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william kate engagement pics

william kate engagement pics. Prince William Kate Middleton
Prince William Kate Middleton

TerryJJul 14, 12:12 PMI don't see any reason any manufacture would cripple their own storage capacity when they obviously have other options. If its no for the first generation of discs and players, then coroporate rigmroll is the reason to blame for HD-DVD winning out because that is just STUPID.
I agree. It's really stupid.

If Blu-ray studios authored their discs in VC-1 and DD+ or TruHD... the whole HD DVD picture/sound "advantage" would be moot. But they are not. (At least, not yet anyway.)

One possibility is that they are just trying to rush stuff out the door (to counter HD DVD's time advantage), and it's easier/faster to author in MPEG2 (with existing tools). At least they can say "we have product out there", even though that product sucks.

But apparently not wanting to use a Microsoft codec is another.


william kate engagement pics. Prince William and Kate
Prince William and Kate

skiltripSep 30, 03:25 PMwhat do u mean watermarks? do u have a pic?
i was also considering buying from the ebay seller ashophone
the clear gel cases
anyone seen any cases like the grip vue solid colors on ebay?

I ordered one of these in the grey color earlier this week should have it middle of next week. I'll let you know how I like it. I might even do a YouTube review on it.

william kate engagement pics. prince william kate engagement
prince william kate engagement

Lord BlackadderMar 5, 04:39 PMHere's the bad news: it'll never happen.

Why? Because the cetane rating for US-sold clean diesel fuel is much lower than the cetane rating for European-sold clean diesel fuel. As such, for a US-model car it may be difficult to achieve the 170 ps engine rating of the Golf GTD. :(

There is some overlap, but it's true that cetane ratings are lower in the US - I think they are mostly 40-50 or so, whereas the cetane rating in most European diesel is more likely to be between 50-60.

It's possible to raise the cetane rating with additives, but the fact of the matter is that European diesel allows higher performance in small diesel engines. Also, I have read somewhere that biodiesels tend to have higher cetane ratings.

william kate engagement pics. Prince William and Kate
Prince William and Kate

JacquearJun 24, 11:14 AMhave fun carrying an iMac :)

Lol! There will be someone who tries it I'm sure

william kate engagement pics. Prince William, Kate
Prince William, Kate

wordoflifeNov 23, 04:59 PM

Needed a secondary cheap phone to take with me overseas because the Evo only works in the USA (or where CDMA is available). $60 on Craigslist!

Judging from the pic, that's a CDMA blackberry

william kate engagement pics. prince william kate engagement
prince william kate engagement

rockthecasbahJul 13, 10:46 PMI'm sure that the drive with be built-to-order only. They are far too expensive and appeal to such a small audience (right now) that having it standard would just iritate people buying pro line equipment who don't need these drives yet because of the unnecessary costs.

william kate engagement pics. prince william kate engagement
prince william kate engagement

BuiltApr 2, 11:58 PMUmmm - the reason probably is shown on the 1400 post "light bleed" thread. People WANT the thing bad so they don't "return" it... they get it "swapped". Quite a few people over there are on their 4th to 5th swap
(which boggles my mind frankly) in a search to get one with no bleed.

They all seem to have it to varying degrees but I have to hand it to Apple for (so far) not claiming this is "in spec" to shut down all these

Apple probably lists all these as "exchanges" and therefore they don't count as "returns". Makes the customer happy and makes them look good in the press. Everybody wins.

Towards the end of the huge thread over at people are being told the same thing from the reps when they call... that Apple "is looking into the qc issue on this batch of iPads and hopes to resolve the issue". That's good news for everybody.

...but all the Apple quick to jump to Apple's defense...say that there is no such problem. :D

You are dead on correct. Many people do not want to endure the wait for a new one if they return it...Many are waiting to see if Apple can resolve the issue in a future production batch. What good is exchanging if the new one is going to have the same, or worse, problem

I love Apple products but I am always entertained by the rabid zeal of the delusional Apple apologists who insist the company can do no wrong...OR...they simply ignore the common, and obvious, flaws in the Apple product they buy, trying to convince themselves that they have the only "good" one...which on some subconscious level they need to tell themselves so they can believe they are "special" somehow.

william kate engagement pics. william kate engagement
william kate engagement

IcarasApr 19, 12:03 PMJust in time for the back to school promo!

Which is about a month away. I wonder how many buyers on the fence for this refresh will have the patience to wait even longer for the promotion.

Oh, and that's right, Lion should also be out in about 1-2 months after that as well. ;)

william kate engagement pics. william kate engagement.
william kate engagement.

mazolaJul 19, 11:58 PMSo will there be any surprises at WWDC?

They weren't very clear...

william kate engagement pics. prince-william-kate-middleton-

djejrejkJan 11, 08:36 PMIf this notebook has no optical drive and no cables (as 9 to 5 mac suggests), how will customers hook up the optical drive? How will they reload/upgrade os x?

