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las vegas hotels on the strip map

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las Vegas Map
Las Vegas Map

ErikGrimMar 30, 08:54 PMIs there a DMG or is the App Store / Redemption Code the only way to update? What about offline computers?

las vegas hotels on the strip map. of the Las Vegas Strip Map
of the Las Vegas Strip Map

mdntcallrAug 24, 11:48 PMlets hope they do more than just put in a new CPU.

ie a bigger better macmini

Also, i echo the thoughts of looking forward towards a new MBP (hopefully in new design also)

People also believe the iMac is due for a refresh, even new form.

To be honest, I hope Apple does over all those units and announces some killer new ipods.

basically to launch an entire new line of consumer products for the fall winter season. Would love that!!

las vegas hotels on the strip map. MAP of LAS VEGAS HOTELS

rasmasyeanMar 20, 12:45 PMYeah, that's worked so well for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah, you are right. They now use a lot of American arms, and American soldiers are there to train them and fight with them side by side. And Iraqi oil production is skyrocketing so much that they even invite economists to help their treasurers deal with "something never have been used to handling".

Can we count on you to volunteer?

No. It's not my place and my time has long past to be "volunteered" for such duties. However, should your children wish to become warriors and protect people like me, I vonlunteer them! ;)

Hey, check out this mini mushroom fireball thingie. What kind of bomb is this? It looks kind of big. Edpecially the fact that it's in the backgorund and the camera naturally makes it small. If you were up close, it's gotta be HUGE! ...and makes a mushroom too instantly.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. las vegas strip map of hotels.
las vegas strip map of hotels.

rezenclowd3Jan 9, 08:50 PMIt was/ is very clean and well cared for. Right now its a 5ft paint job, which is all orig :o I have all 22 years of records which is damn nice. How much did I pay? I'd rather not say, but as a reference, I think one looking for such a clean car in good mechanical condition pay $4-5k for a car with no mods. Blue book for these cars with the mileage they typically have is $2k. I completely overpaid for a stock car, however I wanted a clean/ mechanically excellent car that's ready for competition, so I was willing to pay quite a premium to find EXACTLY what I was looking for.

After owning this for a week and 1 day, I want to now purchase a 325i convertible. I missed a few steals last month :( However all would probably have needed just $3-4k in work to make it another DD.

BTW when quoting, at the max only include 1 pic. It's a pita to scroll through the same pics 2x. Thanks for the compliment though.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las-Vegas-Hotels-Map.gif Vegas
Las-Vegas-Hotels-Map.gif Vegas

tablo13Sep 19, 12:28 AMHe got it from Hong Kong.

He's being sarcastic. :rolleyes:
EDIT: nvm, he bought two :p

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Hilton Hotel - Hotels in Las
Hilton Hotel - Hotels in Las

danielwsmitheeNov 29, 03:32 PMYes, support for more formats and codecs than iTunes currently plays friendly with would be welcome.You know I originally thought that, but I kind of like the way it works now. I would much rather have a few codecs that work very well. Then play everything under the sun just not very well.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Postcard Map of Las Vegas 1958
Postcard Map of Las Vegas 1958

reflexAug 29, 09:20 AMYonah doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Merom is pin-compatible and costs exactly the same amount. Besides, it would be a PR boost for Apple to have the entire lineup 64-bit and "Leopard ready".

They can still update the mini in February or March to be "Leopard ready".

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Map courtesy of Sahara Las
Map courtesy of Sahara Las

quadgirlSep 1, 03:32 PMI disagree.

Merom makes more sense. Yes, they did get a G5 inside of the iMac, BUT, it was known for serious reliability problems. Overheating, blown capacitors, etc. The G5 iMac was really a poor design because it could *never* handle that much heat.

So, if they are going to use Merom, great. It's a small case, it doesn't have big fans (like the Mac Pro), I would rather have a cool (not hot) case with quiet fans as well as a reliable machine.

We can always hope for a Conroe mini-Mac Pro, but it will probably never happen.

The G5 is an insanely hot processor (along the lines of the Pentium 4 netburst cpus) and Apple should have a medal for making it work. Conroes are cool, really cool, so it can be done.

Maybe Apple's priority is to keep the iMac silent and as slim as possible (beauty before power). The problem is that the Merom maxes out at 2.33 ghz and the Macbook Pro 17" may well end up with that processor. It doesn't make sense to keep a consumer desktop at the same speed of the pro laptop. But then again, neither does it make sense putting a laptop processor in a desktop, unless a slim/quiet design is Apple's priority.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Inn Las Vegas Strip Map
Inn Las Vegas Strip Map

EagerDragonJul 19, 08:42 PMActually Vista is rather good in various areas in comparison to Windows XP SP2 and it is getting better as MS nears release (I use is it on various Windows developer systems I do work on and note my primary work is Mac development on Mac OS X). Don't discount Vista...

