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is nathan kress and jennette

apb3Aug 19, 09:39 AMIf they go the aforementioned route, they need to keep a dedicated iPod so that the price point stays down. Seems like they'd have the common sense to just know to do that, but you never know sometimes..

Yeah. let's hope... But my confidence in the ability of others to be as smart and cool as I was never developed as a child.

I've just been surprised by all the calls (almost frenzy-like) by others on this thread (it seems you and I are pretty much on the same page as I just read your comments you entered while I was entering my own) to make the iPod, basically, an all-in-one type peice of crap. I have honestly asked why they really need this and have only sen one (maybe two) cool, albeit niche-type, uses.

While some may say Steve is mercurial, I hope in this case he is 1) on my side here, 2) just as mercurial and controlling as rumored and 3) pays no attention to this thread or any polls in which like-minded individuals participate.

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nathan kress. nathan kress

brepublicanSep 6, 08:58 PMYeah it'll really be interesting to see what the res of the movies'll be. And SJ is only like, the biggest shareholder in Disney, so no, I did not expect them to be FULLY on board :rolleyes:

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how tall is nathan kress 2011.

toddybodyMar 24, 01:39 PMWell, that's because all of Apple's other products are constrained by power and/or space requirements.

Meh, yes and no. For their integrated desktops (iMac)...pws and space are certainly an issue (especially since it doesn't have an accessibly PCI E slot for heavens sake). Now for MP's on the other hand...I dont think it would be an issue: accessible PCI E slots + ample chassis space + stock PWS capable of handling an HD 5870 or Crossfired 5770's. A 6970 shouldnt be a problem.

anyways(no snarkiness implied)...who said crossfire wasnt supported? The MacPro CAN be configured with 2x5770's.

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Nathan Kress At The 2011

QCassidy352Aug 29, 05:13 PMthis is Think Secret we're talking about. I don't believe a word out of their lying mouths.

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nathan kress biography

CrimeSApr 2, 10:47 PMA really good representation of what Apple is striving to do in the "post PC" era. It's not about tech specs anymore (although those are still important things). Rather, Apple is leading in the innovation of consumer experience, which perhaps, is more essential to a product's success than simply its size, memory, screen resolution, etc. The future leaders of technology will be the ones that entice their customers through the brilliance and personal connections made with their products.

Engadget wrote a great article ( about this a while back, in case you're interested.
And if you're not interested, maybe you'll prefer this link instead ( :)

Thank you for your comment! You hit the nail right on the head. Most people don't understand that simple idea.

Apple is all about the "experience."

My little nephews and nieces know how to work iPad without anyone showing them how to do it and their 2, 3, and 5 year olds.

You can have the fastest, biggest cpus and cameras but what really matters is how easy the product is to use and the experience you get from it.

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nathan kress 2011 kids choice

thejadedmonkeyJul 18, 09:03 AM[Fast downloads] would only be viable via streaming, and that won't happen because you can't stream to an iPod.

Therefore, we can expect a big download. I imagine the movies will be the same quality as can be found currently in the store. . .
Not ture. Apple could do a movie stream per rental, and let the CPU capture and convert it into a high-res iPod playable file. This way, after an hour or so you'll have a file playable on your iPod's lower res screen, or you can choose to watch it on the computer with a higher quality right away.

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Nathan Kress Biography

aswitcherJan 13, 01:57 AMBluetooth headphones?

Would get my money if done right.

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nathan kress 2011.

The SheckSep 18, 01:27 AMSo, the ipod touch 4G is my first iOS device, and I had a bunch of problems putting on the screen protector when I bought the Dermashot. So much in fact, that I ruined the protector. Not seeing any others for sale on the site, I emailed their customer service to inquire when they'd be on sale. They said "soon," but in the meantime they sent me two FREE ones! Love their customer support and the case looks great on mine. :D

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nathan kress and jennette

BlizzardBombAug 29, 08:56 AMNo Merom? :( Mac mini and Mac Pro drifting even further apart now. Although TS have been quite unreliable lately so I'm going to wait for AppleInsider's take on it.

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nathan kress muscles 2011.

