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happy birthday cartoon balloons

happy birthday cartoon balloons. happy birthday pictures images
happy birthday pictures images

MicroByteSep 12, 04:53 PMI just picked up the Belkin Grip Vue at BestBuy in Wilmington, DE. Very pleased.

What color? The ones I saw at BB today were light blue, bright green and pink.

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Cartoon Balloons in a box

OzuSep 6, 11:04 PMIt seems to me that the distribution of 480i content is pretty much settled. Netflix and Blockbuster do this well and at very competitive prices. I can't see that Apple would benefit much from trying to compete there.

How high-def content is distributed, on the other hand, is far from settled. In fact, the world of high-def video in 2006 looks a lot like the world of digital music in 1999; a technology consumers clearly want, but an emerging technology mired in competing standards and confusing technical details. Apple must have noticed that similarity.

I've had a beautiful 720p TV for eight months, and have yet to actually see anything in 720p on it. The closest I've come is hooking my MacBook up to it and watching quicktime trailers. I'm not going to buy a Blu-Ray or HDDVD player until the standards war is over and the players cost less than $300, and that's not going to happen until late 2007 at the earliest.

If I could buy a movie in 720p from the iTunes Music Store and watch it on my TV next Tuesday night I'd do it. Sure it'd take a few hours to download. But the alternative is to wait at least a year.

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stock photo : Happy Birthday

NATOAug 7, 06:17 AMNot too brag or anything :D but it works out great for us in UK. Get in from work 5.30pm / open a beer / macrumors / keynote 6pm / tears of joy / rob bank 9pm / buy mac pro :D

^ sooo true :cool:

This is going to be one busy day.. I'm goin to get outta work at 4PM today, go home to find out if my MacBook Pro has arrived. If it hasn't, then it's off to the courier depot to collect it. Then it's back to the house, crack open a cold one and anxiously await news of the new Power Mac, credit card in hand.

At times it's very easy to curse Apple for its CIA Secrecy, but its days like this where the excitement builds hour after hour which really makes you glad that you're passionate about their products and the company as a whole.

And the best bit is that all my friends who haven't made the switch (yet) don't understand what all the fuss is about :P

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Happy Birthday Background with

No ice pleaseNov 27, 06:46 PM
Can't wait for it to get here!!!

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Birthday Balloons

Trauma1Apr 21, 04:42 PMYes, a 30 second observation of people surfing FB on their Macbook (pros) is sufficient for me to assume that they are not performing complex video rendering or multi-filter Photoshop layering.

Laptops are not Pro machines. A 13" laptop with shared memory and a glossy screen is not professional. Unless your profession is being a writer. The "pro" moniker is a marketing ploy.

I realize the 15" and 17" are more powerful, but you still can't edit 4K RED footage on one, for example. But a Mac Pro? There's nothing professional you can throw at it that it can't do.

If you walked by someone using a high-end machine and they happened to be underutilizing their resources for a few seconds, would you also say the same thing?

I agree 100% that it's a marketing tactic. And you never specified size, that does make a difference. But I'm sure you you can find many people, both here and in the real world, that use 15" and 17" for heavy-duty, professional use in the field and can attest to it. There have been plenty of instances where I have seen them put to use. Perhaps your standards are higher. Yes, there is a tradeoff in resources between a laptop and a desktop. But don't knock a fully-blown 17" MacBook Pro because someone is casually using it in a public place.

Also, regarding the car metaphor: put your 400hp car up against a NASCAR or Formula 1 vehicle and see how well it does on the racetrack against other REAL professional cars.

The car is nice, I'm sure, but is not a vehicle doing professional high performance driving. The same is true of macbook pros. They're solid machines, but they are not professional performance machines.

The NASCAR and F1 cars are not consumer, road-driven vehicles. This is like comparing a Mac Pro to the giant supercomputers that run NASA. Keep in mind, there are varying degrees of professionality (I may have made that word up).

happy birthday cartoon balloons. Birthday Balloons Pictures.
Birthday Balloons Pictures.

macrumors12345Jul 19, 06:25 PM (

Apple posted their ( 3rd Quarter 2006 financial results today.

