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volkswagen new beetle 2010

volkswagen new beetle 2010. Volkswagen New Beetle
Volkswagen New Beetle

macidiotJul 19, 04:04 PMdoes it mean mac's desktop market share is climbing? 5%?

It would appear so. Apple's computer sales rose faster than the overall market. But, most of those sales were laptops... so the desktop marketshare is probably falling ;)

volkswagen new beetle 2010. new volkswagen beetle 2010.
new volkswagen beetle 2010.

coder12Apr 21, 12:12 PMViruses collecting data on iOS?

... :confused:

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

JimmyB248Sep 6, 06:51 PMCan people please stop with the whole, I want 1080p resolution download files!

It's insane, it would never ever work, Apple would sell far more movies at the current resolution than if they did HD. Sure, you guys would probably buy, if you had the patience to wait for 2 and a half days to download the film, and then be able to fit maybe 2 or 3 onto your hard drive, and that's it! Not going to happen. The majority of the world is not as obsessed with quality, they'll choose convenience. Nobody thinks "I fancy watching a film, maybe I'll go buy it off iTunes so I can watch it in 3 days time". The idea is convenience people, if it takes longer than 4 hours to download it will never fly.

HD would be awesome, when the hard drives are big enough and the internet speeds are up to it. But that is a good 4 or 5 years off.

My thoughts are, DVD quality, quite possibly 720p if we're very lucky and Apple have a form of compression that no one is expecting up their sleeves.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

millerb7May 3, 06:58 AMOkay, stupid question, sort of related.

I'm running optibay on my MBP (SSD & HDD with SSD split running my apps and OS, and then Win7, and my HDD acting as my storage drive for my media).... when I install Lion how crazy is that going to get?

I HIGHLY doubt (but do hopelessly hope [yes, I know]) that it'll be as easy as swapping my snow leopard with Lion... meaning that my Win7 will remain.... although for some reason I feel that I'll need to format the entire SSD, thus erasing my win7 install?

The only reason I ask is that it's a pita to install Win7 with this setup due to Win7 not loading from disk via USB... so I have to remove the damn optibay and put my optical drive back in.

So basically, I assume I have to re-link my OSX (as it's split now between ssd and hdd)... but do I have to erase my Win7 install as well on the SSD?

volkswagen new beetle 2010. Volkswagen jetta 2010
Volkswagen jetta 2010

HorrortaxiApr 8, 12:30 PMdid anyone noticce that imac_japan didnt respond to my comment about how HE should listen to the "other" side of the story?
I think he did. He said something like "okay, I've read the other side. Now can we go back to talking about my half baked misguided ideas?"

volkswagen new beetle 2010. St0/2010-Volkswagen-New-Beetle

imac_japanJan 10, 08:16 PMI told you all !!!! $499 headless Mac - here it comes and marketshare will grow...welcome back Apple !!

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle Red
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle Red

rumzApr 12, 10:34 PMThat price tag doesn't seem so ridiculous.

When was the last time final cut pro was available as a stand-alone app? Seems like last time I considered getting it, it was only available as part of the $1k suite. So $299 easily seems like a more reasonable entry fee than buying Final Cut Studio.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

MacRumorsApr 12, 08:11 PM (

volkswagen new beetle 2010. Tokyo 2010: VW New Beetle
Tokyo 2010: VW New Beetle

MicroByteSep 12, 06:19 PMI got Night Sky (very dark blue).

Man, I would have picked that one up immediately! I cannot believe those were the only 3 colors mine had, I'm gonna try the other BB tomorrow.

So how do you like it? Does it seem like it would last?

volkswagen new beetle 2010. volkswagen new beetle
volkswagen new beetle

Robin ChungMar 25, 04:29 PMThat's amazing! The hardware is moving so fast now, the gains are incredible. Hopefully many more ios developers will take some time to create amazing features like these.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

aaps59Feb 7, 04:38 PMVery nice, how's yours holding up?

My parents have '07 LR3 and an '07 Range Rover sport. Both have been very reliable aside from some software issues in the RRS that were quickly sorted out. There have been a couple little things but overall they have been much more reliable than our previous Discoveries.

We had an LR4 as a loaner and it's like night and day over the LR3. The interior is significantly nicer and the ride is smoother.

