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groovebusterApr 11, 01:39 AMThe only automatic I've ever owned was a car that was only ever made in auto form: a Jaguar XK8. Fortunately in the UK most mainstream cars are still available in manual.

There is another disturbing trend though: many modern manual cars (VAG group cars I'm look at you) won't let you use all three pedals at once. This is terrible for the spirited driver as you cannot heal and toe down the box. Kills the slight enjoyment one might get from driving a bland hatchback like a Golf.

It is only a question of how fast you can shift and how good your are with the clutch and the throttle. There is no need to use all three pedals at once, when you know what you are doing. If you want proof, come over to my place and I will go fast with you on some country roads with and you won't even notice that I am shifting gears, except from the different noise the engine is doing.

In the old times "Heel and Toe" was interesting especially for Rallye drivers who wanted to get the RWD car into a controlled drift by using the throttle and the brake at the same time. Something you will not be able to do with a FWD Golf anyway.

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emotionAug 16, 09:16 AMThe addition of wireless really only makes sense if the iPod is to become a communication device (a protable iChat device, oh and apple make Jabber support better please!).

The addition of itunes to the device (to get tunes directly into the iPod) breaks the model of the iPod being a "pod" for music that you fill and carry around.

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8CoreWhoreMay 2, 04:58 PMApple sees the benefit of unifying how things work across OS X and iOS.

There are tons of people that don't know how to install or uninstall apps on their PC, but they do on their iPhone or iPad. By unifying, those people feel comfortable buying a Mac.

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Long Curly Wedding Hair Styles

ImAlwaysRightAug 29, 10:06 AM... with Yonah they can make them cheaper again.Good observation. Would be nice to see the price point on the Mini come back down to starting at $499.

Why is everyone so hung up on Merom?
Perhaps they were daydreaming during economics class. :rolleyes:

READ MY LIPS: Merom will not appear in the MacBook or Mini during 2006.

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PeterkroMar 21, 06:18 PMChinese naval vessel in the Med,to apparently to extract Chinese workers from Libya (I thought they got them all out before the western nations)?

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wedding hair updos food

thejadedmonkeyJul 14, 08:44 AMI read recently (from an internet sent to me by the tube) that disc-based formats are on their way out.
I hope so! They're such a pain, and scratch too easily.

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wedding hairstyles

peharriJan 1, 06:30 PM....Steve gets another call 5 mintues later...

...pulls out iPhone

...geeks bumrush the stage and carry Steve off on their shoulders

I find it hard to believe they'll get that excited about a Cisco Wifi phone, especially if a Motorola iTunes phone doesn't do the job...

I guess we'll see more of Leopard.

We might see more of iTV. I think, contrary to what some insist upon here, that iTV will be a standalone box, requiring no additional Mac to work. There's little point in it having storage if it isn't going to be, and a consumer device requiring a computer is something I think Apple wants to get away from. At the same time, what I've seen so far is Apple seperating the media business from the computer business, and wouldn't be surprised if they actually avoid showing iTV (and iPod enhancements) at MWSF.

iPod Phone (or whatever it's called) is a no-no. I'm not ruling out it being a future Apple product, there's too much evidence it exists, I just doubt it'll be there for MWSF, both because it's not a Mac (see above comment) and because I think they'd do an actual keynote. And, as always, for Apple's sake, I hope the rumour is complete rubbish.

iLife - why, yes. Even better would be improvements to iWork, notable some of the missing components added. Apple lacks an office suite. iWork is not an office suite, and Mac enthusiasts do everyone no favours by pretending it is. If Apple are unwilling to complete iWork, they could throw their weight behind NeoOffice.

I really love the game console rumour. It sounds completely made up to me, but now would be a great time to introduce something, even if it's just a low cost Mac mini in practice. The Playstation 3 is a disaster. The Xbox 360 isn't selling in anything like the numbers Microsoft hoped. The only console that's actually moving at the moment is the Wii, and the low power of the thing means it might only have a year of marketability in it. If ever there was a time for Apple to jump into the market, it would be now. But that said, I seriously doubt they will.

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Blonde Wavy Bridal Hairstyle

BC2009Mar 25, 04:23 PMI knew it didnt support mirroring but thats my bad. I have an iPad 2, but i was told at Apple the hdmi cable won't work with iPad 1. Guess they should read up a little bit.

Their retail and tech support folks are not too familiar with it yet. You have to do some reading to catch that. I tried the Digital AV Adapter with my iPad-1 and it worked for playing movies -- only problem is my HDMI TV does not support HDCP which means it registers as an unauthorized device to playback fairplay movies -- this TV was made when TV's were first starting to get 1 HDMI input -- still I think they should fix that since my Apple TV does not have a problem with that television.

Either way, since I have the Apple TV and AirPlay, I can't see using the adapter for that function.

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quot;long hair styles with

wmmkJul 13, 11:23 PMHD-DVD all the way.
I respect your opinion, but why do you think that HD-DVD is better? The price aspect? In that case, I'd agree, but doubt that Apple or Sony would, because they always tend to try to have the newest top of the line stuff. Then again, Apple is a supporter of both HD-DVD an BluRay, which could really play out in an interesting way.

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Cute party hairstyles for long

ZipZapMay 3, 04:48 AMIt seems like any time there's even a slight implication of any software being tuned to be easier to use, there's a barrage of negative comments lamenting how it's been "watered down."

