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credit card debt

credit card debt. Credit Card Debt Cartoons #233
Credit Card Debt Cartoons #233

ingeniousApr 5, 02:00 PMNow that has to be the most double standard quote that I have ever read !!!

Apple had to expand beyond its computers to be profitable....If not for the Ipod - Apple wouldnt be making money.

Steve get Apple into gear man ! Drop prices - Take on the market...With good marketing , Apple will not cheapen..

excuse me, but WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN? JK! seriously tho, you should just do one of two things:
1)give up cuz ur obviously wrong and not gaining much support!
2)move to mars and live in your own little dream world where apple is dying.

apple did not have to create the ipod to stay profitable. they are debt free and have 5b in the bank. computers are making more the double what the ipod's making. c'mon man, do ur research! some mod should just delete this thread. it's pointless!

credit card debt. of the credit card debt.
of the credit card debt.

AxemantitanApr 2, 08:17 PMIs this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

Yes. Peter Coyote was the narrator for Ken Burns' documentaries. He is the second person to speak in this clip:

credit card debt. sum of credit card debt.
sum of credit card debt.

aiqw9182Apr 12, 09:09 PMFine. You all go and apply to work at a post house and put "iMovie" on your resume. See how long it takes for them to laugh you out the door.

I haven't really used iMovie since HD, so to be honest I don't really care what they do to it. It's "Super quick to capture and edit DV" time has come and gone.

What the hell are you talking about? I use iMovie for home videos and I use Final Cut at work. If you don't use something then you shouldn't be bitching about it.

credit card debt. Excessive Credit Card Debt
Excessive Credit Card Debt

MattGAug 7, 07:46 AMI personally wanna see a full home entertainment receiver so I can throw out this sony pos....give it built in airport, video out (slideshows, movies, etc), and make it do your speaker amp, a/v selection like any normal receiver does.....heck, give it a 1394a (or b) port on front to hook up your video camera, and stream it to your tv, or to your computer, or record it onto the built in DVD/HD-DVD or Blueray burner or DVR HD :P

If anyone can do it, they can.

You and me both...I've been wanting this for a while, more than anything else from Apple. I'd buy one in a second if they release it this week.

credit card debt. Off Your Credit Card Debt
Off Your Credit Card Debt

retrospekJan 2, 04:58 PMI really hope the iTV will stream internet radio as well as iTunes stuff..

I can then replace my Roku with it...

credit card debt. national credit card debt
national credit card debt

globalhempNov 29, 04:05 PMAT&T offers a service called "Homezone" ( which uses 2WIRE ( products.

Of course, it has an ugly interface you'd expect from most companies outside Apple. Microsoft's Media Center even does a better job.

I hope that Apple's iTV will do more than play content that's in the next room on my iMac, I'd much rather see an offering that allows my home / office to be remotely accessed such as what is possible today with Sling Media (

1. You attach a Sling Box to your cable / satellite tv at home / work
2. Attach your broadband network to Sling Box
3. Access your Sling Box from anywhere that has a broadband connection

So, if you live in Sunnyvale, CA, you can travel to Chicago and still watch the local news in Silicon Valley or San Francisco. Or, you can travel to Tokyo and watch not only the news from back home, but any of your satellite / cable channels, as well as content on your DVR. I'm sure that you could even hook-up a camera to see your wife and kids at home if you wanted to as well.

Anyhow, I think this is much cooler than watching a slideshow of the photos on my iMac in the next room, or listening to the music from my iMac on my television. I mean AirTunes pretty much already does that.

So, I'm still hopeful that Apple has something more up their sleeves. Otherwise, iTV will be as popular as oh, say the iPod Hi-Fi.

As for portable movies, a true video iPod already exists as well. Its called "PocketDish" ( from DishNetwork. PocketDish allows users to sync their DVR content and take it with them. So, record Spiderman for the kids, sync it, and go on that road trip. The largest PocketDish has a 7" LCD (480x234 pixel resolution) and sells for $399.

credit card debt. in Credit Card Debt
in Credit Card Debt

FadeToBlackFeb 6, 04:00 AMWell said.

