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short funky hairstyles

pimjaiSep 18, 03:36 AMare there any sleeves yet?

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Funky hairstyles can include

macOSX-tasticSep 6, 06:00 PMthis surely is good news. but i wont be watching movies on my current 'pod...the window is too small. all this being dependent on wether or not it's gonna be available in the UK. it's a real bummer not to be able to download TV shows i love like you americans can!


funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. Funky Hairstyle 2011
Funky Hairstyle 2011

econgeekApr 12, 09:12 PMFine. You all go and apply to work at a post house and put "iMovie" on your resume. See how long it takes for them to laugh you out the door.

You're claiming there are ignorant bigots in the industry. I don't think anyone disagrees with you. The better qualifier for an editor would be to see some of their work. Someone who can achieve greatness with iMovie probably is a better editor than someone who can achieve the same greatness with FCP.

I haven't really used iMovie since HD, so to be honest I don't really care what they do to it. It's "Super quick to capture and edit DV" time has come and gone.

Even before the reworking you are complaining about it was an HD product, not a DV product. And if you haven't used it, one what basis are you saying it time has come and gone? Prejudice?

On the manufacturing side, the creating side the professional side there are many times complex problems to solve and those problems require more complicated tools.

You really are worried that Final Cut Pro will not be more complicated than iMovie??!

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. 2011 short hair styles
2011 short hair styles

Dmac77Apr 10, 12:06 AMYes I can drive one. I also think that if you can't drive one, you shouldn't be allowed to drive period. Automatics are just things to get you from point A to B, whereas a standard transmission car is something you use for fun, with getting from point A to B just being a side effect.


funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. funky short hair styles 2011
funky short hair styles 2011

theBigD23May 2, 07:01 PMI feel the same way. I just want to delete an app that delete all of the junk that comes with it. Just moving it to e trash does not do that. Some programs have an uninstall and some don't. That's more confusing for people.

This concept might seem alien to a lot of MacRumours users, but being a 'switcher', the method of deleting any app on OS X currently seems very ad hoc. I've been a mac user now for about 4 years and yet the idea of having to delete an app by dragging it to the trash seems very... strange. You never know if you've deleted ALL of that program.

Microsoft have managed to get one thing right in Windows. A specific tool (Add/Remove Programs) to delete a program. That's something that I genuinely feel is lacking in OS X and this idea of clicking and holding in LaunchPad makes sense. It's imple enough: most users who own an iPhone will have no trouble in adopting this method. And what's more, it makes it instantly accessible to anyone who uses a mac. In addition, it goes a step further than Microsoft. It avoids making more novice users from having to delve in to a complex window of settings. A step in the right direction? I think so!

So personally, I think this is a very simple yet very effective change to make to OS X and should be a welcome sign of the things to come in Lion!

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. Funky hairstyles can be
Funky hairstyles can be

QuarterSwedeApr 10, 06:57 PMAnd two-seaters?? :eek: Well, let's not go there.
Miata's are actually very good driving cars.

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. funky short hair styles 2011
funky short hair styles 2011

MauiMacDec 1, 10:10 PMI HOPE!!!:confused: :) :) :) !!!

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. Best Hairstyles for Short Hair
Best Hairstyles for Short Hair

twoodccJul 13, 10:42 PMdang, that would be awesome. i just hope i can buy one and put it in an external enclosure and have my mac be able to use it

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. Short Funky Hairstyles.
Short Funky Hairstyles.

charlitunaApr 2, 09:36 PMI would tell you to review the iPad forum but I have a feeling that message would be lost on somebody so insistent on keeping their head in the sand.

Seriously? You do understand that that is a small sample of folks. Most of whom choose to gripe and moan and not to do things like return it.

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Cute Short Black Hairstyles

mambodancerJul 18, 04:15 PMFirst, couple of corrections. Netflix is already offering both HD-DVD and Bluray Disk rentals of available movies. So, technically high definition movie is for rent. I have not rented any yet because I am waiting for the prices to come down a little bit and also a victor to emerge.

I rented an HD-DVD from netflix (Van Helsing) and it wouldn't play on my Mac. I thought that the current version of DVD player would let you play these discs but all I could find through Apple tech support is that DVD player will let you play DVD Studio Pro burnt HD discs.

