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i love music images. I love Music - Notes Baby
I love Music - Notes Baby

designedMar 23, 06:00 PMI'm right at 28 minutes with a MacPro 2.66 octo but I'm not currently running bigadv units because I keep having to shut down to swap hard drives, bigadv units don't restart once you have stopped them. One of these days I'll get some time to consolidate all of my files... then I won't have to shut down so frequently:p

Haha. I wanted the 2.66 octo but couldn't justify the price jump (and still somehow managed to justify the quad-to-octo jump, but that's another story). Of course my times tend to deviate, during the days it's just under 33 minutes but now and then a bit of Aperture work comes in and needs CPU attention.

I haven't noticed that bigadv units do not restart. Mine seem to restart just fine the few times I've shut FahCore down, continuing from the same frame. Does it affect the points awarded or so? Good thing I can usually bunch in the updates, last time it was a few software updates and a third HDD :rolleyes:

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I also love music, sushi,

!� V �!Apr 26, 03:01 PMIt is my understanding that "Application Store" is a generic term, however "App Store" could be considered a trademark even though it is an abbreviation of the former.

I am not saying that :apple: is right or Microsoft and Amazon is right, I am looking at this as what the term generic means. Having an abbreviation of a generic term might mean :apple: has a case, then again its a grey area.

My prediction, the Judge will simple inform Microsoft and Amazon and Others to change it to "Application Store" and all will be well.

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if you love music copy the

ThunderSkunkApr 3, 01:24 AMhard to believe the same company signed off on the recent iphone ads. good grief....

Agreed. Those ads killed my ability to defend Apple fandom by saying the snooty arrogance is just some peoples baseless perception.


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i love music tattoos. music

BRLawyerAug 25, 04:02 PMA second white plastic box with some wires connected to a MiniMac for the media centre? That would be tacky...

Instead, I'd expect The New Form-Factor Conroe Mini-Tower/Pizza-Box to be in a single black cabinet the size and shape of a DVD-player or other media component.

The would leave room for two 3.5" drives (1500 GB today), the TV tuner and compressors, and room for good cooling with some very quiet fans.

Would you expect anything less than great styling for the Apple media centre ?

And the mini tower Mac rumors live on...Mini Tower Mac = PowerBook G5...:rolleyes:

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Love to Make Music To

LestdogApr 26, 01:59 PM...Apple is turning into a company of douche bags.

i love music images. i love music tattoos. music
i love music tattoos. music

ryannel2003Feb 22, 10:34 PM

My new addition, a white MacBook. It's a mid-2007 model I picked up for $400. Not a bad deal at all, considering many of these computers are still going for $550. Apple installed a new top case and display bezel for free, picked up a used Combo drive for $40 (old one was kaput) and a fresh install of Snow Leopard and I'm ready to go. Really enjoying it.

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I Love Music Mesh Hats by christigmc. For music lovers

zedsdeadApr 12, 09:09 PMFinal Cut X - 64 Bit, full re-write! YES!

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I Love Music Shirt by christigmc. For music lovers

a104375May 2, 04:41 PMThe bigger question is, should Apple dumb OS X Lion down to allow the iOS people to have an easier transition, just seems like it undermines the quality of the product especially for the people who already know and like OS X SL the way it is.

Perhaps when you first start up the computer they can have a "Do you want iOS mode or Fanboy mode?"

i love music images. 090910_ I love music (252/365)
090910_ I love music (252/365)

TheOnlyJonNov 27, 08:45 PMI cycle to work and school daily (except in the coming winter months) and I gotta tell you, cyclists who listen to music while they ride are clearly not very concerned for their own or anyone else's safety! No offense, but for your mother's sake, I hope she keeps the volume REALLY low, or doesn't use the iPod at all. It's rather dangerous, IMHO.

She definitely tries to be safe about it and listens to her music at a low volume. It's more just to keep her mind off of the long ride. You're are totally right though - on my college campus, I see cyclists all the time who are completely oblivious to their surroundings, and have no regard whatsoever for traffic law.

Edit: It should be mentioned, as well, that the majority of her ride is on a bike/running path along a river, and far from any roads.

i love music images. i love music images.
i love music images.

twoodccJan 8, 09:35 PMcongrats to whiterabbit for 6 million points!

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much I love music mixes.

AniejJan 3, 11:44 AMPerhaps appleinsider should start to focus on their own site rather than apple's new products as part of their 2007 resolutions. Their homepage is, as you can see from my screenshot, full of useful information complete with an advertisement for vista. Classic:rolleyes:

i love music images. May 10 2010 10:05 PM
May 10 2010 10:05 PM

Robin ChungMar 25, 04:29 PMThat's amazing! The hardware is moving so fast now, the gains are incredible. Hopefully many more ios developers will take some time to create amazing features like these.

