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maverick808Oct 23, 10:00 PMDoes anyone really think Apple would do a major hardware update without a press conference of any kind?

Depends what you mean by major hardware update.

The iMac was updated without a press conference of any kind. That update included C2D, brand new larger screen model, FW800, much better video cards (at least as an option) and better speakers. I'd call the release of an entirely new model (the 24"), and processor and other updates across the line, a major hardware update. And that happened with no conference of any kind.

The MacBook (non pro) was released without any event or conference. That update included a completely new enclosure, new processor architecture (and obviously new CPU), increased screen resolution, brightness... well, it was a whole new machine. And again... no press conference.

I'd call that a major hardware update. I guess you must have a different definition of major hardware update... although I can't think what could be more major than the silent MacBook release, which was a completely new machine.

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EagerDragonJul 19, 08:12 PMI'm about ready to buy a 20" iMac but I want the new OS. How long do I have to wait?

January best time to buy. New OS is pre-installed, no need to buy computer and OS.
Besides the iMac will either get Meron in about 2 weeks or will get Conroe. Wait!!!!! Get the new machine and new OS together. Just a few months.

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wolfboySep 30, 03:12 AMYes, I've bought a clear (smoked) tpu case on eBay. Stay away from the clear ones, they leave watermarks on the back. Get the patterned ones. Fitment is kind of loose on some sides but good temp case until something good comes out. I'm waiting on the incase slider myself, just wish it didn't cost 35 bucks for a piece of plastic!

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Start - credit card statements

dustinscMar 22, 03:56 PMI wonder if they'd give a revamped Classic Airplay capabilities... in addition to being the pocket media player we all know and love make it an addition to your other devices as a bulk mobile storage capable of pushing audio/video out to Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, etc. I'd buy another one then. I mean, I have a terabyte Toshiba drive that i carry in my laptop case, but that requires the USB cable. Who wants to dongle their drive?

This does make sense. It's also a nice opportunity to add Thunderbolt to a device. Apple would probably make it go through the iPod connector, but I don't really see that as a problem.

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of credit card statements

kelving525Sep 10, 12:42 AMI'm so excited for Belkin Grip Vue since I love that case for my 3G. I will most likely end up getting that. However, all the other cases look fairly cool, too. Decision, decision! :)

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Example of a Billing Statement

longofestJul 19, 05:46 PMnot as long as Vista customers will have to wait :D

It never gets old... ;)

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credit card statement

HabakukMar 26, 03:13 AMtouchArcade wrote ( "…clean digital signal while the VGA and component cables provide analog output only (and lack audio information)."

This is not true. The component (and composite) cable provides audio. The VGA does not. It's okay that the small iDevices offer multiple video out (and audio out) options:

- Headphone out
- Docks (balanced analog audio out only)
- Component cable
- Composite cable (not compatible with Component)
- VGA adapter
- and last but not least wireless Apple TV 2

They all offer different options and techniques for different purposes. Digital/analog, CRT TV sets, balanced/unbalanced audio, mirroring or not. Serves for just viewing your photos and videos, for DJs, VJs, video editing, presentations etc.

I am using them frequently. There should be an article that points out the differences. I am sure even the software devs don't know exactly everything on that topic.

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Sample letter for financial

TmelonMar 30, 08:55 PMIs there a DMG or is the App Store / Redemption Code the only way to update? What about offline computers?

Redemption code seems to be the only way. For some reason I can't get mine to work.

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credit card statement. their

mrapplegateApr 1, 08:43 AMThe new "year view" shows a heat map of events, ie. the more red it is the busier your day. ;)
I like that :D

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How to manage credit card debt

GatesbasherMar 24, 02:42 PMAll of what you said! Especially the part quoted -and the true nut of it that I took the liberty of bolding. The "dumbing down" of our ears continues apace.

And I forgot to mention things like what (even "HD") radio stations are doing to the signal - e.g., compressing nearly all popular music to a 20 db maximum dynamic range, and in some cases even speeding up the play (while "correcting" for frequency), allowing a better fit with their commercial breaks.

I wasn't aware of that. I suppose in a car, for example, where there's a high noise floor, reducing the dynamic range might be a good idea—but that should be a knob on your unit, not theirs!

Edit: The frequency thing kind of reminds me of the old days, when the electric utilities used to bitch and moan that: "We're not selling a timekeeping service!" Even so, while there might not be exactly 60 cycles in every second all day, they'd speed up or slow down a little bit towards midnight to make sure there was exactly 5,184,000 cycles in a day. If your TV picture started rolling late at night, that was probably why!

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Each credit card has a unique

MonkeyClawOct 23, 08:56 AMThis news just in....

"My infant son began to cry when I placed the MacBook Pro in my shopping cart this morning, this is a clear indication that the MBP could be updated as soon as this week. More news to follow..."


I dunno, I really have a gut feeling that tomorrow will be the day, but in the end, my PowerBook G4 is still gettin the job done :D

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WAY4 Revolving Card

QueryAug 6, 09:27 PM"Hasta la Vista, Vista" image on flickr:


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MultimediaAug 25, 10:14 AMI havent yet found a situation where the 1.66 Yonah in my mini is the problem. granted, I dont use photoshop and I have the full whack of 2GB RAM - my beef with the mini is when I boot into 'doze and wanna play games - that GMA950 just can't cut the mustard.

So what would make me rush out and buy a new mini (and put this one under the TV) would be a faster graphics processor.

