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Full of WinMar 22, 03:43 PMDid not say he would improve it either. :(

Adding Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.

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corywoolfOct 23, 09:46 AMI can tell you the CompUSA I work at is all out of them, that never happens. We are also out of the iSight and Airport Extreme. Any day now Apple!

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AvSRoCkCO1067Aug 29, 04:44 PMAs has been reported, it's because of high demand due to the back-to-school season. Apple is having difficulty keeping up with that demand.

Apple's wait to use new processors is brilliant, in my opinion. This is a crucial point in the buying season - students need new computers now, not in a month or two.

Quite a few people on this board want Apple to simply announce the next Macbook Pro with Merom, even if it has delayed shipping. That would, however, compel students who need computers now to look elsewhere.

The only reason why Dell can announce Merombooks now is because they offer both the Yonah chips (shipping today) and the Merom chips (shipping in 10-20 days) - I don't see Apple offering both configurations simultaneously.

(1000th post - WOOT!)

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mysteriaApr 3, 03:20 AMFullscreen flash videos in Safari are finally without menu bar bug.

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short haircuts for older women

inkswampApr 3, 02:45 PMIsn't that a Verizon ad, not a Mototrola one?

People keep whining about the "Droid" commercials but that is Verizon's branding and line and has nothing to do with the manufacturers. Look at this Droid Incredible commercial by HTC ( (this one too ( and then see what Verizon ( did to it.

I'm not so much questioning who's behind the Droid and Xoom ads, but mainly pointing out that Apple is going 180-degrees with their ads by contrast, de-geeking things and making them more accessible. Sure, the Xoom ads are really freaking cool looking but that's mainly for geeks. But for the average consumer, the ones who aren't turned on by flashy, sci-fi imagery where tablets become hovering ships and users turn into robots, which do you think is more inviting?

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TmelonMar 30, 08:27 PMSo I was thinking that we might as well compile a list of changes in the newest build. To start things off:

1. Macbook Pro 2011 support
2. New iCal look

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Short Hairstyles for women

zedsdeadApr 12, 09:15 PM"render dialog is gone"

Thank GOD!

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hairstyles for mature

BeefUKAug 29, 09:23 AMWhy is everyone so hung up on Merom?

I never expected the mini to go that way this year. Remember, the entire point of the mini is to be LOW COST.

The switch to Intel caused the price of the mini to jump $100. I would much rather see its processor lag behind a little bit if they can get that price back to $499.

Same thing with the Macbook, I'd rather see a $999 Macbook with the current chips than a $1,099 Macbook that keeps up with the Macbook Pro's chips.

Of course, there's nothing saying Apple will lower the prices but IF they do then I would be very happy to see the "old" Intel chips stay in those machines another 6 months. The first core chips are still VERY fast chips, it's the rest of the system (video card) that's holding things up now. I wonder how much extra benefit you'd even get from a Merom chip in a mini.

I agree, if the mac mini is dropped in price but keeps the Core Duo, I think that is a logical step. I think one of the original ideas of the mini was to tempt switchers, who already have a PC, but want to try a mac for cheap. I was nearly tempted last year, but held off for the Intel Update, and then decided I wanted a laptop instead.

However if they keep prices the same, then that seems a strange decision.

I have to say though I hope u are wrong with regard to the Macbooks, i'm hoping for a Core 2 Duo update so I can purchase my first mac. Maybe if they don't i'll just save up some more money and buy and Core 2 Duo MBP when they're released!!

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FireStarOct 30, 03:10 PMThe switcheasy color looks good, and it's cheap, but this griffin one ( also looks good and this Speck pixelskin ( too, but the griffin one seems to be shock/drop proof (at least more so than the other 2).
Well, they're all silicone (not sure about the Griffin Flex Grip), but the Griffin seems to be more thick. It probably would have more protection than the others, but Switcheasy has the Jellybean Home Button, and tons of accessories.

For me, it would go:

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twoodccMar 4, 11:49 PMDitto!

I see some new folks putting up some points, designed, DistortedLoop, and MAcProCPO is back at it again, thanks for the effort to those and other newbies!

I had a problem with the MacPro after I upgraded to a 3 SSD raid for booting ... I forgot to set the machine to NOT go to sleep, DUH! I could not figure out why it was timing out of folding every so often with the remote Linux boards that I'm ssh'd into from the Mac. NOW that I have that figured out my points will pick up again. It was still impressive just running the 6 GPU's and 2 win clients at about 50k per day!

yeah i'm glad to see some new names!

glad you got your Mac Pro back up and going again. i won't be back up full throttle until early april though

also, i did end up getting another machine with an i7 920 in it with a GTX260. i've been messing around with overclocking it, and i'm pulling around 28-30K PPD with just the one machine - 1 GPU cliend and 1 bigadv client running inside a VM.

