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world cup final 2011 images. world cup final 2011
world cup final 2011

eenuAug 16, 09:51 AMWho gives a flying-you-know-what about an iPod with wireless capabilities?

What, so the transfer speeds can be even slower?
So someone can use terrible sounding, cheap bluetooth headphones?

What is the point of wireless in an iPod? These sound like rumors started by technically-inept, idiot investors who are trying to sell Apple stock to their technically-inept, idiot clients.

Macrumors: remember that part of your slogan where it says rumors "you care about"???

Next please.

or possibly so you can purchase music etc whilst out and about or even share your music between you and your friends ipods?

Those two functions alone seem attractive to me.

EDIT: Why couldn't they make ipods with mini solar cells in like calculators?

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icc world cup final 2011 pics.

SactoGuy18Jan 2, 04:41 PMI personally think we'll see this:

1) 2G iPod nano available in 16 GB edition. Apple drops the 2 GB edition and lowers the price of the 4 GB to $175 and 8 GB to $225.

2) 30 GB 5.5G iPod dropped, replaced by new 40 GB model. 80 GB model has no changes.

3) "True" video iPod (about the size of the Samsung Q1 handheld computer) arrives with 16:9 aspect ratio screen with full touchscreen functions. Will offer either 80 GB or 120 GB hard disk drive capacities.

world cup final 2011 images. Final 2011 ICC World Cup
Final 2011 ICC World Cup

iBorg20181Oct 24, 12:47 AMAwesome, this means there will be further Macbook and Macbook Pro updates on April 24th (a Tuesday). I'm guessing that will be too early for Santa Rosa w/ Robsin caching technology. But, I bet there will be speed increases, graphics and hd increases.

I'd love to see a new design, but I'll be happy with:
1. C2D 2.33GHz
2. bigger HD, with easy-swap HD bay
3. heat problems, "mooing," and random-shutdowns solved

Anything else will be icing on the cake!



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cricket world cup 2011 final

brepublicanSep 6, 08:58 PMYeah it'll really be interesting to see what the res of the movies'll be. And SJ is only like, the biggest shareholder in Disney, so no, I did not expect them to be FULLY on board :rolleyes:

world cup final 2011 images. ICC World Cup final 2011
ICC World Cup final 2011

timmyOtoolApr 4, 04:04 PMI think the cut throat P.C. market will implode on it's self sometime in the future and Apple should stay out of that market. With that said I do hope that Apple can improve the consumer line up. $800 for an emac would be good if it had better specs. All the ilife apps should run well on all macs period. A better adveritising stratigy wouldn't hurt either. Let people know about osx, after all that is their best product imho. Apple is not going to die, but there is always room for improvement.

world cup final 2011 images. India VS Australia World Cup
India VS Australia World Cup

EarendilNov 27, 03:16 PMI find you the one that is incorrigible. The 23" inch price is competitive where it is as your link so eloquently points out. The Apple displays are easily worth a 15-20% mark-up. The problem is since the last time the display prices were updated 20" wide-screen panel prices have dropped nearly in half. So a year ago when Apple released this $699 price point it was a good price because competitors were selling the same panels at $599. Now they are at $399 and some times as low a $299. Apple's display is worth extra just not 75% to 100% extra.

I find what you say quite plausible. However a quick search finds all monitors in that price point to be of the S-PVA panel type, and not SWOP certified (or at least advertised as such). Perhaps a more in depth search would reveal the monitors you are talking about, or perhaps since you are making the claim, you are aware of some?

I fully suspect Apple has a markup on their pro-sumor monitors. However I'm tired of people using Dell monitors as an example for outrageous pricing. No one here, or in any argument I've seen recently, has offered a different comparison. My knowledge of monitors may not be up to date, but when I bought my monitor, Apple's prices were in line.
My apologies if I'm not easily swayed from what my own research has shown to be true, until someone can come up with something besides "you're wrong" :(

I mean absolutely no disrespect in any of my arguments...

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world cup final match 2011

cmaierApr 2, 07:36 PMthis commercial makes ipad seemed like it's only for kids.

A lot of kids you know looking at CAT scans?

world cup final 2011 images. world cup final 2011 photos.
world cup final 2011 photos.

Leet AppleJan 2, 04:56 PMDream Car

world cup final 2011 images. world cup final 2011 wallpaper
world cup final 2011 wallpaper

KingslyAug 6, 11:40 PMMore pix of the same... in case anyone cares!
1) WWDC2006!!
2) the now infamous banners�
3) me, with the now infamous baners�
4) Nifty computer bags� they are giving out
5) delicious gelato� :p

world cup final 2011 images. world cup final 2011 pictures.
world cup final 2011 pictures.

cleanupNov 25, 11:30 PMMy new ride:

Better be safe than sorry, right Benguitar? :)

Although, in all honesty, my last purchase:

world cup final 2011 images. world cup cricket final 2011
world cup cricket final 2011

HecubusProAug 31, 04:00 PMI just hope Apple doesn't make a habit of this "stealth" upgrade ********. I'm ready to buy now, but I'll wait a bit for an update. If I hear about people receiving core duos when core solo is written on the box, then I think my head will explode.

Acording the story in the link I posted above, it's happened to at least one person so far. That may be what they're going for with the Mini's. Would they do the same thing with C2D and MBP's, MB's, etc.?

world cup final 2011 images. Live World Cup Final 2011:
Live World Cup Final 2011:

NorthgroveApr 21, 11:28 AMAlthough this isn't stopping me from using my phone, I still think this is definitely the right move and I'm interested in hearing what Apple has to say about it, and hope they are pressured on this topic. As for Google: a) this discussion isn't about Google so that company is off-topic, and b) assuming it *was* about Google rather than Apple, I would have liked to see the same steps taken there.

