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megan fox tattoos meaning

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan Fox Tattoo – Megan
Megan Fox Tattoo – Megan

Link2999Sep 26, 11:41 AMTry using the griffin website. :)

It isn't on there. Just as some of the Grip Vue colors are unavailable.

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox tattoos rib.
megan fox tattoos rib.

apb3Aug 16, 10:06 AMThis would entail an entire re-think on the part of apple and how the iPod is used. Now they do not want you to be able to transfer both ways between your iPod and your iTunes lib (you can but they don't want you to...).

If they were to add the ability to download on the fly, you'd need to sync both ways and that would HAVE to be a supported Apple way of using the iPod and iTunes. I've a feeling this might also upset the music companies as I'm sure the one-way sync was one feel-good/selling point for anti-piracy concerns.

For that reason (and the fact that I cannot remember digitimes ever being correct), I just don't see this unless the wireless is just to sync with your computer which makes no sense from a cost/benefit analysis.


and making it basically an iPod w/ airtunes makes no sense as it would cannibalize the sales thereof.

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox tattoos rib. megan
megan fox tattoos rib. megan

MacRumorsJul 19, 03:40 PM (

Apple posted their ( 3rd Quarter 2006 financial results today.

Apple posted revenue of $4.37 billion and a net quarterly profit of $472 million or $.54 per diluted share. For reference, the year-ago quarter brought in $3.53 billion in revenue, net profit of $320 million or $.37 per diluted share.

Apple shipped 1,327,000 Macintosh computers and 8,111,000 iPods during this quarter which represents a 12% growth in Macs and 32% growth in iPods year-over-year.

- 75% of Macs sold during the quarter used Intel processors.
- 2nd highest quarterly sales and earnings in Apple's history
- International sales accounted for 39 percent of the quarter’s revenue.
- iPod continued to earn a US market share of over 75 percent
- Desktops: 529,000, down 14% from previous quarter
- Portables: 798,000, up 60% from previous quarter
- iPods: 8,526,000

Live streaming of the results conference call will be broadcast at 5pm EST (


- Mac: 55% of revenue. Increased sales to 1.327 million.
-- Pleased with Intel transition. "Solidly" on track to update Xserve and PowerMac by end of this year.
-- Over 2900 Universal Applications.
-- Most "critical" applications will be converted by September
-- MacBook very well received
-- Happy with the Mac ad campaign, feel that it is contributing to Apple's momentum
- iPod
-- NPD: 75% of market share US (MP3)
-- Other music product revenue up 90% year over year
-- Strong sales of iTunes and iPod accesories
-- iTunes Music Store - 85% marketshare.
-- Enthusiastic about upcoming iTunes/iPod products in the pipeline
- Retail
-- 146 stores open during quarter.
-- 50% of buyers are new to Mac.
- Outlook:
-- "Very excited about and confident in the products in our pipeline."


Q: How important is it to hit the holiday season. and how innovative can innovative be [w/ respect to iPods]?
A: We don't talk about unannounced products, but "very confident" in products in our pipeline.

Q: Markets: Consumer, Education, Pro
A: The MacBook was in high demand in both consumer and education. Pro market has been slow - thought to be due to wait in PowerMac with Intel and some Universal apps. Education market did very well. Higher edu grew 31% year to year. Very well poised in going into school season.

Q: Assuming any contribution from Leopard for the September [next] quarter?
A: We've not announced the ship date for Leopard, but will show the new features at WWDC.

Q: Does the fact that Intel rolls our processors more quickly and drops prices affect you? Will you be adjusting prices more frequently or same as you have been with new product releases?
A: We're very pleased to be working with Intel. A great partner. They have the best processor by far in our current and upcoming products. Pleased with the new products, but as you know we don't discuss our unannounced products. don't want to comment on how we'll be changing our pricing.

Q: Will there be any surprises at WWDC?
A: [Laughter, then Openheimer:] Well, you will have to come and attend.

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megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox tattoos
megan fox tattoos

kalisphoenixJul 20, 01:42 AMYou are probably nursing those MS shares you bought at $90, hoping for a better day. It is not coming anytime soon sorry to say. Buying is about momentum. Apple has it and MS does not. Vista already has a great deal of bad press and it has not even hit the street. eWeek and other journals are already writing about Vista security vulnerabilities. That is not a good sign. Vista features and functionality has been scaled back numerous times. That too is not a good sign.