Or am I doing something wrong?

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This Males funky haircuts will

RocketmanOct 23, 09:25 PMI like the Macboo even though the label introduces a bunch of trademark infringement issues :)

So when the Merom MBP is released "soon", some say tonight, some say a week from tonight (confirming my prediction of "weeks" after iMac releases), this will be the equivalent of the Powerbook G6. As we all know the IBM G5 chip never made it into a Powerbook, but it is quite clear the Yonah MBP was such a leap forward it clearly earned the Powerbook G5 moniker at least in an underground and subversive way.

This release is a major chip advance and while we have yet to see if the motherboard keeps up with it (I doubt it), one might claim this is the Powerbook G6!

That should kill bandwidth on this site by about 70%!

I cannot wait till I have my entire environment on a large pocket sized full-screen iPod like device and do most of my work via 802.11n and 4G wireless. I might suggest a slightly larger screen and battery as a BTO option.


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very short hair because

Full of WinApr 12, 08:57 PMI thought the new iMovie was genius. I knew SO many family members who wouldn't touch the old iMovie because it was too complicated. They needed something simpler and the new iMovie gave it to them.

I really think the only people who complained about the new iMovie were people who should have been using Final Cut Express all along anyway. It's not Apple's fault that they weren't using the right program before.

It's always the users fault. :rolleyes:

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Short emo funky hairstyles

SteveKnobsApr 3, 01:29 AMPerhaps if you spent more time educating yourself and less time convincing yourself that a flawed product is acceptable, you would learn something. Try googling the issue.

Based on the way you write, however, I am going to guess that you won't take the time to do so.

Some people are just not interested in facing the truth.

The way I write? This has anything to do with anything?

And again, the "evidence" you keep suggesting exists does not represent what is actually the case. Even within this thread, there are several people telling you they have no issues with their device. I don't have any issues either.

I hate to use the well known argument we often see on these forums, but you will almost always hear from the people who have issues with their products.

You will almost never see threads or comments from people that don't really have a reason to exclaim to the world that their device is perfect. Thus, we see an inflation of negative threads as compared to positive threads, and ignorant people take this to mean there is a wide-spread and critical flaw with all of the devices. Also, the negative comment is more distinctive, and thus more memorable than the positive one- again adding to the illusion you seem to be buying into.

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Kimberley Wyatt Funky short

gnomeislandApr 21, 07:13 AMYou're forgetting that if the iMac user was shunting video to a big-screen TV via HDMI, the user might want to keep that port for that. Would leave the Thunderbolt port for other devices that they might want to keep plugged in without having to swap.

Not all of us want to plug and unplug...plug and unplug

Thunderbolt is daisy chain-able. Now I give HDMI *in* a 1% chance on the 27" model since Apple sold a few on the virtue of the Mini-DP in on that model. However, HDMI costs Apple money and it is more likely you'll see Thunderbolt capable of turning the internal display into an external display for another device, or perhaps, TWO thunderbolt ports with said functionality.

I give the two thunderbolt ports a 2-3% chance but for me that's worth dreaming about.

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Best Funky Short Hair Cuts

supremedesignerJul 19, 05:51 PMWhat, the analysts weren't even close? I'm shocked. :rolleyes:

analysts always assumed too much!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. short hair styles 2011
short hair styles 2011

WyoMacMar 22, 05:41 PMGeez.... what did they do long ago... have a 400-disc CD changer in their trunk?

How did they manage?


Some of us have been on the planet long enough to remember when 8-tracks came to cars that previously only had AM radios. How did we manage? Actually, we got along fined but bringing my own audio along with us just provides more options. Before the iPod, I would typically pick about 15-20 CD's to bring along with me on a road trip. I got along fine, but invariably I would wish that I had made a few different choices, never knowing what mood might strike me. So now I have an 80GB Classic that is about 95% full. Loaded on it are about 11,000 songs, 50-60 podcasts, a couple audiobooks, and maybe a movie or two. Every time the car leaves town, it goes with me. I take it to work every day and plug it into the sound system in my office. I plug it into an old boombox when I am working in the yard or on house projects. I don't need it to surf the web, play games, read email or anything else. It serves my wants perfectly, and though I am not about to claim that I am in the mainstream, I suspect that there are enough of us to keep a device like this profitable for Apple. I've toyed with the idea of selling this one and buying a 160GB but haven't yet. If Apple does choose to make a classic with high capacity, bluetooth, and airplay, I would buy it in a minute.