Of course with that said... even if Vista is amazing (in comparison to Tiger/Leopard) the fact that Vista will often require users to upgrade older computers to make it usable will play to Apple's advantage. The upgrade (hardware and software) disruption that Vista is going to cause is a perfect point for folks thinking about switching to a Mac to make the jump... they have to spend the money anyways so why not get a Mac (especially since if they don't like Mac OS X they can fallback on running Vista or XP on it).

Did you noticed you compared Vista to XP and said it was "rather good and getting better?

I agree with most of what you stated, but..... With all the carving that M$ performed on Vista, IMHO there is little reason to drive the current XP users to switch to Vista. Besides as you stated, it is likely to need a large numbers of users to upgrade in order to see some eye candy that looks cool.

You are using it, what will drive the sales?

Compare that to the % of users that upgraded to Tiger in the first and secon year and % wise Tiger was a lot more attractive that Vista will be to upgraders.

Leopard will be an even bigger hit.

But yes I agree with most of what you stated, but it sucks compared to Tiger and Leopard.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. on the Las Vegas Strip.
on the Las Vegas Strip.

DoFoT9Mar 6, 05:15 PMnot sure just off of that info. what system are you running it on? tell us what you did to get it going

ill try my best to explain haha.

its running off my imac i7 machine (in sig).

i ran fah6 and it went through everything, i signed up etc then went to download a new version from the server. it successfully did that but then it came out with the error that i displayed before.

so i closed it down and reopened. now i get this.

[23:14:11] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x7f

but then it goes
[23:14:24] - Connecting to assignment server
[23:14:25] - Successful: assigned to (
[23:14:25] + News From Folding@Home: Welcome to Folding@Home
[23:14:25] Loaded queue successfully.
[23:14:47] + Connections closed: You may now disconnect

but then it starts the whole loop again (wanting to download new jobs etc).

is there a GUI version lol i hate the command line interface!

edit: ok dw i installed the system preferences pane and now its running fine :D (didnt realise there was one!). is there anyway to control the amount of cores/CPU usage? and also to view the images of it computing? check your stats? hehe

my network usage is sitting on 9.4MB/s now. how odd....

las vegas hotels on the strip map. famous quot;Las Vegas Strip,quot;
famous quot;Las Vegas Strip,quot;

DrEasyMar 23, 02:08 AMWith a bigger hard drive, it would be conceivable to think of the iPod classic as a portable hard drive that you could also use for Time Machine backups. I would have a greater incentive in backing up my files if I could use my iPod that is always nearby. It would back up my files as I'm recharging it.

Or look at it the other way: there's plenty of portable hard drives in the market, but how many of you carry one "just in case"? Whereas if the portable hard drive doubles up as a very competent MP3 player, you will always have it with you.

Now there should be some data protection scheme so that if someone steals your iPod they can't use all your data. Encryption + some kind of pairing with your machines should do the job.

I know I'd buy such a thing...

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las Vegas Strip panorama!
Las Vegas Strip panorama!

kenzbudAug 16, 07:20 AMI hope to god they don't use bluetooth. I've had nothing but bad sound quality with those types of headphones.

Knowing Apple, if they are going in introduce wifi/bluetooth, they will only add the feature if it is up to their standards.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las Vegas Strip Map
Las Vegas Strip Map

bdj21yaJan 11, 05:58 PMI really don't think Apple will come out with external optical drives... That is just too... complicated.

First time I've seen USB called complicated :).

I see what you mean from a design standpoint though, inelegant might be a better word. But it just makes too much sense not to do it. I hardly EVER use my optical drive. Why am I carrying it everywhere I go?

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las Vegas Downtown Map
Las Vegas Downtown Map

theBBJul 18, 12:18 PMYou cannot rent an HD movie from Blockbuster or Netflix, so what makes you think "Apple has to offer HD quality". There is no need to have better quality than competitors while also providing more convenience.

What is so wrong about stereo sound? A lot of people use the speakers of their TVs for the sound of a movie. Most movie do not really take advantage of sourround sound that much, where you feel like the sound is coming from the left or from behind etc. You might as well use your 5 speakers in stereo mode.

$2 per rental ain't gonna happen. That's a pipedream. If movie indutry is licensing movies to Movielink for $4-5, it is not gonna let Apple do this for much lower prices. At that price it would be much more expensive than Netflix and with a much smaller library, so my subscription will have to stay. I can only use Apple's service as an add-on, when I really want to watch a movie, but Netflix DVD is still in the mail. Besides, I would have to get a Mac mini for the living room. Well, the cost just keeps adding up.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las Vegas Zip Code Map
Las Vegas Zip Code Map

mkaakeJan 12, 08:55 AMI had, or rather still have in a closet, a powerbook 100. It had an external floppy drive and I did carry it around with me, kind of defeating the purpose of the smaller form factor in the first place, so I bought my wife the powerbook 145 which had the floppy onboard. I guess we're now beyond wondering how to get things on the computer without the drive, but it would make sense for a driveless mac to have some super wireless connectivity options? Perhaps connectivity with the home mac in a "go to my pc" kind of way. Apple does own the "go to my mac" domain name. Just a thought.

