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apple ipod touch 4g 32gb

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Apple iPod touch 4G 32Gb
Apple iPod touch 4G 32Gb

bassfingersApr 26, 04:07 PMwell we all know who really controls the goverment and everyone involved ... companies. so whoever throws more money at them is obvs gonna win


apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. US apple ipod nano 3rd 8gb/4gb
US apple ipod nano 3rd 8gb/4gb

NymNov 30, 10:58 AMNo way, M$ doesn't like Apple for what it is, for their history, if Apple would sink there would always be competition, and monopoly... 90% of the world's computers running Windoze? what's that? :D

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4G

miloAug 30, 07:38 AMThose prices might not be valid anymore. And could you mention any of the reasons why anyone would use Yonah instead of Merom, if the prices are identical (more or less)?

Nobody would. But the prices likely won't stay identical - as you point out, unless intel drops yonah prices, they probably won't be able to unload their remaining yonah chips. Just because a price drop hasn't been announced yet doesn't mean it's not going to happen.

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Apple Ipod Touch 32 Gb-4g(4ta
Apple Ipod Touch 32 Gb-4g(4ta

NameciApr 11, 01:41 AMEasy for a stick shift... I can drive almost anything as long as it has 2 wheels or more...

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. New Unlocked Apple iPhone 4G
New Unlocked Apple iPhone 4G

popelifeJan 3, 10:31 AMWhat any of this has to do with MWSF rumors I'm not sure, but...

I agree about the word processor. I never could understand why Apple didn�t offer a few more features to make AppleWorks useful.

I�m using FrameMaker, but that was discontinued for OSX on Mac.

Too many mine fields in Word.

I always liked AppleWorks for what it was (remember, this is over ten years ago now), but yeah, there was a long period when AppleWorks was hung out to dry. In fact, unless we get that spreadsheet app in iWork next week, things are still a bit "transitional".

Problem is, because MS Word has become so dominant, it's been tough for anyone to develop a viable competitor. Which would be fine, except Word has sucked for years now. MS can't design interfaces.

I bought Office for the Mac out of necessity, but I find myself using Pages these days. I don't need power-user functions that much, I just need to be able to write words and enjoy doing it. With Pages I do. With Word I find myself screaming in disbelief at how awful it is every five minutes.

If Steve unveils a Pages update at MW which adds a little more power, that would be nice (although the only things I really need are full "based-on" style sheet hierarchy, and the ability to count words in a selection. If I need to do proper page layouts, then I pull out InDesign.)

If you're a big Framemaker user then I don't know what the solution is. What do you need that current WP's don't do?

I was set on a new lap top and Mini, but it�s going to be a difficult decision. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, and sometimes the Mac community isn�t as forthcoming and honest as they should be. It�s like they are more concerned if the stocks go up or down than providing an accurate assessment.

You've lost me here. "Not as forthcoming and as honest as they should be?" Have you seen the bitching about MacBook Pro displays, iTunes 7, graphics processors, and so on? Doesn't seem like anyone's holding anything back.

On the whole though, there's comparitively little to complain about in the Apple world. You want to see some complaining? Let me boot up my PC ("New hardware detected" my ass. Cancel, cancel, cancel... ah, a cursor, good, it's working... no it isn't... wait... hourglass... wait...)

As for misinformation... er, do you mean the MWSF rumours? That's not misinformation, it's people guessing. The idea is to grab yourself a pinch of salt and enjoy the fun.

My first powerbook was good to me, but the climate/quality has changed, and I�m going to keep my options open.

Which climate are you're referring to?

Over the last few years, competition has forced all computer manufacturers to drive prices down dramatically, sometimes at the expense of quality. Apple have similarly slashed prices, yet their industrial design standards are still way ahead of the competition. I've never seen a PC that comes apart as elegantly as a G5 tower or Mac Pro. There are equally great things about the iMacs, the MacBook, the Mini (I would also leave out the MBP - nothing particularly wrong with it, but I think it needs a design update to bring it into line with the rest of the range. Didn't stop me buying one just before Xmas mind you).

It's always possible to find criticisms, but if anything I think the quality of Apple products has gone up, not down. Crikey, when I think back to some of the Macs I've owned - PowerBook 5300c, PowerMac 8100... ugh.

