. Fuel is just too expensive now. I know my golf's ECU adjusts the timing automatically depending on what octane level the fuel is. It shouldn't really matter.

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retroneoAug 29, 10:17 AMUPDATE:

It looks like the GMA X3000 is ready to go now

GMA X3000 is ready in the soon to ship G965 for Conroe desktops, but the mobile GM965 "Santa Rosa" for Merom isn't due until March 2007. GM965 also features "Robson" flash technology. New Meroms also arrive in March with the same clock speed but 800MHz system bus.

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fastlane1588Sep 5, 08:37 AMcome on mbp!

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KindredMACNov 27, 08:12 PMIf you don't need color accuracy, DO NOT BUY AN APPLE MONITOR, there are cheaper monitors that, though less accurate, will satisfy you just fine.

Funny that you say "accurate" color.....

Anyone ever hear of the "Pinkening" of the Apple displays over the last 2 years? If you haven't then you may have seen it on your trips to the Apple Store.

Apple LCDs have had a nasty habit of having a Pink hue to them that you cannot dial out of the display. Granted, Apple has been pretty good at replacing these models, but it has been a major issue to those it has affected.

True accurate color will only be had by using color calibration units. So with that rebutle I will say that you will be able to achieve "accurate" color with that $250 LCD monitor from Best Buy.

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pyramid6Apr 26, 02:35 PM...
It was.

I believe they have filed for a trademark, but the USPTO has not issued it.

Microsoft, and now Amazon, are opposing the issuing of the trademark. If it is issued to Apple, Apple will most likely prevail against Amazon. If they are not issued the trademark, everyone will have an "App Store".

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kungming2Jan 12, 01:15 PMWhy do some posters have problems with a consumer notebook having an Alu finish? Is the iMac not a consumer product?

People will always have problems with whatever Apple does.

rdlinkMar 22, 09:59 PMI have way more than 50,000 songs, and even the worst of them is more necessary than your comment.

To each his own. But come on. 497 days worth of music? That's almost a year and a half of listening to music 24 hours a day without listening to the same song twice. I think you'd have to replace the battery before then.

etrinhApr 24, 12:42 PMIt's amazing that a file that is stored locally (iDevices and iTunes) is causing so much uproar. Lolz! If you have access to my iDevices then I should be more worried than you having access to this location cache. Get a clue people.

*LTD*Apr 3, 02:00 PMSo we actually need sarcasm tags in forums now. :D

princealfieNov 30, 08:53 AMWonderful equals bad taste?

Isn't our country about the right to have bad taste?

motulistAug 6, 11:32 PMMore photos


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