EarendilNov 28, 11:02 AMOK, this is out of hand... all of you who are complaining about Dell being half the price of the Apple LCDs read the topic that's been linked like 5 times, it's pretty interesting and informative.

Now, all of you who are complaining about those people complain shut up and listen (or read) for a minute. They aren't complaining that Apple is charging to much for what they are offering, it's that they aren't offering any alternative for non-pro users. There are people who want, and would pay a bit more than Dell prices, for a similar piece of hardware with Apple's quality and design, but they aren't willing to pay 50%+ more for a professional grade piece of hardware.

A small few are saying that. I believe the rest finally got the point or actually went to the linked article. As the most vocal poster in the last 24 hours though, I'd like to point out I've concede the point above numerous times, and fully agree with t. I myself am a victim of Apple not offering a consumer level machine :(

A 17" consumer line of displays would solve the problem without negatively effecting the pro line of hardware. If it sold well (and I'm betting it would, especially if it was the same panel as the 17" iMac with a USB2 hub, iSight, and built in speakers in an iPod styled casing for ~$249) a 19" with the same features but a higher res (although all the 19" widescreens I've seen have had the same res as 17" WS ... someone must make a 19" panel with res between 1440x900 and 1680x1050) for ~$349 or so it'd really fill out Apple product line to meet the needs of all consumers, "prosumers", and real pros.

Man, if they did that I might pick up a MacMini next summer as well!
Here's to dreaming :)

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nathan kress shirt off

St0rMl0rDNov 28, 03:52 PMJust ordered some Affliction and BCK stuff from U.S.!

Affliction Spear T-Shirt - 26 EUR

Affliction Scripture T-Shirt - 54 EUR

Got this Affliction shirt for free as their bonus:
And two BCK bracelets:

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Nathan Kress as Freddie

xi mezmerize ixMar 1, 09:54 AMHere is the College setup, I will eventually upgrade to the Logitech Performance wireless mouse. What is seen in the picture:

27" iMac
11.6" Macbook Air
Blackberry Tour
PS3 Slim
Xbox 360 Slim

Picture taken with iPhone 4

Through the door seen is my bathroom and right behind me is my bed and closets. Pretty cozy room but I think I have positioned everything to make the best of it.

EDIT: I just hooked my iMac up to my tv to play movies/shows etc. on but I ran into one problem. I cannot turn my iMac display off and keep my tv on. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know asap!

Damn you must be rich if you got all of that at your college.

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nathan kress 2010 shirtless.

Mr. ChewbaccaMar 22, 10:12 PMOur Founding Fathers believed in God, proof alone is the pledge of allegiance "under god". Yes our country was founded on christian belief. Hate to say it, but it's true!

As for the invisible man in the sky I have no clue to what you are referring.

I see a lot of other people called this out but did you know that McCarthyism also gave us things like “in god we trust” on the money, some coins had it earlier but it was not mandatory,the prayer breakfast, the insane tax exemptions given to the church.

I suggest you look into the era, it was a sad time of witch hunts and bully tactics. The perfect petri dish for religion.

*** Looks like the app was removed. I cant find it.

Not sure how I feel about that, as a ultra liberal gay friendly atheist tree hugger I depend on minority opinions being protected. I may find them sick but I'm sure people that worship invisible superheros don't like what I have to say either. We both have a right, even a duty, to stand up for what we believe in.

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hair Nathan+kress+beard

maxvampJul 14, 12:59 PMAll,

nathan kress shirt off for real. nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2009. Nathan Kress Picture in 61st; Nathan Kress Picture in 61st. Dr.Gargoyle. Aug 11, 11:24 AM
nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2009. Nathan Kress Picture in 61st; Nathan Kress Picture in 61st. Dr.Gargoyle. Aug 11, 11:24 AM

Edge100Jan 2, 09:42 AMSorry if someone else has mentioned this already, but I also expect Apple to announce (if not release) a new version of Logic, either at MWSF or at NAMM, which starts about a week later.

The latter is more likely, since its a music industry event, but one way or another, Logic is due for an upgrade. Seriously!

Perhaps not of interest to everyone, but important for the musicians here...