Apple posted revenue of $4.37 billion and a net quarterly profit of $472 million or $.54 per diluted share. For reference, the year-ago quarter brought in $3.53 billion in revenue, net profit of $320 million or $.37 per diluted share.

Apple shipped 1,327,000 Macintosh computers and 8,111,000 iPods during this quarter which represents a 12% growth in Macs and 32% growth in iPods year-over-year.

- 75% of Macs sold during the quarter used Intel processors.
- 2nd highest quarterly sales and earnings in Apple's history

Live streaming of the results conference call will be broadcast at 5pm EST (

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The numbers on portables and desktops aren't right (looks like they are Q3 05 numbers). The right numbers are 800k laptops and 527k desktops.

happy birthday cartoon balloons. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

k8toAug 31, 02:34 PMThe worry is that in a few years interesting software applications will only come in x64 - companies will drop the fat binaries due to the expenses associated with multiple versions of the software.
So, not only can the 64-bit chip be significantly faster when in 64-bit mode - it is more future-proof.

Ding, ding, ding! I buy computers around once every four years, sometimes even less frequently. A "Core Duo" without EMT64 or amd64 or whatever you want to is not a four year computer. It is not good performance for money compared to merom (especially since you have to buy a whole rest of the computer to get it), and more importantly, x86-64 only apps will exist in this 4-5 year window.

Larger companies, and general apps aren't such a big concern. They will probably be willing to supply x86 versions four years from now for all but the most demanding apps. However, independent developers working on projects making interesting niche software are less likely to want to deal with the hassle of fixing bugs on multiple architectures.

I've actually had development tasks where a single process used over 4 gigs virtual. I've never needed to do such on my personal machine so far, but it would be pretty unsurprising to cross that boundary in the next few years. With x86-64 the task can just run all night, and swap what may. With x86, it might involve lots of workarounds, or be simply impossible. This does not appeal to me!

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Tags: baloon, stars, happy,

dukebound85Apr 10, 11:13 AMI do and have been the last 10 years

Helped learning to ride a motorcycle also

I remember getting into an auto and mistook the brake for the clutch one time

happy birthday cartoon balloons. Balloons

vitoFeb 17, 05:41 PMNo major additions, just an iPad, TrackPad and a canvas of SJ (yes am a fanboi lol)

Apologies images taken using iPhone in low light

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Zoom Not Available: Vector images scale to any size. Happy Birthday background with cartoon dog and alloons

Don't panicMar 21, 03:06 PMi think the only hope for gaddafi would have been a quick repression of the rebel forces.

the longer this drags out, the least support gaddafi will have internally and at some point he will lose the army and then it's game over for him.

we can only hope that that point will be reached with as little casualties as possible.

the good part is that it doesn't appears that the fundamentalists have or will manage to hijack the revolution.

does anyone have a link to a map of the political changes in north africa/middle east, meaning which factions seem to be acquiring strenght in the various areas?
so far it seems to me that fundamentalists are not coming out as dominant anywhere (perhaps bahrein?)

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Happy Birthday Boy. A cartoon

BlasphemicJan 6, 07:32 AMStill the same car but got some new pictures: Opel Corsa 1.4 Swing from 1997, worth about nothing but it means alot to me :)
First 2 are outside the building where i live, and yes i know she could really need a wash but that wont be done untill they have time to do it at work (i work at a Car rental company)
The inside could really use a good cleaning aswell
And she has quite a few Km on the clock.

And here is what i drive when im at work (i dont clean the cars, im the guy standing behind the counter saying sir to people)
First one is a Porsche Cayenne
Jaguar XF (i didnt take this picture)
And theres all the Audis and Mercs =)

i posted the links aswell since i cant get it to post the actual pictures :(
why dont picasa/flick let me link to the the picture >_<

happy birthday cartoon balloons. stock vector : happy balloon
stock vector : happy balloon

SilentwaveJul 14, 02:55 AMThe BDR-101 is actually a writer as well as a reader, and to be fair at $1000 [or rather around �650.00 over this side of the pond] it's pretty well priced when considering the cost of the first batch of DVD writers, eg. the Pioneer DVR-S201 authoring drive that retailed at a whacking cost of �12,000! General media writers were by definition significantly cheaper, but I recall purchasing our first DVD-R writer at a cost of around �350.00, with DVD-R5 blank media at around �15.00 a pop - so the economies of scale, etc., IMO makes BD at a pretty good starting point.