Cant see that happening any time soon tho.I can.I agree to that. I got the Mini thinking the GPU couldn't be that bad. I was really wrong. If they up the GPU I'll buy another one and be happy. If not - I'll live with the underpowered video of the mini until Apple finally releases a headless iMac (or something equivalent).Only thing holding back better GPU in mini and MacBooks is Intel. Apple needs to stick with IG for cost reasons. Just wating for Intel to start shipping better GPU so they can improve that ASAP. I'm with you guys. Waiting for that to improve as well. But may happen with this refresh. Don't know the IG roadmap so well. Read here the 965 set is delayed until early 2007.

Can anyone here confirm where we're at and going how soon on the Intel Integrated GPU front?Oh as a side note. The 965 chipset which features the GMA 3000 or GMA X3000 will indeed have more features (, but preliminary benchmarks ( 892.html&langpair=zh-CN%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8) show it performing even worse than the GMA 950.

Edit: And you may be quite right on your prediction of the 965 chipset. Due to a design flaw ( in the integrated graphics subsystem (GMA X3000/3000) the availability of the chips has been delayed to mid August, making them just in time for new Mini's in September.Fantastic.

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Are my credit card details

Rodimus PrimeMar 19, 11:56 AMMust we get involved in this? Can't France do something for once by themselves, or any other european nations for that matter? When was the last time they even fired a weapon? You know, the taliban were once known as freedom fighters too. I'm so sick of these countries, let them self destruct, maybe some day they will choose to civilize themselves. Please, no more US to the rescue, and then they all wonder why many Americans have a feeling of exceptionalism. :rolleyes:

Umm kind of hard to do this with out the US and its military power. My understanding is the US it mostly going to provide support for it but not as much of the combat forces. The support being things like aerial refueling as we have the most of those flying gas tanks. They will circle over the Mediterranean Sea refueling planes going to and from missions. Kind of key to extend the range of the fighters and Fighter bombers.

Other thing the US I believe will provide is cruise missals as that they can launch from the Mediterranean Sea. This mostly to take out the Air Defenses. They might provide a few bombers to help take out artillery
US is not taking the lead. But is providing support. US is going to have the other countries really provide most of the planes needed for this.

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Going back to the credit card

Mac'nCheeseApr 10, 09:55 AMI had to learn how to drive a stick about a decade ago when we planned a trip to Ireland and found out that most, if not all, of the rental cars would be stick shifts. So, my first big stick shift experience was also on the other side of the road.

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Sample of Credit Card

NicoleRichieApr 20, 01:56 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

Only rare in the US. Most rentals I have had in the last year out of the US are stick. Taugt myself how to drive a manual by "borrowing" my friends dads Shelby mustang for let's say joy rides... Don't tell him, only my mates mom knows.

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Your Credit Card Account

elrockSep 30, 12:42 PMWhy is it so impossible to find an orange case? I'm so frustrated.

Are you looking for a particular brand? I bought an "orange" case from Amazon that arrived yesterday. It basically covers just the back and leaves all the buttons exposed. (I wanted a cover only to be able to clip the Touch to my gym shorts when working out; I don't really care about protecting it otherwise.) It's more of a bright metallic copper than an orange, and I like it a lot. Plus, it's cheap and ships for free if you have Amazon Prime.

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The Card Industry | Credit

islandersDec 27, 09:35 PMI�m waiting on buying a HD DVD or BlueRay until the price comes down, so I could see iTV offering a HD alternative, and filling that niche.

Two premium channels cost $20 a month so iTV would sell you the device to steam movies, some broadcast, download like Tivo, so you wouldn�t need a Blueray or HD DVD.

What else could be practical? Of course it will have a hard drive� a cable box DVR has a hard drive.

If it also has the ability to surf the web and run a word processor, handle video from DVR and digital camera, I�ll get one�

That is if the price is about $500.

Some unanswered questions are where are they going to get the bandwidth to do all this? You will have to have a cable subscription, perhaps just a basic subscription, but even then bandwidth is limited.

They will need their own satellite, if they really want to compete. But that would make them iDish? hmmm

This could be very interesting. I have often wondered why all the cable companies and satellite companies are within $5 pricing difference of each other? Is this the rock bottom competitive price so they can break even or are these prices fixed?

I would love to get rid of so many commercials. I�m paying $78 a month for basic digital subscription and have to use a DVR to record programs so I can zap though the commercials.

Obviously I don�t know what the limitiatoins are here for an iCast or iDish, and anticipate something like a TiVo that can surf the web, upload video, and download HD.

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credit card billing statement.

lordonuthinMay 8, 08:08 PMalso, congrats to whiterabbit for 15 million points!

Thanks, I hope this will be my best month yet, we shall see...

KillypAug 7, 04:37 AMKeynote is 6pm for us in the UK.

Since I started reading this thread, it's gone from 5 pages to 7! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I can't WAIT!!!! How long does it take Apple to get the videos up on their homepage, and what kind of videos are they? My broadband aint too quick, so it often stutters when playing back larger videos...

notabadnameApr 21, 11:54 AMYeah, because Google doesn't track any data on people :rolleyes:

ajiuoApr 9, 07:16 PMWOW!!! iCal looks *********g UGLY... I hope they add an option to use a standard gray toolbar area... That seems so unlike apple to do something like that.

Heh.. What if they give everything that look :). I think I would switch to windows if they did that..

ph_555_shagAug 7, 04:56 AMB&O.... mmmmmm

ill be up with the Aussie crew at a ridiculously early time, probably sleep for a few hours first, Uni tomorrow.... oh the pain!... wish there was a live feed.... DAMN YOU APPLE

7 hours and 1 min to go!

skiltripOct 6, 01:29 PMThanks. That looks like a great case there too!

I hope it's nice in person. I have a cheapo $2 gel case in smokey black I got on Ebay. Looks nice, but tons of watermarking, and the fit is so-so. Hard to get on right. And the volume button cover on that cheapo case sucks. Hopefully this will be a good compromise.


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