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Tagged as: Music Videos,Usher

szarkAug 6, 11:58 PMDon't be like that, i noticed it.
But that doesn't mean everyone isnt going nuts, because they are. This is worse than any build up to an Apple event i've ever remembered

I simply meant that, normally, people would be excited because there were covered banners. But this year, they were excited by a bunch of icons. ;)

There are actually 3 covered banners on the ground floor.

I know -- I was specifically referring to the original photo of the icon-filled banner, which only showed two of the three banners.

Kingsly: I'll keep an eye out for you before the Keynote tomorrow. EDIT: Sorry -- just saw your other thread. Have fun visiting Cupertino!

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Dogs Who Love Music

Peterson8765Sep 18, 10:49 PMNope, it's those 99 cents silicone case from HK!

What is HK?

i love music images. Music

blahblah100Apr 26, 01:15 PManyone else getting a little bit fed up of apples lawsuits?

Only if it's Apple being sued. Remember, when Apple sues, they are just protecting their intellectual property. Only when another company sues Apple is it frivolous and annoying and a case of where the plaintiffs are just trying to ride Apple's coattails. :rolleyes:

If you read the forums, it's very clear: lawsuits are only valid if Apple is the plaintiff.

i love music images. i love music wallpaper.
i love music wallpaper.

quagmireJan 6, 04:43 PMThat's all that matters, no? I'm not gonna be going around Fred Flintstone-ing my bimmer...

There is the electronics that control the engine, etc. You will probably have to do some engine work along the way as well. My dads old E46 had to replace the water pump at 45,000 miles because it blew up( warranty), replace a pulley as it began to squeal at 65,000 miles( wasn't cheap, but forgot the exact amount it cost), and started to run roughly at 70,000 miles when idling. Dealer said it was due to my dad putting 87 in the tank when BMW recommends 91/93. Though when my brother got the car and replaced the spark plugs, the engine smoothed out again. Right now at 150,000 miles I believe my brother stated he thinks the crankcase is starting to go.

BMW( or any German vehicle) is going to be expensive to maintain. There is no getting around it.

i love music images. I LOVE MUSIC (Wallpaper)
I LOVE MUSIC (Wallpaper)

head honcho 123Apr 19, 11:10 AMThe iMac update is likely to be a spec bump, Sandy Bridge, better Graphics, Thunderbolt. I plan to hang on to my current model for now.

I am more excited about a potential Mac Mini Update, because I need one of those.

same here (mac mini wise)

i love music images. I LOVE MUSIC

person135Oct 30, 01:08 PMI need a case too :(

I'm looking for a case that can protect from drops/falls and shocks. Screen cover is not necessary, because if the case doesn't come with one I can always buy a separate screen protector.

right now I'm looking at stuff like this case listed on amazon (

but I don't feel safe with just some random generic case, so does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard otterbox offers good cases with drop/shock protection, but there are none for the itouch 4g right now.

For price, as low as possible, but I would be willing to shell out 30 for a good case (like otterbox!)

oh and did I mention that drop/shock protection is important? :D

any recommendations are good

thx guys

i love music images. So, I love music, as it#39;s my
So, I love music, as it#39;s my

skunkMar 20, 08:39 AMThe jets and rockets are there to prevent Gaddafi from killing civilians, not to prevent Gaddafi from winning.However, if his armour is destroyed and his defences shattered, and his troops are unwilling to pose as sitting ducks, the rebels will have a damned sight easier task.

MultimediaSep 7, 11:10 AMNow that iMac is Core 2 Duo, the Academic $899 17" iMac is a mini killer config.Except that I want to use my 24" monitor...Exactly. And because the 17" iMac Supports External up to 1920 x 1200 24" Second Monitor Spanning you not only can, you gain the benefit of an additional 1440 x 900 desktop space almost for FREE @ $899. It's still only Intel 950 IG, but it's cheap and doable like from the mini & MacBooks only with 3.5" SATA HD inside etc etc. It's a miracle. :eek:

maxincMar 24, 01:07 PMGood. The new iMacs must be getting pretty close now. Can't wait!!!

gkarrisNov 29, 09:26 AMI think that 17" is great - they've got'em already with the iMac. Prices to need to drop with the market. They'll still be more as the monitors are of better quality. IMHO:

17" - $399
20" - $599
23" - $899
30" - $1899

Bring back a $499 Mac Mini and a basic mouse and you have an inexpensive system!

(Maybe Apple could make a special "bundle" for $899?)

CEAbiscuitJan 5, 09:57 AMDo you have any idea if it is possible to get such a feature working on non-intel machines (e.g powerbook G4)?

iscroll2 - sometimes a little clugey, but it works...

BenjaminMar 31, 06:13 AMPlease sign it !! For our sakes


you know that marketshare doesn't matter right? it is just a ratio what matters is that apples stock is climbing to almost 30 and is gaining profit to be yet again a 10 billion dollar company.. however.. if you read this thread, yeah apple is so dying :cough:

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