Yeah it's definitely been taken care of, both owners kept it for quite a few years each, both only putting about 6,500 miles a year on it. You can tell it's been garaged likely its whole life because the headlights and tail lights aren't hazy from sun exposure.

I remember when these cars were just 1-2 years old, basically factory fresh, and I would go to the dealer and drool over them under the lights at night--ones just like this, with these 17" wheels and leather. I've always loved them, and probably always will. I'm also a fan of the 5L cars, and the thirdgen F-bodies of the day (I own a thirdgen Camaro too).

I really can't wait to get it.:)

My Dad bought a '96 brand new back when I was about 12. Pacific Green Metallic with Gray leather. It wasn't fully loaded, but it was a GT, 5 Speed. Had almost everything, but it didn't have the Mach 460 or the 17" wheels. He didn't have it for very long, but I have lots of fond memories of it and I've always kinda wanted to get one and it looks like you've found a gem in that black one. VERY nice car. It's amazing how good of shape it's in.

credit card debt. credit card debt statistics
credit card debt statistics

rezenclowd3Jan 10, 07:33 PMAmericans mostly don't get the allure of a rallye type car. Ovals and 1/4 mile are about as sophisticated as we can manage. :p

So very sad but true. F1 fan here, and rally if I can ever find time to watch it. I might not be a F1 fan for much longer though if they keep making "the ultimate racing machine" slower and slower by limiting the technology :mad: I understand the safety reasons, but its getting to be worse than the bicycle world:eek:

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credit card debt relief ads

QuantumLo0pMar 6, 02:23 PMWhy do Americans harbor hate for diesel? I'm not very familiar with the differences between the fuels, other than gasoline is more refined.

There are a lot of old perceptions about diesel. I love diesel; they are inherently more efficient than gasoline engines.

I could say something like- "there are a lot of people in the US stuck on old tech, out dated, dirty, inefficient, gas powered cars that don't last as long as diesels nor have as good as ROI as diesels" but I wouldn't want to upset anyone who owns a technically inferior vehicle so I will keep my thoughts to myself.

credit card debt. credit card debt cartoon.
credit card debt cartoon.

N10248Mar 24, 01:40 PMThat's not clever at all. You'd still be stuck with the Intel GPU on the internal screen.

Not if they redesign the Macbooks so the video signal goes back the other way down the thunderbolt cable and directly to the display.

Although using a 2GB HD 6970 on a 1280x800 display is a bit silly.

credit card debt. credit card debt
credit card debt

aafuss1Aug 6, 10:16 PMI predict next year's iWork '07-hasta la vista MS Works (it can use .doc). Apple should add Office XML spport in '07.
Tiger-start your photocopiers, Redmond

The Vista stab-good one.

credit card debt. Credit card debt in the United
Credit card debt in the United

WCatJul 19, 05:10 PMLike some others here have asked, I just have to wonder how some of these top-tier analysts manage to maintain cred with such lousy predictions? Not only were they off on the numbers quite a bit, but they were also off in the overall direction. That's pretty major.

Leave it to Apple to prove the "common knowledge" wrong yet again! Isn't that what they're best at??

credit card debt. For Credit Card Debt Repayment
For Credit Card Debt Repayment

rdownsMar 20, 08:51 AMI actually think having troops is better.

Yeah, that's worked so well for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

credit card debt. How to Write Off Credit Card
How to Write Off Credit Card

iTim314Apr 2, 02:25 PMWas like that in DP1 too.

Didn't think to look in DP1. It just hit me to look since that was always peculiar about SL.

credit card debt. reduce credit card debt
reduce credit card debt

AidenShawSep 6, 08:52 PM$19.99 for a downloaded movie, that's absolutely ridiculous. There is no way I would ever pay that much when I can go buy a new release DVD for $12-14.99. Amazon's service will fail, especially if Apple does indeed release a Movie Store.

I'm not a fan of $14.99 either, but it's a little more reasonable.

Of course all of this depends on the quality and if you can burn it.

Six more days. :)
Agree - $19.99 to $24.99 is the price for pristine 1080p Blu-ray discs at Fry's or Best Buy.

Ever watched a YouTube video full-screen on a 40" Samsung 1920x1080 LCD television...