Vista will sell more copies in its first two weeks than Leopard in its first year. As several hundred thousand years of humanity have demonstrated, rhyme and reason matters little.

Who would have imagined that the common view. amongst the informed computer community, was MS was trying desperately to draw close to even-up with Apple? About the time MS established Windows 2000, they were at the top of the computer world in just about every SW market there was.

....and they still are. The anti-Apple and anti-Linux advertising games are defense, not offense.

They finally had a very stable desktop, server platform, mail server, yellow pages, browser, office suite, SQL engine, and so on. But once they reached this pinnacle, two things happened (or at least two I want to talk about). One, they became way too greedy with their predatory licensing. It just went through the roof. If you have never purchased SW at the enterprise level, you do not understand how expensive this has become. SW can cost (at least) as much HW at the enterprise level.

No doubt, but I don't see businesses exactly fleeing in droves.

The second thing that happened at MS is best described in a quote "When Alexander looked at his empire, he wept for there was nothing more to conquer." Instead of continuing on the path of R&D, they tried to find "new worlds to conquer", secure in the knowledge they had indeed subdued all competitors who could challenge them. Sun had tried to mount a charge in the early-mid 90's. Fortunately for MS, Sun's CEO lacked the wherewithal to do more than file lawsuits. Linux suffers from the exact problems that have plagued the Unix community; they cannot unify because they have no leadership.

Sun's ailments are a lot more complicated than that, as are SGI's. Most of their problem is that their workstation prices make Apple's seem like bargain-bin deals.

Gah. The Linux community doesn't want to unify. In fact, not unifying is the core of their philosophy. The vast majority of Linux users (ie, non-n00bs) don't really give a crap about mass adoption of Linux. Many even view such a possibility with horror and disgust. The only priority is choice. It's why there are 415 distributions (none of which are compatible with each other), 9,843 window managers (none of which have remotely similar configuration options), and 3.43x10^15 terminal emulators (none of which actually emulate terminals any better or worse than any other one).

Waving the "king of the OS hill" prize in front of a bunch of Linux users/developers will only result in them staring at you like a dog that's been shown a card trick. With very few exceptions, only n00bs (and uncomprehending businessmen who think they can somehow profit) want mass adoption of Linux.

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan Fox shows her tattoos in
Megan Fox shows her tattoos in

louis FashionApr 21, 08:40 PMYou and Full of Win must be related. Or married. Or both.

No they both married their sisters.

megan fox tattoos meaning. to work with Megan Fox and
to work with Megan Fox and

camomacSep 6, 07:04 PMi really hope this is not true, i mean, c'mon for that much money i'd rather buy the DVD.
so it cost $9.99 - 14.99 for the movie, plus how much more for the wasted space on my hard drive.
after a while i'll have a $300. drive full of movies, minus the artwork, and have paid way more just to waste hours downloading them... this does not seem to add up.

netflix seems way more appealing, sorry apple.

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan Fox Tattoos
Megan Fox Tattoos

RaskaMar 31, 08:03 AM3. Still buggy. For example - I just had to restart Safari to type in this field.

It does feel very slick though, app launch times, the smoothness of the animations and scrolling all make the machine feel MUCH faster than it does in Snow Leopard.

I've had that problem in both developer previews as well. At first I didn't mind it, but the more it happens the more annoying it gets.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that really likes the look of the new ical

I actually like it too.

megan fox tattoos meaning. tattoos with meaning
tattoos with meaning

MultimediaNov 17, 07:33 PMIMO, what Apple really needs is a system between the Mac Pro and iMac. A smaller tower or cube style system with a single Kentsfield or Clovertown CPU with 2 or 3 PCI-E slots, two HDD bays, optical bay and using cheaper, more conventional RAM - like up to 8GB DDR2. Apple is ignoring an entire segment of the market and it seems like they're trying to use the small difference in price between a maxed-out 24" iMac and a relatively low-end Mac Pro as justification for nothing in the middle.I agree. Apple's view of the market is very strange. They seem to think their customers either only want an all-in-one two core solution or an extremely expensive top of the line 4 or 8 core solution. Hopefully Kentsfield will find a home in a new Mac line in 2007.