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Short Hair Styles for Women

twoodccDec 12, 07:58 PMyeah we all have to keep it going! things should get better when smp2 and gpu3 get here also

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Short Hair Cuts For Older

NathanMuirMar 19, 05:46 PMI don't see a problem with its inclusion on the App Store.

As has been pointed out, its up to the user to decide if he or she wants to download an app.

IMO, the Fart and Porn/ Pin Up apps are more distasteful and offensive than the App you've mentioned.

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short hairstyles 2011

prady16Oct 23, 08:11 AMI hope they start shipping them right away or at least have loooots of stock available at the retail stores!

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short hair styles 2011 for

gkarrisNov 28, 07:24 PMzune people don't seem to agree what it is bad. they just deny the true. here what they are ridiculous.

I consider myself more a creative person, as I've been into photography since junior high in the seventies. The whole computer geekish stuff is more a passing interest, rather than a lifestyle (I really like sci-fi, but like a lot of other movies too).

When I use my old 12" iBook G3, or my 14" iBook G4 in public, I usually get - wow, cool.

When I use my Dell from work, or my Compaq laptop, people look at me as nerdy (they come up and ask if I could help them connect to the network).

I'm tempted to go onto the above Zune website and hold a contest to see who has the best post as far as Zune being better than an iPod....

Then, gift the winner "White and Nerdy" video from Wierd Al...

Oh wait, Zune Marketplace doesn't do music videos, and the Zune won't play iTunes Store music videos either...

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Labels: Short Hairstyles

shartypantsMar 25, 09:02 PMAwesome! I can't wait! I like how the iPad becomes a different screen for the game.

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hairstyles and 2011 Hair

firestarterMar 19, 10:36 AMI sort of support this, but as has been said before I think its time that America puts a heavier burden on allied nations to provide military assistance for UN resolutions.

America is constantly being blamed for policing the world and I think it is a criticism we often deserve.

But if the UN / international community is willing to allow/support the enforcement of a no fly zone. Than they should bear equal responsibility for the execution of the movement, the US shouldn't be providing 90% of the military support and funds.

This is being led by the UK and France... Obama has been dragging his feet.

Doesn't seem to stop Obama from going on TV to claim credit though.

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Black Women Hairstyles With

4npAug 25, 07:42 AMLike this?

gawd i hope i don't get banned for that!

LOL!!!! :D

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short hair styles for women

PlatformJul 15, 02:41 AMDoes anyone know whether the regular BluRay & HD-DVD players have HDMI connectors? Also, when is HDMI going to become more common on video cards?


There is hardly any reason for the video cards to go with HDMI, they have DVI its the same, just HDMI carries audio as well, we don't need our audio mixed with our video processing ;)

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prom hairstyles updos for long

RBD2Sep 14, 10:44 AM

skunkApr 10, 06:12 PMYes, but I choose to drive an automatic as most of my driving is in town.

kainjowJul 19, 08:55 PMUh, I don't see how anyone can really use Netflix seriously.

With Netflix, you can't just say, "Let's watch a movie tonight." You have to plan ahead your movie schedule. Netflix will die once iTMS comes alone. It's all about instant instant instant.

I've used Movielink twice so far (Windows only), so I have some "experience" with online movie rentals. Let me tell you, it works well. And if Movielink works well for me, I'm sure iTMS will make it 10x better.

I'm pretty psyched about iTMS rentals. If Apple does it, I'll be using it all the time. It will once and for all remove the problem with Blockbuster/Netflix/etc where often the movie you want isn't available (i.e. new releases).

Also, Movielink allows you to watch the movie after only a few minutes of it loading (just like streaming), so you don't have to wait for the entire thing to download. It works pretty nice (besides the fact that you have to use it on Windows).

JRM PowerPodAug 7, 05:03 AMI think us Aussies make up a fair portion of this forum

DoFoT9Mar 21, 04:17 PMI guess I'm number 1 on the team now :cool:

your electricity bill must be outrageous!

what do you do?

thisisahughesMar 26, 04:39 AMPlaying that game with the HDMI dongle thingy hanging off an iPad looks, um, not ideal. Now, if it could stream it using AirPlay.

I hope too.

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