Storing a user's whereabouts for the foreseeable future with no system to remove old data (like Google and other search companies does it, anonymizing data within 18-24 months) and not even tell your users about it is definitely not good. When data is collected that can compromise a user's privacy, they need to include details on this in their end-user agreement.

world cup final 2011 images. Photos - World Cup Final 2011
Photos - World Cup Final 2011

RavichMar 20, 05:07 PMAnd like I said, they dont have to be worried because homeopathy is not directly harmful to people. Ex-gay therapy is. This is not just an app based on christianity. Exodus International is an organization dedicated specifically to ex-gay therapy.

world cup final 2011 images. world cup cricket final 2011.
world cup cricket final 2011.

ipedroNov 28, 10:01 AMWhoever actually buys a Zune is gonna get burned. This thing is gonna get discontinued if holiday season sales are this bad. So because Zune only works with music from the Zune marketplace, if the Zune is discontinued, so is the marketplace leaving existing Zunes pretty much as paper weights.

world cup final 2011 images. world cup final 2011
world cup final 2011

mags631Sep 14, 11:13 AM

Non sequitur.

world cup final 2011 images. icc world cup final 2011 pics.
icc world cup final 2011 pics.

andrew.gwApr 4, 09:29 AMI can. Full screen is in large part based on the iOS, if that holds true the address bar is staying.

That's true, but even in iOS the address bar hides when you scroll down to save space for content. In Lion DP2, Apple has implemented a nice little auto�hide for the bookmarks bar and tab bar � I just don't see why they couldn't do the same thing for the navigation bar.

It's no big deal; I probably wouldn't hide my navigation bar anyway. All I'm saying is that I think they'll make it an option.

world cup final 2011 images. ,+final,+World+Cup+2011

skiltripSep 22, 08:17 AMI went to a few BB and FINALLY found a normal color. It's dark purple. :rolleyes:

2G/3G vs. 4G Belkin Grip Vue

The microphone is clearly visible, compared to the silicone case.

Other Belkin 4G case (taken with the iPod Touch):

I just ordered this Night Sky Grip Vue from the Best buy website for local pickup. Looks pretty nice. I liked the look of the case, but hated the two colors my local BB has... the baby blue, and pink.

Up till now I've been using the 99 cent Hong Kong cases, and they work pretty well, but are lint magnets, and fall off sometimes when you stick them in or pull them out of your jean pockets.

Thanks for posting those pictures. It helped me make up my mind.

world cup final 2011 images. 2011 ICC World Cup Final
2011 ICC World Cup Final

mdntcallrOct 23, 10:31 AMTuesday Release!!!!

lets hope!! apple usually does them around tues.

world cup final 2011 images. Live World Cup Final 2011:
Live World Cup Final 2011:

miloAug 29, 10:19 AMIf the MacBook and Mini stay with core 1 CPUs, sales will grind to a halt.

Only if they don't drop prices. Just depends what they charge, if they had core solo for $399 sales would go through the roof.

iMeowbotNov 29, 03:11 PMAccording to Bob Cringley:

"�The USB port is clearly intended for an Apple iSight camera, a webcam to go with your HDTV."
Cringely comes up with some interesting thoughts, I'll say that :) There are much more mundane possibilities, like a keyboard to facilitate content purchases or iPod connectivity.

ingeniousApr 15, 10:58 AMGee... Should we be impressed?
Are you telling perhaps that the fact you [say you] speak 2 languages makes it = you can not be stupid in anything, AND the fact that you live in Japan = you can not be ignorant?

I can think of many ignorant people who speak 2 or 3 times as many languages as you, and who have lived in more than 2 countries.

i like the part where he thot that just cuz he went/lives/lived in japan he's smarter than other people.... o and then the crack about americans not knowing what a primary school was! hey, i went to Primary school! and i live in the US!! LOL ;)

So please don't call other people names - This is a thread for discussion not a primary school (If you are American - a primary school is a elementary school)

04-10-2004 03:45 AM

i personally think you (imac_japan) are the most ignorant person ive met. sorry, but you are not better than us because you know all that japanese stuff. Since Im American, i guess i can say that since you know japanese, u just had a lot of time on your hands.. Seriously Im JK i wouldnt do that to someone just because they're from a diff country... (even tho u just did that to all americans! :D)

DeckerMar 22, 05:14 PMApple is totally a lone player in this market of HDD-based high capacity MP3 player. The only thing prohibiting me from nabbing one of these is the highly scratchable chrome back. If Apple goes with full unibody aluminum enclosure, I'll nab one for sure.

It would be interesting how long would Apple keep this before updating it. The iPod classic already missed one cycle of update. Maybe Apple is waiting for SSD to drop in price? An SSD based Classic would be awesome (in addition to the unibody aluminum casing).

Just put it in a YoTank case like I did. You can drive your car over it without damaging the iPod.

More pics here (

diamond.gMar 24, 01:59 PMIt has too seeing as Intel is pushing DRM protection into the physical CPU.

But the GPU still has to decode what was sent and put it on the screen, which is why I asked if the TB itself can do the encoding. If it can how much overhead will that add (again as it has to happen over the PCIe side)?

Or can you send graphics information over DP that still needs to be processed, ie raw frames?

SchneiderManSep 9, 07:47 PMIncipio is now shipping DermaSHOT cases


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