What's with all this baseless elitism?
(Over uninstalling an app! Such a trite matter)

I see lots of people saying they'll stick with their version, or that it's the end of whatever paradigm they had before... why? Because it's what... "harder to use?" Who is that going to impress?

Not just for Lion, but this is exactly what happened with FCPX.

Which direction would the evolution of software go? Harder? Of course not...

I really wonder what the reasoning behind all this negativity is...

I dont think this is elitism...

Perhaps we can just say that Lion will offer a new level of refinement for a Mac OS.

Lets hope the iOS uninstall is implemented as a real uninstall...otherwise what's the point.

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Long Hair Fringe Bangs. tipped

PBFApr 2, 11:40 PMActually, I'm talking about JUST the content within the window, and only Safari Fullscreen Mode can do it. I'll post a pic...
Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. That's new. By the way, it works from both left and right sides. Neat.


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Long Hair Full Fringe

jav6454Mar 24, 04:20 PMLlano is not Atom-level hardware. That is Zacate/Ontario.

Llano is the mainstream Sandy Bridge competitor.

Which is not even out yet. Brazos/Zacate and Ontario are the ones I'm referring. Let me edit that out.

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Celebrity Long Hair Styles

Cat-toySep 14, 10:45 PMThe BB I got my Griffin case from also had a couple other griffin gloss ones of hard plastic in bright blue, black - although it was more smoke/gray, and I forget, one other color. You can check stock on search for ipod 4th and it'll come up with a few cases and etc for it. then do check store inventory. good luck!

Says it's available, but from working in retail in the past in a store with online checking of stock I know that what is listed as "available" is not always accurate. But I will walk over there tomorrow and check it out, not far to go anyhow. :)

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So Updo wedding hairstyles

ADMProducerFeb 20, 03:07 PMWhat speakers and how's the bass on them?

Here's the speakers:

For the price, they're great. The bass is very good, i'm suited to genres like grime and dubstep where bass is quite the focal point.

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Hairstyles For Long Hair No

twoodccApr 13, 06:15 PMcongrats to whiterabbit for 13 million points!

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Fringe Hairstyles For Long

LostPacketNov 29, 03:50 PMWith HDMI, they'd have to be shooting higher than 480p. I'd say they'd go all out with 1080p, why not?

My guess would be too much cost for such a small market. There's not a lot of 1080p content out there and even less 1080p displays. For a first gen device, I think 720p would be good enough. Maybe even 480p if it's cheap enough.

Although, in the end it'll probably depend on bandwidth limitations. They never said what protocol they'll be using. Some are assuming 802.11n, but that would limit them to the newest Intel Macs with a firmware upgrade.

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hairstyles for long hair with

yac_modaJul 19, 07:29 PMAll this fear that iPod and MAcs are in a down turn. Apple will blow them away real soon. They don't sleep on their Laurel unless they don't have a choice.

Wonder what will happen to the stock tomorrow?

Too bad im broke and could not buy any.

My guess is it will open UP a great deal, around $4 then drop $1 or 2, 2 hours into the day and then climb to finish up 5 to 6$ :D

Seasonally and VERY consistently AAPL drops from March to the end of sept and then rises strongly from late Aug. to Christmas. Then rises more in Jan. rests in Feb. and quickly and unpredictably peaks in March or May !?!?!?!

Some years you will make %100 playing it this way, every once in a while you might loose %10, when betting makes bets that have BIG upsides and small downsides !!!

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layered hair styles long hair

GrimaceAug 16, 07:15 AMI hope to god they don't use bluetooth. I've had nothing but bad sound quality with those types of headphones.

wedding hairstyles for long hair with fringe. hairstyles for long hair
hairstyles for long hair

fuyutsukiAug 16, 08:23 AMWireless headphones ... maybe. Much needed but requires finesse.

Wireless iPod phone ... sweet. Much needed but requires finesse.

Needless to say, the phone iPod line needs a generation bump seeing as they're all approaching or beyond their first anniversary. Apple don't need to improve them to beat Zune, but they do need to improve them to create the buzz which will humiliate Zune!

Games though ... hmm. Sure I like Nintendo and the comparisons between them and Apple are often accurate, but they're worlds apart when it comes to focus. Maybe something someday. But not yet I think.

lizard79Dec 3, 03:40 AMone thing i was wondering about the iTV is: why hasn't it got an iPod dock on top of it?!

PBFMar 30, 09:30 PMAh, I see. Thanks, guys.

By the way, when re-arranging Launchpad, creating folders, deleting, moving icons around, etc., does the order stay the same after restart? In DP1, it resets to default layout. Ta.

shawnceAug 25, 11:55 AMConroe is cooler than G5, which used the same case.

Folks need to be careful when making G5 to Conroe/etc. comparisons....

The PPC 970FX (single core G5 which was in the iMac G5) has a TDP below that of a Conroe.

The Conroe and Woodcrest have a TDP well below the PPC 970MP (dual core G5) which was used in the later generation PowerMac G5 systems.

Apple OCApr 23, 12:36 AMIts good that you are at least suspicious of apple's actions. There has to be a reason why apple inc still has not responded to this. BTW, before someone asks, no I do not have an android or other smart phone as they could be worse at spying than iphone.

my guess is ... it is some future AdSpam thing Apple wants to implement such as how FaceBook and Google use to make money.

They goofed by not encrypting it and will likely change that

yetanotherdaveNov 25, 07:06 PM

Just got back from seeing him live. Brilliant gig. Bought this DVD at the gig.


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