If you have, did you manage to stick it out for the whole 30 seconds before stopping it?

HD or DOA. Two options. (At that $19.99 price - for $3.99/movie I might do some VHS quality stuff for a plane trip.)

credit card debt. credit-card-debt-advice

SiliconAddictNov 27, 08:18 PMAhh digitimes - The height of accurate reporting. :rolleyes:

credit card debt. excessive credit card debt
excessive credit card debt

EraserheadMar 31, 03:23 PMAdmittedly, the Brits aren't very good at letting it go either.

We did more history coverage of WW2 than India and China combined.

credit card debt. growth of credit card debt
growth of credit card debt

freenyJul 19, 04:37 PMstocks up 7.45% in after hours.....:)

credit card debt. Credit Card Debt Resolution
Credit Card Debt Resolution

SpoonyApr 26, 02:31 PMYes you can... to a certain extent.
Two stores can be named the same if the name is generic in nature.

Apple didn't create the word "App Store". This has been proven in many threads about this very topic.
They popularized it and then went so far as to even give it generic meaning.
Steve did that himself. Now he's trying to lay claim to it after the fact.
Will he win... who knows.

But nothing is as black and white as many claim to believe it is.
Trademark law is complicated.

I've read through everone's comments and thought about it more and now I'm undecided. I see both sides and both points.

I get it "Pet Store" "Computer Store" etc.. "App Store"

Yes app is an old word, yes it is generic.
That being said no one outside computer people used that word. "App" won word of the year for 2010 b/c of apple.

So not sure but... If apple loses this that would be very frustrating for them. They created something, poured millions of dollars into advertising it "there's an app for that" and everyone else just gets to rise with their tide.

I'd say let microsoft and Amazon use the name if they both go on a month long ad blitz saying "we are going to copy apples app store name, although generic they made it famous and we are going to mooch off their success."

EidorianAug 25, 12:21 PMI remember the rumors of iPod docks in the Mini before the last Mini release (February 28th). I though they were pretty ridicolous.:p

Anway's, a chance of X3000 now? That would rock!;)

Find me a mobile 965.

justbuyamacSep 15, 07:29 AMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_4; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.1 Safari/533.17.8)

A non-issue for the 3 iPhones in my account. We have used cases on all iPhones we've had.

Sounds like CR is trolling for free publicity. Antenna and reception issues have been an issue with all cell phones from the very beginning.

zedsdeadApr 12, 09:15 PM"render dialog is gone"

Thank GOD!

DrJohnnyNApr 3, 10:28 AMGreat ad.

tnyAug 7, 08:11 AMLet me steer this off topic real quick. I have read before that Apple has two OS teams so "in theory" Leopard would, in fact, be Panther 2.0 and 10.7 would be Tiger 2.0. Again, in theory� Can someone clear that up?

Nope. Here's how it works, usually (not saying this is what Apple does, but nearly everyone else does this, so ...). You've got one master codebase, called the "trunk." Everyone works with that. When it's time to start working toward a release candidate, you copy off the code base and create what's called a "branch."

Changes to the trunk are rarely back-ported to the branch (it usually depends upon whether they are bug fixes or new features; bug fixes, often are back-ported if they aren't risky; new features almost never); any changes to the branch which are relevent to the trunk *are* ported to the trunk (since most of them are bug fixes, and the rest are probably new features whose loss might be noticed in the next release).

The branch keeps being used by one team that is working on, let's say, Tiger, right up through the release and during maintenance (10.4.1, 10.4.2, 10.4.3, etc. are all from the branch, not from the trunk), while another team keeps working on the trunk until the time they branch (10.5 Alpha) the next release (let's say Leopard). When the newer branch hits release, one of two things happen: either the team that did the development on the new branch continues doing maintenance (10.5.1, 10.5.2, 10.5.3), or the group that was doing maintenance on the earlier release does maintenance on the new branch and the folks who designed the new branch go back to work on the trunk until it's time to branch again (10.6, let's call it Lion). Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

I'm guess this it what is meant by "Apple has two teams working on OS X." Two teams, but only one code base trunk. And thus 10.4 is derived from 10.3, not 10.2.


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