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nathan kress 2010 shirtless.

asdf542Apr 12, 09:49 PMWell I really can't judge it until I'm actually able to touch and use it myself, but from the looks, they've gone consumer. *here's hoping for the best* I really want it to work... but Adobe is looking better by the day.

They've gone consumer because the UI is something modern and not something ripped out of the 90's like the last Final Cut was? :rolleyes:

nathan kress shirt off for real. nathan kress and jennette
nathan kress and jennette

razzmatazzAug 6, 09:23 PMehhhhh? :confused:

I'm thinking he doesn't like Tiger

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nathan kress hot pictures.

poppeSep 1, 12:46 PMHmm... the problem with that line-up is that when consumers see the shiny new advert saying "Meet the new iMacs" they'll look at the clock speeds and say "What new iMacs?". I think it would be reasonable for Apple to offer...

17" iMac - $1,199 - 2 GHz, X1650 Pro 128 MB
20" iMac - $1,699 - 2.16 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB
23" iMac - $2,199 - 2.33 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB

If the Mac Mini and the MB would have stayed under 500 and 1000 repsectively then I would have said you are so wrong, but because they didn't I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with one just above 1999.

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lordonuthinApr 17, 03:53 PMcongrats to SciFrog for 6 million points! (with MR team)

Grats to SciFrog for 6 mil!!

and congrats to rwh202 for 4 million points!

and to rwh202 for 4mil!!

Were not ignoring anyone else, it's just too hard to keep track of all 67 of you :p

rhythmacNov 27, 04:36 PMStop buying things for yourself! 'Tis the season of giving, you know.

but I need so many things! Am I selfish?...well maybe a little, but don't judge!!!!

DaveNMar 4, 08:12 PMFrom the first article "A diesel Cruze would be about 12 percent more fuel efficient than the ECO, but diesel is about 9 percent more expensive than gasoline, eliminating the majority of the benefit." Also from the article, the ECO costs $19,000. In England, GM charges an extra $2700 for the diesel version. So it looks like you have to drive a lot of miles before you break even.

Am I anti diesel? Hardly, I bought a diesel Dodge Ram back in 1999 and still have it. At the time the initial cost was several thousand more than a gas model. Diesel fuel at that time was significantly less expensive than gasoline and the fuel economy was a lot better. I still have that truck though for my daily commute, I drive my Chevy Lumina as it gets 20 mpg in town (much better than my truck). If fuel prices keep going up, a may commute by bicycle this summer... I may do that anyway for health reasons though not if it gets too hot.

ju5tin81Nov 28, 02:30 PMI have no idea where you got that one from. The original Xbox never made a profit. Microsoft is deliberately selling the Xbox 360 at a loss to capture marketshare. However, the PS3 and Ninetindo Wii are selling like hotcakes, are latest big things, and have the buzz. The best laid plans ...

No real, true, stats on that one yet. Moving on...

However, the one thing I'm amazed at... The EU has this whole 'Anti-trust' thing going on with M$ at the mo...

How can this company, legally, be allowed to sell their product at a loss with the sole intention being: capturing market share? Isn't this: putting ��$ behind a product to guarantee a products sucess ( & break smaller companies, not nessecarily Apple) : hugely illegal, and destroying consumer choice? Whether it be Zune, XboX whateva... :confused:

I'm amazed that this practice is tollerated, let alone endorsed by the music lables, and their little $1 per Zune thang... I thought they were worried about APPLE being in control, never mind M$.... :eek:

JRM PowerPodAug 7, 05:27 AM6hrs 33 minutes.

what is it about 3 am in the states. I wonder what steve would be dreaming about

Nmx-Apr 1, 11:07 AMHas anyone else experienced that the temps has gone up with this release?

my macbook 5,1 2ghz core 2 duo seems to run well over 70 celcius all the time which means that my fans are going crazy, and i hate that high sound. its fine in idle mode, but as soon i start a program like Xcode or Netbeans or just browse the web.

its idling at 60-6x celcius.
and nothing is running at all only activity monitor.

this didn't happen in preview 1
or on my SL partition.

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6:44 PM


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