I�ll wait and see what�s behind curtain number three, but not sure a Mac is the best choice for the average person.

What is then?

Unless your number one priority is to spend as little cash as possible, I think Apple's products are strong contenders simply on design and quality grounds (I have a friend who got a MacBook Pro purely to run Windows on, after he'd had so many PC laptops fall apart on him). OS X makes Macintosh the best choice for anyone concerned with usability (which should be every computer user). And Boot Camp makes a Mac the only sensible choice for anyone wavering between Windows and OS X. Have cake, can eat it too.

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Ipod Touch 4g 32gb.
Ipod Touch 4g 32gb.

cleanupNov 25, 11:30 PMMy new ride:

Better be safe than sorry, right Benguitar? :)

Although, in all honesty, my last purchase:

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. apple ipod touch 4g 8gb. ipod
apple ipod touch 4g 8gb. ipod

aswitcherAug 7, 03:42 AMI know! But this is special insider info I'm showing just to you, you can't let anyone else see it, you have to keep it a secret!

Only 100 songs max I suppose ;)

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. ipod touch 4g 8gb vs 32gb.
ipod touch 4g 8gb vs 32gb.

MacBoobsProAug 7, 05:50 AMAn iPhone, not as a cell phone, but as a landline skype style wifi cordless phone to go with iChat. Wouldn't that make sense for Apple to make? Ties in with their computers & iLife, would work in all countries, and would be easy, and possibly cheap for them to make.

Steve Jobs, would probably want want to make a phone that transitions seamlessly between indoor wifi and the cell networks.

I was thinking that. Maybe thats why the iPhone pix look more like a house phone instead of cell phone?

Hmmmm... ?

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. ipod touch 4g 8gb vs 32gb.
ipod touch 4g 8gb vs 32gb.

EscobarFilmsMar 26, 12:30 AMumm ok.. so why ios doesnt support full hd? will the new ios 5 will support full hd?

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. ipod touch 4g 8gb vs 32gb.
ipod touch 4g 8gb vs 32gb.

lordonuthinDec 18, 05:43 PMi may add some more over the break

Cool, you are getting away from me again... but that's a good thing! :p

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. ipod touch 4g 32gb price. of
ipod touch 4g 32gb price. of

econgeekApr 12, 09:39 PMThe interface... iMovie. No Apple. No. :o

Thank you, right on time.

And also, it is exactly the FCP interface we've had since the beginning. And the beginning of time. (it really only depends on which elements you want to emphasize.)

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. iPod Touch 16GB, 32GB, 8GB
iPod Touch 16GB, 32GB, 8GB

laynemoseleySep 14, 09:40 AMThey are just doing it for publicity I bet...

I've only had one dropped call with my iPhone 4 since it came out... Way better than my 3GS.

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Compare apple ipod touch
Compare apple ipod touch

daneoniJan 5, 06:10 AMI dont get why people are saying we will get updates to MacBook Pros/iMacs, what will they be updated with?. The Core 2 Duo chips are still the newest chips from intel. Santa Rosa is yet to debut.

I dont see any updates to them im afraid at MWSF. Maybe we'll see the ultrathin MBP but i highly doubt it...

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Pre-order Apple iPod Touch 4th
Pre-order Apple iPod Touch 4th

KevanDual2.5Sep 6, 08:56 AMMaybe i am alone on this one....

I think the 24" iMac G5 is the beginning of the end of the G5 iMac. We all watched as the outstanding G4 iMac grew from a 15" to a 17" and finally to 20". While the stunning design remained the same, the 20" just didn't look as good as the 2 previous models. The proportions were wrong and it looked top-heavy.

I am sitting in front of an original 23" Apple Display (plastic rather than aluminium). The new iMac cannot be much smaller than it. I firmly believe that the 24" will be, and should be, as big as it gets. I just hope that heat doesn't become a problem with the Core 2 Duo chips else the G5 iMac may have to evolve into a new enclosure.

Anyone else have thoughts similar?

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. ipod touch 4g 32gb.
ipod touch 4g 32gb.

gnasher729Nov 18, 10:09 AMIt depends on what the program does. Some programs don't lend themselves to multi-threading at all and others practically require it. It can be quite a chore to go back and multi-thread an existing program.

