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iDAGJan 11, 08:07 PMAirMac is actually the name of an Apple product in Japan. I believe its just an Airport


LOL then IDK what to call a Mac with Air :) Maybe it just has a ton of fans in it so everyone can stop whining about how hot there notebook is. :cool:

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miloAug 29, 09:45 AMMy take on this is that it's a great update! The performance of the base-model is more than doubled when you really think about it! Bring on the updates!

It's not so bad on the low end, but that's a pretty piddly update for the pricier model, especially when you consider what the competition is using. The only way it would be forgivable would be if they had a pretty sizable price drop on the high end.

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noservice2001Jul 18, 07:09 AMso ud have to return the movie after? how can that be, it's a rental?:confused:

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Small White CarApr 12, 09:49 PMNo, but having features like face detection does suggest that it's a 'consumer' orientated product.

Personally, I don't mind. As long as all the old multitrack features are still available (and the price significantly drops, to say, $50-$300,) then I intend to buy it.

Eh. People bitched about Aperture getting these features too, but so far Aperture's never grabbed me by the neck and forced me to use them. I assume Final Cut will be the same.

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leekohlerMar 24, 01:01 PMOh FFS!!! :rolleyes:

How many times more are we going to have to argue this?

It is not a choice.
I no more chose to be gay than you chose to be straight.

Christ! Sometimes this forum reminds me of a Whack the Mole game� hit one on the head and another pops up.
Same stuff over and over�

And people wonder why I get frustrated and end up telling people off. That kind of BS gets old. I've been fighting that kind of ignorance for over 25 years now- others even longer. It gets very tiring, but we still can't stop fighting it.

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MacBoobsProAug 7, 05:11 AMLast time we played we beat you 3-0 in England im pretty sure.

We should have won the bloody world cup.

We dominated against Italy until Grosso dived and got the most dodgy penalty in history, then we would have smashed ukraine in the quarters, then we would have been in the semi's against Germany, then anythign could have happened. Lets just say FIFA didnt want us to win, because its the one sport we 'aren't meant to dominate'. So the ref played it that way.

People should have learned not to count out an Aussie. Our spirit means we have the best in every field from sport to soldiers.

We would kick ur ass

I didnt mean the England team. They cant win anything - in my opinion because of all the media crap. I meant I would PERSONALLY KICK YOUR ASS! :D

Anyhoo... lets not get off topic. Leopard and MacPros. WOO WOO!!!!! :D

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jsm4182Feb 27, 01:49 AMThe rule is actually very simple as far as the LCD ones go:
LCD <20" = Studio Display (15" and 17")
Any LCD 20" or larger = Cinema Display (Watch the G4 Sawtooth intro on youtube, and you see the very first 22" DVI-D (Pre ADC) Cinema Display which was a BTO option on the 450 and 500Mhz PowerMac G4s in 1999. That was the first gen. The Aluminium ones are about the 4th I believe (22" DVI-D, 22" ADC, 20 and 23" ADC/Acryllic, then the 20" Aluminium ones).

I thought all the plastic ones were called studio displays, didn't realize the bigger ones were called cinema. My mistake.

I used to use them in College, the video lab had MDD PowerMac G4s, each with a 22 and 17.

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t0mat0Aug 31, 07:51 AM...why do you want the wireless? I have seen one (maybe two) ideas that caught my eye; but not enough too change my opinion on the negative cost/benefit impact including wireless as envisioned by many here would have on my beloved device.

Blue sky on wireless? Think a device which works out presence of others, and can connect safely.

Imagine being able to *share* (not stream, but share) your tunes with others on a "I'm interested in your... can I share/get that from you).

Being on the tube/commuting for ~ 1 1/2 hours a day or so and seeing >6 ipods through glancing for white buds alone, the possiblities are huge.

What are net connections used mostly for (in terms of Mb up/down) It's P2P. There wouldn't be any roaming charges, any peak rates. You could do it in a lecture room, whilst you were studying, or having coffee with friends (sharing tunes, rather than listening )

Think one big interacting social darknet :D Think virality without PC's needed.
Someone has a cool tune, and it could replicate exponentially!

For more benefits: Linking up to USB wireless receiver chips - you can wireless move files to/from PC.

Hands free driving - using changeable function paddles/butons on the steeering wheel. Hell - You could have a HUD of iTunes on a car soon (or at the very least, hook it up to those screens in the back of those orrible 4x4s )

In terms of illegal possibilities, think discogs. The amount of music you'll bump into increases a lot, so the rarer stuff might be out there. You could strike up a friendship with someone who had say, the entire back catalogue of (insert your fave band/movie/TV series). People could be walking lossless discographies of current artists. A discog of an artist is at most probably under 10Gig, so for a >60Gig player...

Who needs radio when you can stream? You could get it to actively hunt for a MP3 id tag genre - rock/pop, or highly rated artists. You could have the function to hunt for certain artists/songs...