Ja, well ours hasn't had really many issues. We bought it used, had it since early 08. Issues it has had are that mice once chewed some wires underneath it which controlled several things such as the height control, timing, gearing, such as it wouldnt really let it get out of 3rd gear. We had that fixed... =/ The dealer ((Ray Catena, Edison)) said it was quite common, and they took the liberty of exchanging our battery and adding even more to the already jaw-dropping service fees. Other issues consisted of a faulty electric parking break which still doesnt work, after we took it to the dealer.
So basically electric issues. Which is pretty common for the already unreliable Land Rovers. Me personally, I love em. :cool:

Yeah, LR4's look pretty epic, I like the exterior lighting much more, and the interior does seem to be much nicer. I heard about the Discovery issues and I agree that Land Rover quality changed a great deal after the 2005/2006 redesigns. I.e. the introduction of the RRS, facelifted RR, and the introduction of the LR3, AND the later introduction of the LR2.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2012 eetle vw. new vw
2012 eetle vw. new vw

dongminSep 6, 09:49 AMFair enough, but what about those of us who want to buy a general purpose computer? (Probably most people)Well I actually think there's a good chance now that Apple will drop the Mini altogether and replace it with a Conroe-based smallish desktop. Apple didn't add any new features to the Mini other than the CPU bump. To me, this signals Apple's reluctance to advance the line beyond the current incarnation. Logic dictates that a new product will replace it.

Silent upgrades anyone? :)
Makes the MBP upgrades more likely. Can only say to nay sayers, that MBP will be C2D before (12th) or *just* after the student offer ends (US) - Sept 16th. I'd bet someone an icecream over it...I'd bet on the 19th or 20th. There's just too much stuff next week with the video store, ipods, and airport AV. Apple will want at least a full week of these new toys on the front page before adding the C2D MBPs. Next week:

[ store..............]
[ipods] [airport] [24" imac] [mini]

The week after:

[ store..............]
[MBPs] [ipods] [airport] [imacs]

It looks like Apple's been holding off making any Merom-related announcements until they have enough on hand to ship today. And indeed, they're shipping Merom iMacs today, which beats all other major vendors, if I'm not mistaken. I'll bet that Apple will wait til they have enough stock of 2.0 and 2.16 ghz parts before announcing the Macbook Pros. That's why I say they're two weeks off, at least.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

MacinDocApr 12, 10:36 PMWow, looks like the rumours WERE true after all! Apple killed the Pro of Final Cut Pro. That guy who turned the much admired iMovie into garbage has done it again. All they had to do was rewrite the engine with 64 bit support, had proper file handling, rendering titling tools amongst other necessary pro features and keep the same F*&$#@*&& interface as pro users of ANY pro software don't want to re-learn an interface for no reason! It takes YEARS before you really know a software under the hood.

We'll now see FCPx turn into a hit with amateurs and will be completely abandoned by pro users who will all return to avid.
Oh, they'll all switch to Avid to avoid learning a new interface, but of course, they won't have to learn a new interface to use Avid instead of FCP :rolleyes: . Not everyone who is a video editor has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. You're complaining that an automobile isn't a horse, so it must be inferior to the horse. If we always continue to do things in exactly the same way, we will never make any progress.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. Volkswagen New Beetle Design
Volkswagen New Beetle Design

KnightWRXApr 26, 01:57 PMAdd

besides others !!

Guys, every trademark is made up of generic words. That's not what people mean when they say App Store is generic. What they actually mean is it is descriptive.

Let's say I open a shoe store. 2 Trademarks :

1- Shoe Box

Both very generic words, same as everyone who argues "Windows! Amazon! Word! it's all generic!" say. However, I'm not trademarking an actual box that contains shoes. I'm trademarking a name for a store. The shoes don't even have to come in boxes.

2- Shoe Store

This one is descriptive. I'm opening a shoe store, I'm deciding to call it Shoe Store. So now, Yellow can't say "Yellow, the best shoe store around!" because that infringes on my mark. That's what people take exception with here. The mark seems descriptive and thus shouldn't be trademarkable. Apple themselves often refer to it in this descriptive nature in their financials and keynotes.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

macbookairmanApr 12, 09:34 PMBetter yet, 9 to 5 mac has a video stream.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 volkswagen new beetle
2010 volkswagen new beetle

toddybodyMar 24, 01:39 PMWell, that's because all of Apple's other products are constrained by power and/or space requirements.

Meh, yes and no. For their integrated desktops (iMac)...pws and space are certainly an issue (especially since it doesn't have an accessibly PCI E slot for heavens sake). Now for MP's on the other hand...I dont think it would be an issue: accessible PCI E slots + ample chassis space + stock PWS capable of handling an HD 5870 or Crossfired 5770's. A 6970 shouldnt be a problem.

anyways(no snarkiness implied)...who said crossfire wasnt supported? The MacPro CAN be configured with 2x5770's.