Also, some uses of a program make it easy to use multithreading, and others don't. As an example, if you use Handbrake to do H.264 encoding, it is work for the developers to use multiple cores (it has been posted here that it uses three cores) for encoding a single movie, but it would be absolutely easy to use four times as many cores to encode four movies simultaneously.

Something like that would be perfect if you want to encode four half hour movies, but awful if you want to encode a single two hour movie.

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4G

mangisAug 24, 05:42 PMIt May Be Time For A Mac For My Entertainment Center

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. apple ipod Itouch+4g+32gb
apple ipod Itouch+4g+32gb

weespeedApr 26, 07:57 PMNot "debunked." More like "skirted."

Nonsense. I dare you to develop and release a word processing application for Windows called "Mattie Num Nums Word" and see how long it takes before Ballmer is on the phone with you.

Google Word? Apple Word? These would never fly and you know it. Your argument holds no water.

It's already been done.


apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Apple iPod touch 4G 32 GB,
Apple iPod touch 4G 32 GB,

iKwick7Sep 1, 12:03 PMIf this does come out, looks like I'll be selling my Macbook. :)

apple ipod touch 4g 32gb. Ipod Touch 4G 32GB, Tk. 24000
Ipod Touch 4G 32GB, Tk. 24000

bigandyNov 29, 04:02 PMYep, cause the media center PCs are selling hand over fist and Tivo is making more money than they know what do do with. Oh, wait...

you mean the market hasn't taken off yet because nobody's done it right. however, with apple in the ring.... hmmmm... :rolleyes:

ipod anyone?

kungming2Jan 11, 09:38 PMI actually like the name. Anyone else? :D

A.FairheadJul 18, 04:11 AMI hope the rental thing is true--I don't want to own. I'm not with Steve Jobs on this one (assuming the rumors are true that he opposes rentals).

Owning music downloads fits my habits/needs. Owning movie downloads does NOT. The vast majority of movies I watch I never see again. And I don't want to store big movie files long-term. And I don't want to pay a higher price! Lower the price and make it short-term. I like that better.

For the few movies/shows I'd want to own, I want the discs (Blu-Ray preferred :) ) and the ability to take them to a friends' house.

Also, if it's a rental model, I can be more forgiving on quality. They'd have to be better than iPod 320x240 (except, obviously, when played ON an iPod), but if they're a little bit short of DVD quality, I'd still be bored enough to seek instant gratification and rent some. The price would have to be right, of course. Netflix rentals cost about $2.50 each on my plan. For slightly-sub-DVD quality and near-instant delivery, I'd pay maybe $2. For FULL DVD quality I'd certainly be willing to match Netlflix's price, or even pay a little more (for iTunes convenience/speed).

I agree; I watch movies a lot more than I buy movies. When I go to the cinema, I pay to watch the film, not to own it. Most people do this - owning films is something of an impulse post-viewing, in my experience. If iTMS can provide a rental service, that's great. If they end up providing purchases too, then, that's great too. Apple will be able to target 'viewing' markets as well as 'purchase' markets, if the difference is easy enough to see there.

I guess my thoughts are to not rule out rentals - I'm sure many of you work with films like I've just described :p

carmenodieApr 19, 11:15 AMthe 27 imac is a beast!!!!!
God I wish I had the money to get it.

chuckiejJul 18, 07:46 AMThey are not going to announce this at WWDC. Just cause its the next big event does not mean anything. They would certainly give this its own event.

shawnceNov 15, 07:40 PMJust asking a question, understand. But, is there a need to have more memory as twice as many requesting sources are accessing the memory pool?

No. The number of core in the system does not imply you need more memory however it does imply you may need more memory bandwidth (depends on what you plan to use the cores for).

Running many applications, especially memory hungry ones, concurrently is what could require additional memory to run efficiently (depends on working set of the applications you plan to run).

With that said ... to get the most memory bandwidth potential in a Mac Pro you need fully populate peer banks with DIMMs. For example in the following graphic you would want to populate slots A1, A2, B1 and B2 before any other slots to get the widest data path to memory.

For more details on Mac Pro memory review Mac Pro RAM Expansion Details ( or the simpler to read Mac Pro Memory Guide (pdf) (


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