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hairstyles for 2011 women.

OdduWonNov 29, 01:44 PMMaybe you can do video iChat sessions with an optional iSight camera right from the livingroom TV?

This reminds me of the old Zenith TVs with space phones where you could talk to a caller from the comfort of your sofa. (but voices usually sounded like it was underwater).

yeah, they will have a camera built in so they can film the new ipod commercials using us unsuspecting living room dancers as the subject:D

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hairstyles 2011 for women with

ThunderbirdApr 2, 08:12 PMIs this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

Not sure who does the Ken Burns doc narrations. But I'm pretty sure this voice over for the iPad 2 was done by Peter Coyote.

hairstyles 2011 for women with bangs. Hairstyle Ideas
Hairstyle Ideas

LurchdubiousNov 26, 06:14 PMLurchdubious, are you building a glasses case?:p

/ok, I'll stop now

ROTFL!!! :D Indeed I AM!

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short hairstyles 2011 women.

homsarApr 19, 11:04 AMA relatively predictable spec bump? Performance bumped to exceed the new MBPs (edit: i.e. Sandy Bridge), Thunderbolt replaces the Mini DisplayPort (could conceivably have two, but I doubt it), FaceTime HD. A RAM upgrade seems unlikely but possible. SSD option may or may not move to the MBA one, probably will (to consolidate stock). A new form factor seems unlikely given current precedent; new screen sizes also seem unlikely due to lack of rumours. They could conceivably bring back the 24" (common panel size would mean fewer rumours), but I doubt they will. Thinner profile (especially on the 27") is also conceivable. Maybe they'll make the Magic Trackpad standard? Free upgrade to Lion when it releases?

Edit: As others have mentioned, a bumped GPU is obviously also on the cards.

hairstyles 2011 for women with bangs. hairstyles 2011 for women with
hairstyles 2011 for women with

twoodccFeb 8, 03:42 AMcongrats to lyzardking for 6 million points!

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Long curls with angs are

Chris BangleAug 25, 06:54 AMWhy does intel have to be soooo confusing, A year ago you could either have a G4 or a G5, Nowadays dyo want core solo, core duo, merom, the other one, or that other one, or the other one.( I can ony remeber conroe and merom)... Ok there more powerful but there are too many to decide from.

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hairstyles with angs 2011.

EagerDragonJul 19, 08:47 PMSource? :rolleyes:

Little birdy. running the code.

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Bangs Hairstyles Ideas for

swingerofbirchJul 18, 02:45 AMI think there already are online download rental sites, presumably for WMP a la Windows.

Rental makes more sense if the quality is comparable to the current shows they offer. Plus if you buy a movie, with the restrictions the way they are, you most likely won't be able to burn it to a DVD to watch on the plasmas everyone seems to be getting.

And if this truly is a service for some sort of iPod, then they won't be offering HD movies unless of course by some miracle they have an HD screen in the iPod (although HD at any conceivably sized iPod screen would be a waste).

I actually would like a subscription service for both movies and TV shows. I have spent way more than I care to think about on TV series, and honestly I can only watch them but so many times. What do I do with them now? I "own" them, but as we all know, I can't sell them.

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2011 Medium Haircuts

yukyukleeFeb 24, 01:04 AMHere's my mbp setup.

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long hairstyles 2011 with

SpoonyApr 26, 02:02 PMAlso i've never had a Mac.

Does apple use the term "applications" for their software as opposed to "programs" like windows.

If that is the case all Apple is doing is shortening their Mac name Applications to App. Everyone else is just copying them.

Everyone else can call them programs and lets call it a day.

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2011 Hairstyles Trends for

mingspaceOct 23, 09:10 PMyes on the 31 we shall have a trick and a treat... ...MACBOO

Anyone have a hunch on the price the new macbooks and MBPs?

hairstyles 2011 for women with bangs. hairstyles 2011 women with
hairstyles 2011 women with

MichaelgtrusaApr 22, 08:39 PMReally? This is common knowledge and is legal. All cell phones have this backdoor built in. Al Gore is on Apple's board. This became law in 2001.

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short hairstyle with side

0815Apr 19, 01:14 PMI fancy a bit of a redesign (nothing wild, maybe a bit thinner and change of colour? a bit bored of them now, but probably just me).

But yeah, good stuff :)

Since my iMac is one of the white iMacs (1st gen Intel) I'm fine with silver - but I agree, the design, as beautiful as it is, could be updated. I would love thinner (no practical use, just looks so much nicer than ... and the apple trend seems to 'thinner is better')

hairstyles 2011 for women with bangs. long hairstyles 2011 bangs.
long hairstyles 2011 bangs.

LagunaSolApr 2, 09:56 PMI'll "believe" when they fix the currently unresolved and widespread quality control issues...light bleed on virtually every unit

Apparently "virtually every" doesn't mean what you think it means.

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you wear this hairstyle?

BregaladApr 20, 01:10 PMwhat's the first letter in imac?

An all-in-one computer is just another consumer device. Bring on the Mac Pros

Intel won't have new Mac Pro CPUs available until fall. It's a strange way to run a company actually. Release the consumer stuff first and wait most of the year to give the pros something that beats the consumer stuff. Then a couple months later release new consumer stuff that matches the vastly more expensive pro stuff. Seems backward to everyone except Intel.

I think that's one of the reasons why Apple has held off with the iMac upgrade. They wanted the MacBook Pro to be ahead for a few months because it's a "pro" model line.