This is not very thought out.

william kate engagement pics. Prince William And Kate
Prince William And Kate

islandersDec 27, 11:20 PMFor $299 I will guess you would get a dvd, and a download streaming device for iTV. But if you need a mac mini then you would have two dvd players. I hope there is an upgrade for some computer functions such as websurfing and word processing.

Comcast has video on demand and there is no additional hardware. This services is supposed to expand.

I don�t see a surround sound audio amp for $299. Perhaps a dock for your iPod, or the iPod is the harddrive.

I�m really curious where this iTV might be going?

william kate engagement pics. William And Kate Engagement:
William And Kate Engagement:

toddybodyApr 19, 12:02 PMWhich is why desktops won't die out.


Dont get me wrong...I love my iPad 2. I just could never give up the ease and efficiency of a Dektop.

william kate engagement pics. prince william and kate
prince william and kate

dmelgarApr 19, 11:09 AMDoes this mean a Mini update is right behind it?

william kate engagement pics. Prince William and Kate:
Prince William and Kate:

diegoJan 12, 05:20 PMno one has mentioned that the font used in the banners is Myriad Pro Light instead of the typical Myriad Pro Semibold or Regular.. hmm

william kate engagement pics. William and Kate Middleton
William and Kate Middleton

cgcMar 24, 02:38 PMI;m going to go out on a limb and preemptively complain my MacPro 1.1 isn't supported :( and is only as configurable as an iMac...the irony...

william kate engagement pics. william kate engagement ring.
william kate engagement ring.

CQd44Mar 27, 10:54 AMI don't think touchscreen games/consoles could ever completely replace traditional ones. A separate market, yeah, sure. But button-and-joystick consoles won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Also, every time LTD posts I have a hard time discerning if he's trolling or not.

william kate engagement pics. William — who also gave Kate
William — who also gave Kate

LukeitMar 31, 08:49 PMJust a quick question: how to make a full, clean installation of Lion preview 2 starting from the app downloaded from Appstore?
Do you have to restore it as dmg on a external drive to boot from or is there any other way?

Thanks guys!

william kate engagement pics. Prince William amp; Kate
Prince William amp; Kate

JRM PowerPodAug 6, 11:19 PMOr when there are multiple threads analyzing a photograph of a banner with dozens of icons on it, and nobody notices the photo also shows (the same) two covered banners. :)

Don't be like that, i noticed it.
But that doesn't mean everyone isnt going nuts, because they are. This is worse than any build up to an Apple event i've ever remembered

william kate engagement pics. william kate engagement
william kate engagement

rasmasyeanMar 21, 02:34 PMIt's really obvious from the very beginning despite what "news unfolds", is that we will be obliterating Quadafi's army killing any leadership that makes a difference where we can. It was never a "protect the innocent ppl weilding AK-47's and RPG's in defenseless pickup trucks" mission. :rolleyes:

The best bet Quadafi has is what was done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hide (including "important ppl" supporting the current gov), and wage asymetric warfare in the cities and destabilize the new government until "Western forces" call it quits. Which I think the news at one point mentioned that this is what Quadafi vowed too. He will hope to draw "western advisors" into the ground battle and try to kill them because this will make westerners, namely the American ppl sour and create "arab resentment" which if it works, bring others into his cause against the infidels and the usual rhetoric. If the French bring in ground "advisors" too, that would be great because French citizens believe Frenchman are too good to die any other way than while eating wine and cheeze during sex...with multiple partners.

Otherwise, this will just be another "boring paragraph" in the history books. Not too many ppl give a crap about this "war". Just search youtube and Lybia clips has such small hits while Japan ones have like a gazillion. No one gives a crap...unless our "poor 18 year old boys start dying". This is what Quadafi must do because he can't win on a head on battle. No way.

Eduardo1971Mar 24, 01:26 PM"iMac! iMac! iMac!"

Yup-I want to buy my first iMac! Can't wait for the upcoming refresh.

hyperpastaSep 1, 02:32 PMI, for one, think the iMac and Mac Mini will get Merom due to their form factors, and a yet to be announced minitower will get Conroe (just ask AidenShaw).

But that's not true! If Apple puts in Merom, I want to see it even thinner... the very same case held a G5, much more demanding than Conroe, as of last October.

EGTOct 23, 07:42 AMPlease let this bring something. I'm getting sick of the constantly repetitive threads.

They're never going away. After this release, there'll be posts about the next processor/upgrade. "Should I buy or should I wait!!?" :p

Anyway, Macbook Pro updates tomorrow, woohoo. :cool:

SaharahaFeb 17, 06:15 PMFirst few posts to the forum! Long time reader though, so I've seen some pretty amazing set ups that put mine to shame.

College dorm room set up:

azetegOct 24, 03:55 AMthere are mini cpu replacement tutorials all over, google fugger extreme systems, its really not all that hard. I got the merom chip at newegg, they have them in stock right now. my mini xbenches at at least 150, 180 w/out disk benches

Dude, the Yonah in MBP is SOLDERED to the motherboard. You shouldn't try changing that CPU unless you have some serious skills and tools, I even doubt you would manage then.


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