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. For the funky and cool people
For the funky and cool people

MaculaOct 23, 10:47 PMThere is no way I am buying a MBP without NAND.

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. hair,2011 funky haircuts
hair,2011 funky haircuts

EolianSep 24, 03:25 AMHi, everyone.

I'm new iPod Touches, though I've had some other iPods over the years. I'm a teacher, and decided that I'd use the Bento app on it to keep track of my students' progress at school. My niece rolled her eyes and informed me that I'd need a case and screen protector. So, I went to Best Buy today and got the Griffin Gloss and the Invisishield. I put on the case, which seems to work fine. Then I opened the shield and got a good look at it. It immediately occurred to me that I'd probably need to take off the case, put the shield on, then put the case back on. However, the case--which consists of two pieces of hard plastic that intersect in the middle after installation--won't budge. I'm sure I could get it off, but I'm not sure I could do so without doing significant damage to the case. These things are supposed to be removable, aren't they? Also, would it be a big deal not to have a screen protector on it? I'm going to be using it a lot in multiple locations. It's probably going to get bounced around on a regular basis.



The Griffin hardshell will come apart without damage, it is just VERY :cool: snuggly fit together.

I got a fingernail into the seam, then some steady force pulling the lower section straight back did the trick. It's a nice case with a beautiful fit.

I did not opt for a screen protector, no second thoughts. I've found these often get pretty mucked up themselves on other devices, and that by itself would be a shortcoming on this amazing display.

For a lot of traveling, maybe an inexpensive slip case? Best luck.

funky hairstyles for short hair 2011. funky short hair styles 2011
funky short hair styles 2011

ericmooreartNov 28, 03:13 PMFriend of mine at work bought the Zune. First thing that hit me was the "poop" brown color - uck. It had a rubbery feel (guess it won't slip from your hands) like the protectors you can get for the ipod. Was hard to get in and out of my back pocket due to the coating and brick thickness.

I like that it played your videos landscape, though navagation became tricky.

For all its bells and whistles I wouldn't buy it. Design matters. If it didn't i'd still be using my anti skip cd- mp3 player. I own a nano and have had every generation ipod except the first and the zune seems like the 1st generation ipod in respect to design and clunkiness. Microsoft should stick with the xbox

ArtOfWarfareApr 12, 08:25 PMNormally I go spoiler-free, but given I seriously doubt Apple will release an official video for download, I'll just follow twitter feeds as this unfolds...

Interstella5555Mar 22, 09:58 AMArticle from the Guardian ( and The Telegraph (

So what are your thoughts? Should Apple have rejected the app?

On a personal and professional level, yes. However, if it is there, I should be able to make an app detailing how to escape they hatred and hypocrisy of mainstream religion. I mean seriously, if I made an app detailing the opressions, explotations, misogyny, abuses and general hatred of organized religion and how to live your life without it, it would never get approved. This is also interesting considering Apple is one of the more gay friendly companies around.

CaitlynNov 27, 03:57 PMA 17" Apple Cinema Display would be great in my opinion. Probably an afforable, well selling product. However, the thing I want more than anything is built-in iSights so...this doesn't really phase me much to be honest. :D

PaperQueenSep 20, 08:08 PMThe first is the dermaSHOT ( I am worried, however, that I will have the same problem with lint-magnet, because it is also made of silicone. Any ideas there?

That�s the case I have (see my notes in post #44 of this thread). It�s not �sticky� so no problems grabbing dust or least I haven�t had any problems that way.

My only concern is that it�s not as snug top to bottom as it should be. Not so loose it�s going to slip out, but feels like there�s a little play in it when you push the power button off and on.

jeanlainApr 3, 05:49 PMIn DP2, if you QuickLook a chaptered movie, you see the chapters (with thumbnails) listed vertically in a left pane of the QuickLook window (doesn't work quite well yet).

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