As for the Sony BD story I feel a lot of people are indeed watching how well the PS3 takes off to then try and validate the outcome and success of BD. But as you rightly said it's historic and as with the PS2 being such a huge success story which then solidified the consumer need for DVD as a new medium; certainly in Japan the green lights shone very brightly for DVD as a consequence of the PS2 success story!

But all in all personally speaking I hope BD wins; from a technical viewpoint it's able to offer a lot of new and quite exciting features that aren't possible on HD-DVD. And I know my next statement is probably going to cause controversy but HD-DVD is [in simple terms] simply a DVD-Video, but with larger capacity! I know that's generalising A LOT!!

Yes, HD-DVD requires a lot less re-tooling for replication houses, which in turn means it's cheaper to bring to market BUT BD has a lot to offer and I hope and prey it's given a chance!

Anyway, here's to hoping... ;)

While im all for BR, I don't think the PS3 will be the #1 promoter for it, and I don't thnk the PS2 did all that much. For a few weeks maybe it was my only DVD player when another broke or when we moved one into another room to make way for a new one that hadn't arrived- but really it is limited- not necessarily going to be the best quality BR player, and to be honest, people will buy it because it's a game console. I think that in the future it will be multipurpose devices yet again, yes, but of a different sort. I'm now on my 2nd DVD burner TiVo and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've burned over 60 DVDs worth so far. If someone makes one Blu-Ray, i'll be all over it as soon as I can afford it. And who knows, the tech savvy may head more for media center computers to drive their home theaters?
So while I think that devices with multiple funcitons will have an effect here, I don't think the PS3 will drive BR to domination on its own.

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World Cup Mornings Cartoon of

CdnBookApr 12, 10:19 PMSuper stoked!! Very much looking forward to this!

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Category: Birthday

celticpride678Apr 1, 11:02 PMUse the dev version instead. A lot more stable than the beta one.

Which is kind of ironic.

Google is likely going to be updating the dev build of Chrome to work with Lion has they have been doing over the past month, rather than the stable or beta builds.

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zoozxSep 6, 07:26 PMIf you can't burn it it will never fly.
People can just join netflix and do there own sampling for much cheaper.

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Happy Birthday Sea Balloon (in

JFreakJul 14, 12:46 AMMaybe if there was more media available in blue-ray format, I would be more excited.

There will be more media once there are more players, and there will be more players once there is more media. Which goes first? Players, naturally. Apple and the rest of the industry will just have to begin selling the players, and then the content will follow. Very soon I'd guess. The new Blu-Ray media can be sold at premium, so I think there will be a lot of discs to buy once certain threshold of players have been installed.

happy birthday cartoon balloons. Happy Birthday Panchi -
Happy Birthday Panchi -

Dmac77Apr 10, 12:06 AMYes I can drive one. I also think that if you can't drive one, you shouldn't be allowed to drive period. Automatics are just things to get you from point A to B, whereas a standard transmission car is something you use for fun, with getting from point A to B just being a side effect.


happy birthday cartoon balloons. +mouse+happy+irthday

X2468Apr 2, 07:20 PMUrgh, new iCal really is horrible.

Yes, it's designed to simplify and bring the computers down to the level of basic consumer electronics items. That way Apple will sell even more. All they seem to care about these days is having media events, and announcements where they spend their time bragging about how many they've sold.

happy birthday cartoon balloons. happy birthday, spacecraft
happy birthday, spacecraft

gyusMay 2, 04:54 PMThe more I see of iOS for the desktop, umm sorry I mean Lion, the more I dislike.