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan Fox apparently says what
Megan Fox apparently says what

smuljiMay 2, 04:31 PMHmm..that'll feel odd...

Hold down for 2(ish) seconds
click 'X'
click 'ok'.


Drag to trash...

Seems like change for the sake of change. Hardly a groundbreaking new feature.

It's not about being groundbreaking perse. It's about making the look & feel of the UI similar to iOS devices so that those who use are using iOS devices but switching to the Mac don't have a steep learning curve.

Makes sense to me.

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox makeup free.
megan fox makeup free.

alhedgesApr 3, 12:25 PMI think so too. The toaster vs oven analogy works better than Jobs' truck vs car analogy. somebody send Jobs an email so he can steal it :D
The problem with the toaster vs. oven analogy is that toasters don't cost the same as ovens. No one would buy a toaster if it cost $600. Nor is the iPad as limited as a toaster.

That's why the car vs. truck analogy is more apt.

megan fox tattoos meaning. Tag : Megan fox tattoo, megan
Tag : Megan fox tattoo, megan

rezenclowd3Jan 9, 08:50 PMIt was/ is very clean and well cared for. Right now its a 5ft paint job, which is all orig :o I have all 22 years of records which is damn nice. How much did I pay? I'd rather not say, but as a reference, I think one looking for such a clean car in good mechanical condition pay $4-5k for a car with no mods. Blue book for these cars with the mileage they typically have is $2k. I completely overpaid for a stock car, however I wanted a clean/ mechanically excellent car that's ready for competition, so I was willing to pay quite a premium to find EXACTLY what I was looking for.

After owning this for a week and 1 day, I want to now purchase a 325i convertible. I missed a few steals last month :( However all would probably have needed just $3-4k in work to make it another DD.

BTW when quoting, at the max only include 1 pic. It's a pita to scroll through the same pics 2x. Thanks for the compliment though.

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan Fox tattoo
Megan Fox tattoo

syklee26Sep 6, 04:55 PMOriginally Posted by mdntcallr
cmon apple. get a clue.

these little mini's are nice but not great. there is a real void in your product lineup.

we need something with like a intel conroe chip, larger case, the ability to put in a better graphics card, and the basics like more ram, bigger hard drive and stuff.

give us a bigger mid sized tower type computer.

we all don't want to buy something with a screen. nor do we want some tiny puny non-upgradeable thing like the mac mini.

give us better options.

ironically, this is why Apple stock does not plummet like other computer vendors. giving buyers few options to upgrade forces people to keep upgrading the system. you know that Apple Mac users upgrade their computer more often than PC users.

more upgrade of Mac = more Mac sales. good for Apple.

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox tattoos marilyn
megan fox tattoos marilyn

MattsasaApr 2, 09:42 PMso basically they are telling us the only difference is that it is faster lighter and thinner and we should buy a new one for that. O ya we got a back camera that is useless to 99% of us and a front for facetime which again almost no one uses.

It is very obvious when someone has no idea what they are talking about, and just making up false information.

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox hair color dye.
megan fox hair color dye.

ann713Feb 24, 01:08 AM^Holy timg!

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox tattoos what do they
megan fox tattoos what do they

shadowmosesAug 7, 02:55 AMhere's my assesment of the situation; a complete and reasonable roundup of what to expect at the show

Seems like a pretty good roundup of what will happen, I would like to see the iPhone with support for VOIP via wi-fi with iChat 4 that would be really sweet......

Can't wait WWDC is going to be great,


megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox tattoos 2011.
megan fox tattoos 2011.

FireStarOct 30, 01:14 PMI need a case too :(

I'm looking for a case that can protect from drops/falls and shocks. Screen cover is not necessary, because if the case doesn't come with one I can always buy a separate screen protector.

right now I'm looking at stuff like this case listed on amazon (

but I don't feel safe with just some random generic case, so does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard otterbox offers good cases with drop/shock protection, but there are none for the itouch 4g right now.

For price, as low as possible, but I would be willing to shell out 30 for a good case (like otterbox!)

oh and did I mention that drop/shock protection is important? :D

any recommendations are good

thx guys
Switcheasy. Not much out yet though. Sad face. :(

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan Fox Tattoos on Upper
Megan Fox Tattoos on Upper

wordoflifeNov 26, 05:44 PMSwatch New Gent "black Rebel"

Where did you buy that watch and for how much? I really like it :o


Last purchase:

megan fox tattoos meaning. megan fox wallpaper 2011.
megan fox wallpaper 2011.