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

AidenShawOct 23, 10:57 PMCan someone confirm C2D is what is needed for 64-bit instructions? I thought it has be the combination of C2D and chipset to make 64-bit instructions happen. I heard the current platform for CoreDuo was not made for 64-bit.
The current Napa64 platform (that is, Napa with Merom as the CPU) does support 64-bit instructions. It can't address more than 4 GiB of physical memory, but it can run the faster 64-bit instructions.

Here's the download page for the x64 drivers for Dell's Latitude D620 with Core 2 Duo:

volkswagen new beetle 2010. Volkswagen New Beetle – For
Volkswagen New Beetle – For

rdownsMar 22, 12:51 PMWe do work to make things better in the US that's why everyone always wants to come to America. What I am saying is if Gays really want to complain about an App being created or anything else being done in the US then go to another country and see how much support you will actually get.

Gays freak out over the considered "normal" person rights, but yet when we give gay's rights you say it's never enough, when will Gays be content with what is given, and realize it takes time to give you everything. Signing a sheet of paper doesn't fix everything, nor was Rome built in a day so don't expect Gays to have = rights asap.

I was going to reply to all your posts in the thread but then I remembered, you're the guy whose father is dating the owner of AT&T. :rolleyes:

volkswagen new beetle 2010. 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle
2010 Volkswagen New Beetle

Lord BlackadderMar 3, 01:39 PMVolvo has recently launched a diesl hybrid (V60 Hybrid) with a claimed 124 US mpg

Also note seeing as we are an apple related board

Very cool, a very impressive car - outstanding economy without sacrificing anything (except that it will be pretty expensive). 99% chance it won't make it here. :o

There have been plenty of diesel hybrids prototyped over the last few years, but they are just not making it to market. Hopefully that is beginning to change.

i haven't seen either in the flesh yet to be honest... GM selling the cruze in europe without a hatchback version for 2 years simply was a mistake
if you want to be successful in europe as mass car maker you have to:
1. offer a diesel
2. offer a hatchback if its a small car/ offer a station wagon if it's a large one
3. combine rule 1 and rule 2
4. offer them within 3 months of release

We'll see how the Jetta sells. I'm hoping I'm wrong about it moving downmarket, but it's a lot cheaper than the old one so it remains to be seen how they kept the quality up.

Here in the US, the sedan (saloon) is king, even on smaller cars like the Focus and Corolla. That is slowly beginning to change, but Americans still like three-box cars over hatchbacks. Personally I prefer hatchbacks and wagons, though larger cars still look good as sedans.

The major difference between US and European car buyers is that Europeans are willing to buy an expensive small car, and Americans still associate size with price and quality. Small cars should be cheap and sparsely appointed, big cars are expensive and more feature-filled. This idea is changing, but only slowly.

By the way, I do like the Volvo C30 - it's a bit of an ageing design now but it still looks good and has a lot of power in T5 form. Kind of a yuppie-mobile though.

RocketmanNov 29, 08:14 PMamps would lead to another possible product

I know this is quite a lot to ask for a first foray into this market for Apple but I think they could do alot with AV hardware, with a little help from established high end companies this could be awesome.

Apple has/had an agreement with Mc Intosh, the audiophile company not to do that. I wonder if they have resolved that by buying the company or a fee?

This is a possible limitation.


lifeinhdFeb 26, 10:44 PMMy friend and I actually built the stand our selves, it serves to provide room for me to slide the keyboard under and just to elevate the imac in general, so it's more at eye level.

What's it made out of? And I presume there's a third leg holding the back of the iMac foot up? Otherwise I'd be rather concerned about it falling out of balance during an intense typing session :o


External HDD:


iPhone stand:

You know what this forum needs? The ability to tag items in photos, sort of like how you tag people in FaceBook.

And I hate FaceBook.

GregANov 29, 05:51 PMB) Add a built in iPod dock. This would enable friends to bring their iPod to your iTv and play their videos.
Well, it has a USB port. Wouldn't it be better to use an existing dock through the USB port than have it on the iTV itself? Easier to put the iTV in your stereo cabinet that way.

ps. Perhaps an external hard disk, external HD-DVD drive, eyeSight, digital TV tuner, and iPod will compete for 1 USB port...

iGavMar 9, 02:18 PMSo I don't think they did any modifications to the suspension.

I'd hazard a guess that they probably did� just because of the difference in preference in ride quality, European cars are naturally exceedingly firm� the same cars with sports suspension, excruciatingly so.

The Insignia's not a bad car by any means, the OPC/VXR concept looked particularly mean, especially in wagon form, but the rear of the hatchback looks a little odd to me, fussily unresolved with so many bad lines� but that is probably to be expected given it's World Car origins. It's wheelbase looks far too short as well.