To the person who claimed iMac was held back because of the chipset defect, they obviously haven't counted the high speed SATA channels correctly. The 27" iMac only uses two (SSD and HD). A slot loading optical drive is pretty much the slowest device you can put in a computer these days and can be run off any crap bus.

hairstyles 2011 for women with bangs. hairstyles for 2011 women.
hairstyles for 2011 women.

twoodccOct 10, 10:54 AMYup, but actually almost at 4mio with points of my old team combined ;)

What I am shooting for is the #5 overall spot of the team, maybe by year end...

oh wow. nice.

hey it's good to have goals. right now my goal is to get into the top 20. second goal is 2 million points after that, which would put me around 11th or 12th

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new long hairstyles 2011 for

antmarobelMar 31, 11:25 AMLook at this:

Sometimes when I open any Finder window it does not show the Side Bar...Anyone having the same "experience"?...Any solution?;)

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2011 pixie hairstyle

rezenclowd3Mar 23, 02:31 AMGood. The classic controls are far superior IMO when using quickly and trying not to look at it. This is the reason I will not purchase an iPod touch for use in the car.

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Modern Hairstyles 2011 for

Compile 'em allJan 5, 08:22 AMFor a word processor, I'm using Open Office...I'm pretty happy with it except that it uses X11.

Use NeoOffice. It is a port of OpenOffice and uses Aqua instead of X11.

RaceTripperJan 6, 04:48 PM...and started to run roughly at 70,000 miles when idling. Dealer said it was due to my dad putting 87 in the tank when BMW recommends 91/93....There's a reason BMW says to use high-octane fuel. If you don't use the recommended fuels and fluids and the engine starts to get rough, you can't entirely blame BMW.

I run my BMW and MINI on 91/93 always. My 70K miles 330ci purrs like a kitten.

logandzwonSep 14, 02:01 iPhone 4 still gets the best reception of any phone I've ever owned, regardless of how I hold it or whether or not it has a case on it...

same here

popelifeJan 3, 06:17 PMDon't forget the possibility of a 12" MBP. I'm upgrading to a MBP in May, figured I might as well wait until after the release of Leopard, iLife 07, iWork 07 and so on.

Sensible. If you can wait, now is probably a good time to wait. MBP updates are surely somewhere on the horizon.

If a 12" model is available I'd gladly get it as long as it's not under par with current models like Apple did with the Powerbooks.

It may have to be. I'd expect a C2D at 1.6GHz maximum. It's a heat/power/size thing. A 12" MBP would probably also have to use a less power-hungry GPU than the current machines (although something better than Intel graphics).

But for a lot of people, portability will win out over sheer power.

ingeniousApr 7, 09:10 AMThats not true ! Ive been reading everyone's posts but you just don't want to see both sides of the story. I just want Apple to do better...

Look at this business weekly online story about Apple - very interesting

really, this is what Ive been taking about...I think that most Mac users don't want to hear it

and this one too

ok, YOU listen to "our side" of the story now!!!!! The point is, apple is NOT dying, they do not need saving, blah blah blah. just read the 100 posts above mine explaining this to you, but you refusing to listen. If you want apple to do better, then think that and leave the rest of us alone. I myself wouldn't mind having more of my contacts using a mac so i wouldn't have to do tech support for them all the time, but then again, that would cut down on people who force money on me for it..... :D

tychayNov 28, 09:10 PMMS never made a smartphone, they make the windows mobile software that runs on others hardware. The xbox is ms hardware and software, just like the zune. It's a entertainment market, just like the xbox, windows mobile software isn't in the entertainment market. There are far more direct comparisons between zune and xbox than between windows mobile and zune. As for peeing on their partners, what's new, I think we all know they don't play nice, instead they play to win.

So. Microsoft’s mouse market share is so large that everyone is Logitech is peeing their pants? How about Microsoft’s total dominance of the Apple ][+ CPM card market?

Give me a break. Show me one area where Microsoft’s hardware has lead to a market share the size of iPod’s hold on MP3 players? I can’t think of a single one, can you?

But I can think of a lot of software plays: Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Project/Visio. I can think of some moderate successes: Windows CE in embedded space, Xbox 360. As well as a lot of failures: Tablet PC, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, UPMC, Windows Media Center, Plays For Sure, Xbox.

See, unlike your narrow minded Microsoft fanboy-ism, I realize that the iPod dominance rests under three legs: iTunes, iTunes Music Store, and the iPod. Over the last five(!) years, Microsoft has used canon fodder to attack the latter two while it provided the first and the DRM for the second. Now the Zune is a direct attack, because two people at the top of Microsoft are jealous that after all these years QuickTime is still alive and well. They remember when they told Avi and Jobs to "knife the baby" and it’s really a thorn when they, the most profitable tech company in history, can’t back up that threat with action.

But until Microsoft wipes out Samsung and Creative, I think the burden of proof is on you. I pretty much destroyed your “Xbox is the shiznit” crap: it is, in no way, trending to dominate the market, and it won't even stop bleeding money until 2Q 2007. They’re just hoping Sony stumbles (which they are, but it looks like Nintendo is the primary recipient of Sony’s largess).

Do you think it is a coincidence that the partner that Microsoft tapped to launch the Zune (Toshiba) was the only major player with less that 2% of the market? And while we are on the topic. Why the hell is Microsoft introducing a hard drive player when the units that Apple is selling and having trouble stocking are flash-based?

[I made a tiny error. Xbox sold 1.6 million units its launch quarter. They sold .9 million units last quarter. I got those two quarters confused.]


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