Having not read through 5 pages, I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but there's a lot of people talking like this (that I've heard) - but there's a big difference between now and then (I remember those days too :) ) - Back then, the floppy was your main method for moving data from one place to another. Today, your options for moving data from one machine to another are pretty huge - you can use a USB thumb drive (which is the biggest reason, IMHO, that it's finally okay to think about external disc drives again on laptops - I've used the disc drive on my lappy about 2 times since I got it 2 years ago), you can email yourself data, etc.

The times you would like to have it around would most likely be for software (either expensive software still distributed on physical media), or watching movies (or ripping new music). And while it would certainly be a pain to walk in to a store (or coffee shop, or whatever), buy a new CD, and not be able to rip it until you get near your optical drive again, I think Apple is okay with that, as they want your primary means of obtaining music / movies / media in general to be the iTMS.

So I see this as plausible. What's more, I expect other manufacturers will follow suit, and within 2-3 years, most laptops (costing more than $600, and not the desktop replacement bricks) will have external drives.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. MAP OF LAS VEGAS STRIP WITH

lordonuthinNov 21, 06:45 PMyes, you need a passkey to get the bonus. and you won't get the bonus until you have 10 units with that passkey.

but please let us know how long it takes to do a frame. i would like to know how that machine does

That sounds like a great machine that could do better than my new mac pro according to the front page here at MacRumors :eek:

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las vegas strip map hotels and
Las vegas strip map hotels and

drewyboyMay 2, 04:46 PMYou'd probably appreciate this app:

Thanks for the heads up. I've been using App Zapper, which is seems is basically the same thing. But I keep downloading the trial :) A free solution is nice.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Fullsize Las Vegas Strip,
Fullsize Las Vegas Strip,

theBBJul 19, 08:22 PMWell, during 2000-2001 that was a long waiting period for OSX... and then of course during the Q4 of 2001 we had 9-11
No, 9-11 happened in Q1 of 2002 according to Apple's fiscal calendar.

Vista sucks, there is very little incentive for people to upgrade. Leopard will ROCK, is a lot faster then Tiger and has a lot of new functionality.
Take a pill... Vista may not better than Tiger, but it certainly is better than XP.

las vegas hotels on the strip map. Las Vegas Strip Hotels Map
Las Vegas Strip Hotels Map

ccunningJul 14, 11:28 AMI just saw this and though it was pretty interesting:

Sony also introduced their own small-format 90.0 � 94.0 mm disk, similar to the others but somewhat simpler in construction than the AmDisk. The first computer to use this format was the HP-150 of 1983, and Sony also used them fairly widely on their line of MSX computers. Other than this the format suffered from a similar fate as the other new formats; the 5�-inch format simply had too much market share. Things changed dramatically in 1984 when Apple Computer selected the format for their new Macintosh computers. By 1989 the 3�-inch was outselling the 5�-inch.
Here is the source:
Sony's 3.5" Floppy Disk (

WarbrainAug 6, 09:20 PMLooks like I'll be taking my lunch break at 1PM tomorrow:p

I just wish I was home at 1 PM. Silly me saying that it's fine for me to work at 11...

iJawn108Nov 29, 03:25 PMi dont know i might buy an itv if i buy a tv lol

i dont have one right now. my macbook is my tv/computer/gf lol

Mac Fly (film)Sep 6, 07:11 PMQuality is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important to me, than price.
There I said it!

When I see those delicious trailers, I cry for movies like that. Please God make it happen. 720p would be unbelievable, but I would believe it.

ellsworthApr 26, 12:50 PMRidiculous.

snberk103Apr 10, 07:21 PM....
Really, is there even someone who doesn't know how to drive an automatic ? It's pretty self-explanatory, not much of a learning curve shifting from Park to Drive and hitting the gas. ...

When I was in University my buddy told me the following story - he swore it was true.

His mom drove a manual (and had only every driven manuals), and he had an automatic. One day he was driving her back from the garage where she had left her car for servicing and mom asked if she could drive his car because she wanted to see what it was like.

Naturally, it took her all of 30 seconds to figure it out (though he did note that mom kept trying to depress the clutch, even if she wasn't trying to shift.) Everything was fine, they were sailing through the traffic, and then mom wanted to stop at a store and run some errands. This meant parallel parking since they were still in town. He was a bit worried, because trying to parallel park a strange car is always a bit challenging, and sons always think their mothers are not the best parkers.

And this is what she did. She pulled up right next to an open spot, put on her turn signal, and put the car into (P)ark. She then started goosing the gas. My buddy was looking at his mom, quizzically. Mom was staring at the open spot next them intently, and revving the engine. Finally he asked her what she was doing. It seems she thought that the (P)ark meant that the car 'automatically parked' itself by moving 90� to the side. You told the car which way to go (left or right) via the turn signals.

My buddy explained that that was not how it worked. Mom sighed - pulled up a 1/2 car length, popped it into (R)erverse and parked his car smooth as butter - turned to him and commented that if an "automatic" car with (P)ark couldn't park itself, then what was the point.

Far as know, she drove a manual for the rest of her life. I don't know if he was ever sure whether is mom was pulling his leg or not.


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