Definitely skipping Lion. Perhaps Mac OSX will return to being designed around a screen larger than the ipad/ iphone and (gasp!) a keyboard.

twoodccNov 4, 05:13 PMcongrats to rwh202 for getting 2 million points!

alecthekingMar 25, 03:42 PMCan the new GPU even do 1080p?

No, the whole article was a written lie. You obviously didn't watch the video either.

bmx433Jan 12, 05:04 PMjust because they used Air in their banner doesn't mean its called MacBook Air.. Apple is not stupid.. its all about slim and light..

I'll be the one who'll tell you "I told you so" ;) .. enjoy the show!

or this..

:apple:MacBook Lite:apple:
Feb 2008

that's a good point. i don't remember if they use key words in their teases. what was the tease for the ipod touch? did it have one and if so, was the word "touch" ever mentioned?

aiqw9182Mar 24, 02:50 PMOpenCL are COMPUTE tasks. If you can't do them on the GPU, you would need a HUGELY powerful CPU. That's why having true OpenCL means you have a better "CPU".

In one or two months after Bobcat Fusion was introduced there are already 50 Fusion-oriented Windows apps.

I'm not taking about DirectX 11 concerning games, but concerning OpenCL.

OpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

MacRumorsJul 19, 03:40 PM (

Apple posted their ( 3rd Quarter 2006 financial results today.

Apple posted revenue of $4.37 billion and a net quarterly profit of $472 million or $.54 per diluted share. For reference, the year-ago quarter brought in $3.53 billion in revenue, net profit of $320 million or $.37 per diluted share.

Apple shipped 1,327,000 Macintosh computers and 8,111,000 iPods during this quarter which represents a 12% growth in Macs and 32% growth in iPods year-over-year.

- 75% of Macs sold during the quarter used Intel processors.
- 2nd highest quarterly sales and earnings in Apple's history
- International sales accounted for 39 percent of the quarter’s revenue.
- iPod continued to earn a US market share of over 75 percent
- Desktops: 529,000, down 14% from previous quarter
- Portables: 798,000, up 60% from previous quarter
- iPods: 8,526,000

Live streaming of the results conference call will be broadcast at 5pm EST (


- Mac: 55% of revenue. Increased sales to 1.327 million.
-- Pleased with Intel transition. "Solidly" on track to update Xserve and PowerMac by end of this year.
-- Over 2900 Universal Applications.
-- Most "critical" applications will be converted by September
-- MacBook very well received
-- Happy with the Mac ad campaign, feel that it is contributing to Apple's momentum
- iPod
-- NPD: 75% of market share US (MP3)
-- Other music product revenue up 90% year over year
-- Strong sales of iTunes and iPod accesories
-- iTunes Music Store - 85% marketshare.
-- Enthusiastic about upcoming iTunes/iPod products in the pipeline
- Retail
-- 146 stores open during quarter.
-- 50% of buyers are new to Mac.
- Outlook:
-- "Very excited about and confident in the products in our pipeline."


Q: How important is it to hit the holiday season. and how innovative can innovative be [w/ respect to iPods]?
A: We don't talk about unannounced products, but "very confident" in products in our pipeline.

Q: Markets: Consumer, Education, Pro
A: The MacBook was in high demand in both consumer and education. Pro market has been slow - thought to be due to wait in PowerMac with Intel and some Universal apps. Education market did very well. Higher edu grew 31% year to year. Very well poised in going into school season.

Q: Assuming any contribution from Leopard for the September [next] quarter?
A: We've not announced the ship date for Leopard, but will show the new features at WWDC.

Q: Does the fact that Intel rolls our processors more quickly and drops prices affect you? Will you be adjusting prices more frequently or same as you have been with new product releases?
A: We're very pleased to be working with Intel. A great partner. They have the best processor by far in our current and upcoming products. Pleased with the new products, but as you know we don't discuss our unannounced products. don't want to comment on how we'll be changing our pricing.

Q: Will there be any surprises at WWDC?
A: [Laughter, then Openheimer:] Well, you will have to come and attend.

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