That's another reason why I want wireless.

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techprApr 12, 10:09 PM$299!

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twoodccOct 16, 11:42 PMI know what you mean, my small house keeps toasty just from the computers running. The problem is getting the heat moved from the computer room... thus a box fan in the door pushing in cool air at the bottom.

yeah i might have to invest in a fan. this is crazy in my place. the air on when it's 45 degrees outside! :eek:

Thanks, and sorry I just moved past you:D for now anyway...

on no, i'm glad your able to put up those numbers. i would if it wasn't for the heat in this little apartment

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aibo82May 2, 07:34 PMI think this is the wrong way to go!

Its pulling apart mac os into a waterd down version of itself they will continue to add this stuff untill there is no difference between iOS and Mac OS!

What we'll be left with is a powerfull but waterd down mac iOS/hybrid platform with downloads through the app store like the iphone and ipad killing the powerfull features we have but running on every apple device!

I personally think apple will kill the ability to download any content through safari in the future in mac os!

So all apps will be vetted by apple and all music/films we HAVE to be made through itunes no popping on to amazon or whever to make a purchase through a browser on your imac or macbook!

I hate the direction this is going they are building a walled garden around mac os slowly and dont be supprised the ports start disapearing on the macbook soon for a 30pin dock!

Bad move apple!

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Small White CarApr 12, 08:55 PMI remember the keynote... He was on vacation and wanted a super easy way to edit his home movie. So he whipped up this "new" program to do it. Steve liked it and it became iMovie. And in the process threw 50 years of video editing out the window. Great if you've never edited before, but if you want to edit, iMovie isn't an option. If you want to slap together a super quick video, it's almost faster to cut and paste clips in a QT7 window then use iMovie now.
Speaking of that. I really hope they fix QTX today also, at least bring it up to par with QT7 in features.

I thought the new iMovie was genius. I knew SO many family members who wouldn't touch the old iMovie because it was too complicated. They needed something simpler and the new iMovie gave it to them.

I really think the only people who complained about the new iMovie were people who should have been using Final Cut Express all along anyway. It's not Apple's fault that they weren't using the right program before.

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hobAug 6, 09:09 PMOh my

it's like christmas come early

infact it's better

christmas sucks, and it's cold

WWDC is my favourite holiday :p

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heffemonkeymanSep 6, 07:41 PMCan people please stop with the whole, I want 1080p resolution download files!

It's insane, it would never ever work, Apple would sell far more movies at the current resolution than if they did HD. Sure, you guys would probably buy, if you had the patience to wait for 2 and a half days to download the film, and then be able to fit maybe 2 or 3 onto your hard drive, and that's it! Not going to happen. The majority of the world is not as obsessed with quality, they'll choose convenience. Nobody thinks "I fancy watching a film, maybe I'll go buy it off iTunes so I can watch it in 3 days time". The idea is convenience people, if it takes longer than 4 hours to download it will never fly.

Using an advanced video codec like h.264, you can get decent quality in 720p at 6 Mbps and 1080p at 8 Mbps. (Look at the HD trailers on

With current cable modems now getting 8 Mbps download speeds, we're not talking 2 and a half days, we're talking realtime or close to it.

I'm betting apple skips "DVD Quality" (whatever that means) and goes straight into HD. It is the 21st Century after all...

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apb3Aug 19, 10:38 AMIf Apple do that then iPod sales will die whenever their competitors are offer all the other services along with an MP3 player. Apple isn't about conservatisim and playing it safe, the reason the iPod was a success was precisely the opposite: innovation.

"Pure" machines are a dying breed, there are very few around these days. Consoles, computers and mobile phones have all shown that the more you offer the better you sell and that "pure" machines are soon to be extinct.

And apb3, what you're describing in the chocolate and PSP is NOT a QWERTY keyboard. Look at the youtube video of the MYLO.

Never actually held the chocolate, just saw the TV ad. But you know what I mean and you cannot possible say that they are easy inpurt methods for even moderately extended use. Or are you? But, in any case, thanks for putting me straight on that.

The iPod would continue to sell "pure" (and I know I'm being contradictory as my original 1Gen iPod is a much different machine than my vid iPod but we're talking of the iPod as a basic walkman-type device) as there will always be demand for a music/media player at a fairly reasonably price. Either through attrition, improvements to current features (bigger screens, easier input methods, color screens, longer battery life, new battery types, etc) there will ALWAYS be demand for the iPod.

Using your reasoning, why not add all these features and more to every TV on the market cuz, "Hey, pure machines are going to be extinct soon. Everybody has a TV so we're not going to be selling any more pretty soon... Let's add keyboards and webcams to the remotes. make 'em with wireless net access, hell, throw in Vista and a dock for the refrigerator to show you how much beer is left so you don't have to get up!!!" That's not what happens. Improvements come and are incorporated and even stick around if people like them or are weeded out in the next model. But those improvements are all related to the TV viewing experience. Remember webTV? and that was only offered as a separate add-on if memory serves.