FlowbeeNov 29, 10:27 PMReading through all the expectations in this thread has me thinking that there are going to be some veeeery disappointed people on the day this is announced.

I'm guessing it'll be something like Airport Express, but for video. With a Front Row interface and a remote. Watch videos from you iTunes library, browse the iTunes store, subscribe to video podcasts, watch streaming movie trailers. Maybe a built-in web browser. If we're lucky, it will be able to browse and play video from YouTube or other video sites. That's all I'm expecting, anyway.

megan fox tattoos meaning. Megan-Fox-Tattoos; Megan
Megan-Fox-Tattoos; Megan

twoodccJan 6, 08:44 PMWe are now in 56th place!

And mc68k should be over 10 million about now! Congrats! Happy new year :D

great news! glad we are passing some teams!

thats great news! it's been a while since we've been able to pass teams with ease. prob due to new enthusiastic users + the bigadv WUs

i'll be at 8 digits, not too bad. but it's really just a #. things might be changing for me for the worse WU-wise temporarily

congrats! yeah my numbers might be down a lil also in the next couple of weeks it's looking like

snberk103Apr 10, 07:21 PM....
Really, is there even someone who doesn't know how to drive an automatic ? It's pretty self-explanatory, not much of a learning curve shifting from Park to Drive and hitting the gas. ...

When I was in University my buddy told me the following story - he swore it was true.

His mom drove a manual (and had only every driven manuals), and he had an automatic. One day he was driving her back from the garage where she had left her car for servicing and mom asked if she could drive his car because she wanted to see what it was like.

Naturally, it took her all of 30 seconds to figure it out (though he did note that mom kept trying to depress the clutch, even if she wasn't trying to shift.) Everything was fine, they were sailing through the traffic, and then mom wanted to stop at a store and run some errands. This meant parallel parking since they were still in town. He was a bit worried, because trying to parallel park a strange car is always a bit challenging, and sons always think their mothers are not the best parkers.

And this is what she did. She pulled up right next to an open spot, put on her turn signal, and put the car into (P)ark. She then started goosing the gas. My buddy was looking at his mom, quizzically. Mom was staring at the open spot next them intently, and revving the engine. Finally he asked her what she was doing. It seems she thought that the (P)ark meant that the car 'automatically parked' itself by moving 90� to the side. You told the car which way to go (left or right) via the turn signals.

My buddy explained that that was not how it worked. Mom sighed - pulled up a 1/2 car length, popped it into (R)erverse and parked his car smooth as butter - turned to him and commented that if an "automatic" car with (P)ark couldn't park itself, then what was the point.

Far as know, she drove a manual for the rest of her life. I don't know if he was ever sure whether is mom was pulling his leg or not.

DeckerMar 22, 05:14 PMApple is totally a lone player in this market of HDD-based high capacity MP3 player. The only thing prohibiting me from nabbing one of these is the highly scratchable chrome back. If Apple goes with full unibody aluminum enclosure, I'll nab one for sure.

It would be interesting how long would Apple keep this before updating it. The iPod classic already missed one cycle of update. Maybe Apple is waiting for SSD to drop in price? An SSD based Classic would be awesome (in addition to the unibody aluminum casing).

Just put it in a YoTank case like I did. You can drive your car over it without damaging the iPod.

More pics here (

EraserheadApr 9, 01:45 AMThe solution to Mexico's problems is drugs legalisation.

JRM PowerPodAug 7, 04:42 AMNot too brag or anything :D but it works out great for us in UK. Get in from work 5.30pm / open a beer / macrumors / keynote 6pm / tears of joy / rob bank 9pm / buy mac pro :D

Yeah, but you have to live in the UK. It all works out

FearNo1Apr 22, 08:24 PMJust like the mactard to not question why apple is storing this info without informing consumers. The lengths that you guys will go to defend a company is astounding :rolleyes:

Why is it necessary to keep your location a secret? What are Google and Apple going to do to you? What *exactly* and *specifically* is there to be afraid of?
Your location is *never* a secret, unless you're the President and it's a national crisis.

What, are you worried that Apple and Google saw you shop at Target? LOL


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