I agree. If you look at "small" cars these days, they really aren't that small. Of course, what made the Mini special was packaging, and I don't think we've seen a revolutionary new "package" since the Mini.

I'd suggest that the A2 was the last truly innovative car with regards to packaging, spaceframe, double-floor (like the A Class, but much better implemented) etc.

Something like the Smart is too compromised in achieving it's small footprint, and the IQ is as conventional as they come. As are cars like the Ka/500, i10 etc.

I think VW was on to something with their up! concept, (rear engined, 2 or 3 cylinder engine (I forget which), and a minimalist cabin) but then they decided the layout was too difficult to make work (read as too expensive, can't be bothered) and it's becoming a conventional FE/FWD hatch� when they could have launched the new people's car for the 21st century, with an innovative drivetrain and modular interior functionality, based on something like an iPad type device (which is what VW's new Hackney Cab concept looks to be implementing).

Chevy definitely has a lot of work to do to establish a brand presence in Europe - especially since Opel already covers so much territory with its lineup. Apart from niche vehicles like the Corvette, there isn't much of "American" Chevy that can make the transition to Europe. And in the long run,

I can't help but think GM would've been better repositioning Opel. They're making unnecessary (not to mention needlessly expensive) work for themselves with Chevy. It's a bit icy out isn't it? Is that the captain at the bar? ;)

Chevy can't rely on rebadged Korean cars.

They can't� especially when rival Korean cars are very, very good indeed, if still a little dull.

Damning with faint praise!

What can I say� it's ingrained. :p

In the context of this thread I am happy to see a Cruze diesel come to the US, and I think the Cruze will be an improvement over previous GM small cars,

It's considered more mid-size here if anything. In Holden form, right up until the C-Pillar it's a fine design, but like a lot of cars today, it's got bum trouble.

It is true that their biggest problem is coming up with a reason to buy it over other similarly anonymous cars.

I think that would be my issue, if I were thinking of dropping the �$�� on a new car, I'd be thinking to myself, is a new car so important to me as to stomach the depreciation that drops like an atom-bomb, or do I buy myself a new Golf?

And we never got to see it here.

And is it any wonder that Ford U.S. almost went the way of the muff?

if any car company has shown to have any knowledge about badge engineering/branding it's VW AG

Indeed, this alone would be a thread in itself wouldn't it. :p

believe it or not back in the 70ties Opel actually had a trendy, sporty and young reputation image

That'll be the Manta. :p

Vauxhall have never really had that image. It's no coincidence that in Cockney Rhyming Slang, that Vauxhall rhymes with Dull.

it's not exactly GM alone:
yes VW are really bland looking too, but opposed to many GM vehicles if you take the badge away you would be still able recognize that the vehicle is a VW ...

And you highlight exactly where many/most car manufacturers go wrong when it comes to developing a World Car and why they're seldom truly successful. BMW & Mercedes have been producing World Cars for decades haven't they, some would say successfully so. Why? Because they're completely & unapologetically Germanic.

seriously the new micra is bringing the bland back to the brand ..

True that� it looks older than the car it replaced. :eek:

at least hyundai finally realised that those names they were putting on their models weren't the brightest idea in 95% of all cases

The i10 has gotten rave reviews over here, frequently voted best city-urban-girls car or something� I heard that when a man drives one, his balls shrink and he assumes a pre-pubescent state. ;)

sisyphusSep 1, 03:49 PMIt has seemed as obvious at almost every point in Apple's history within the past 4 years. That doesn't change a thing.

Apple had ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS had a noticable gap between its top-of-the-line consumer machine and it's "entry-level" professional machine. As much as I'd love a middle-tier headless Mac, I just don't think it's in the cards.

The difference now is that there is no crippled Mac Pro. The low end PowerMac was always crippled in some way to the mid and high end. There would always be an old motherboard, slower bus, less RAM...

This time the machines are consistent all the way across. Why? Because with the Woodcrest/Conroe differentiations they can actually create different categories.

Pros -> faster bus, 2 CPU (Woodcrest). Mac Pro
Prosumer -> Mid bus, 1 CPU (Conroe). Mac
Consumer -> Slower bus, quiet, one piece, slower CPU (Merom). iMac
Budget -> Slowest, minimalist comptuer, old tech (Yonah). Mac Mini

Seems pretty obvious. The hole left in the product line is the biggest yet, but the processor steps are VERY clear and not overlapping each other.

mini (Yonah) < iMac (Merom)< Mac (Conroe) < Mac Pro (2xWoodcrest)

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