You can innovate wothout mucking about with a winner by adding a battery draining, mostly useless "feature(s)" to the best selling media device in the world. No one is going to jump ship because they can't control their dishwasher from their iPod interface. If apple feels there is a market for what some members of this forum are calling for and said market is large enough the smart move seems to me to be a new device along with that device's new profit stream, limit it's ability to cannibalize your other products in any large way. You get the idea. You don't need to make the iPod the be-all end-all device. In fact, I think if you did, you'd lose market share to other devices without the bloat.

And the argument that no one wants a "utility belt" with a million devices each dedicated to one function just doesn't hold water with me. I carry a lot of gear. A laptop, a comm device of some sort and my iPod would do anything I need to do as a civilian back in the world. Obviously I carry much more here as I have the desire to make it back to the real world but that's not what the real market is.

But maybe I'm the oddd man out in this argument. I hope not but I have ben wrong once or twice. My wife says so.

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aussie_geekOct 23, 07:39 PMme too. i can easily picture them sitting behind the screen biting their nails while hoping new mbp's are not released. then they have the incredible urge to post totally useless comments because they can't bare the fact that their mbp is about to be outdated.

haha! i love it!

hardly. :rolleyes:

i'm trying to put all of this core 2 duo hype into perspective. there have been rumors about new pro's for the last 2 months. at this rate, no one will ever purchase a new mac notebook.

prove to me how a core 2 duo chip will make my EVERYDAY computing that more productive compared to a core duo. :D

I stand by my point that you will be only shaving seconds of waiting for your stuff to run. a real wank... :rolleyes:

if you are gonna wait - macworld 07 will be the big update.

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sthOct 23, 08:13 AMIf it can't support 4gigs of ram, it ain't worth the wait for me.:mad:
I've read that even the current MBP supports 4gigs.
Apple just doesn't offer it in their store since the CPU can only address around 3,2gigs (like every other 32bit cpu).

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localghostNov 15, 11:39 AMis there a chance that they replace the two dual core xenon with only one quad core xenon in the mac pro and drop the price? speedwise it should be about the same and it should definately be cheaper to make.

interesting question, but afaik two different chips would perform better (at the same ghz).
any chance that there will be an update of the mac pro before 2007?

if so, will the current models get more ram, or a different gpu or a lower price?

i'd appreciate any educated guesses since i have to buy in 2006 for tax reasons.

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KranchammerMar 24, 01:37 PMMac Pro's have big power supplies but thats mainly for the CPU and Ram, adding a 6970 would be pushing its limits, especially for gaming.

Well, true, but unlike Apple's more portable offerings, there is nothing ,technologically or physically at least, stopping them from providing a psu in the next iteration of the Mac Pro that is capable of powering the later power-hungry gpu monsters.

brianusSep 1, 02:59 PMThis basically confirms that Apple will release the "Mac".

Uh, no, it doesn't. If anything it does the exact opposite. Focus on the fact that they're upping the display size to just-below-pro territory and not that they're keeping a laptop processor and you'll see.

Apple has intentionally left this gap in its line.

...yes, for many, many years now. It has intentionally not filled the gap. All signs point to it continuing to intentionally not fill the gap.

It all seems pretty obvious.

...that it's what you want, not what Apple will do.

Apple used to have all-in-ones, consumer towers, pro towers, etc. Remember the PowerMac 6400? Too many products is too confusing for the consumer. If that means that a couple of people can't get the exact configuration they want, so be it.

Exactly. It's not like they can go get a more configurable Mac from another company, either. Plus, remember that Apple had all those overlapping products in the bad old days before you-know-who, Mr. consumer/pro/desktop/notebook grid came back on board.

ljcarrJan 4, 05:21 AMMy pride and joy. (
Side ( by ljcarrD300 (, on Flickr (
Front side 1 (1) ( by ljcarrD300 (, on Flickr

swingerofbirchJul 18, 12:57 PMI couldn't imagine movie production companies letting first run movies be downloaded before the DVD's come out. I would much rather go see it as a social thing then watch it in my own home.

Wow. Different worlds. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people. I would pay top dollar to see first runs without going to a theatre.

Plus where I live we don't even get a lot of movies. It took months for us to get Brokeback Mountain, and there's no telling if we'll ever get Strangers with Candy.

balamwSep 6, 06:27 PMPersonally, I wouldn't want to DL a large movie file without the option of being able to burn it to DVD so I can have that tangible hard copy that makes me feel safe and warm. Then I wouldn't have a problem deleting it off of my hard drive.
What's stopping you from doing that now?

I know I have all of my iTMS video backed up to data DVDs...

I know I won't be spending $10-$15 for anything less than DVD quality though, so I hope there's either a rental model or at least 480p.


JRM PowerPodAug 7, 03:09 AMMore pictures of the banners


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