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miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot pics.
miranda lambert hot pics.

NebulaClashSep 15, 09:00 AMNo, you are missing the point. Yes auto manufactures have recalls all the time and yes the customer has to come in to get it fixed on previous purchases. HOWEVER, they also fix all NEW automobiles before continue to sell to new customers. Apple isn't doing that, and that is CR's complaint.

If it was a safety issue, as with cars, Apple would do the same thing. But it's not, so it's silly to to conflate the two. That was not the intent of my analogy, and that's being missed by those focusing on the trees.

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert has had a
Miranda Lambert has had a

MacRumorsAug 29, 08:52 AM (

Think Secret claims ( to have information on the rumored revision ( to the Mac Mini. According to the site, Apple will replace the existing Core Solo model with the existing 1.66 GHz Core Duo model, and add a 1.83 GHz Core Duo model, effectively eliminating all single-core CPUs from Apple's computer product line.

The new systems are said to be "ready for production." Think Secret believes the models will be introduced in a few weeks time with little fanfare, although not totally under the radar like the last Mac Mini update (

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert photo by
Miranda Lambert photo by

eenuAug 16, 09:25 AMas i have said in a previous thread there was a big article a few months ago that discussed the idea of homes having 'media servers' and you stream your music from home to the ipod instead of having it all stored locally.

Obviously this concept is for the wireless world which we don't really have at the moment but i think we will rapidly move to that stage.

For those saying the download functions could be via an iphone....well from a UK perspective i hope not becasue currently the UK mobile networks charge a fortune for GPRS data transfer that to be honest would not make it at all viable to use that service unless apple has cut a deal with them but i very much doubt that.

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Artists: Miranda Lambert

dr DunkelMar 24, 04:32 PMI'll likely build a Hackintosh so as to prevent this problem in the future. That is unless Apple finally sells computers that can be repaired for less then the price of a new computer.

Why make such a computer when money so easily can be made selling you a new one... generally speaking, that is :D

But I agree, :apple: really should build a computer for the consumers that actually knows something about computers and are interested in the area. But I guess that would be bad business, as it would be impossible to sell parts att 200% of the normal price if that box could be opened by the user.

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert backstage at
Miranda Lambert backstage at

2ndPathSep 1, 12:43 PMi don't think this rumor will come out to be true because this might take a lot of people from getting Mac Pro, unless this iMac comes out to be north of $2500, at which point nobody will buy this.

I don't think an iMac with a larger Display is a competition for a Mac Pro. The biggest advantages of the Mac Pro are the expandability and the CPUs, which both put it into a completely different class than any iMac.

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert | Top Hot News
Miranda Lambert | Top Hot News

bigandyNov 27, 01:56 PMi would like to see this display option.

however, as stated, coming from DigiTimes this could just be hot air. :rolleyes:

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert

bigmc6000Jul 18, 08:02 AMI think it'd be a good idea. What most people in here seem to forget about is that there are millions of people who don't have DVD burners, much less DL DVD burners. Also, if the quality gets much more than 480p we're talking about quite a few older computers not being able to play it back very well. I think my 1.5GHz Powerbook is technically (according to apple) limited at 480p so if there's any slow down or jerkiness to get it to 720p I'm not a big fan of that.

I think rental is a good idea - I've gone to blockbuster a few times and I've even watched some films from my cable company just because I didn't feel like going to blockbuster. But if they can make the price good (1.99 or 2.99 tops) it'd still be cheaper than either of the options I just listed and it'd be whole lot easier to do it.

I like download to buy for music but I'm with a lot of people on here in that if I want to own a movie I'll just go to target the day it's released and get it for $16.

One more thing - you don't want Steve to win this round because the studios would require an absurd pricing model. Look at the universal store - 29.99 for new releases?!?! If you want the DVD just go to Walmart or Target etc and get it way below MSRP otherwise the movie companies are going to make apple do what the retails do - take a loss on every single one sold and I really don't think Steve would be down with that...

miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot. at
miranda lambert hot. at

AlphaDoggFeb 19, 08:47 PMcrapy iphone pics

Beautiful view!

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert and Stuart
Miranda Lambert and Stuart

rhythmacNov 23, 01:45 PMOWC Mercury Elite AL enclosure
2 - 500GB Hard Drives for my Dual bay OWC Mercury Elite AL enclosure

for my ProTools set up

(not my pictures)

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert on Country
Miranda Lambert on Country

SciFrogOct 5, 08:24 PMCongrats, keep the bigadv coming!

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert Redook hot
Miranda Lambert Redook hot

likemyorbsMar 19, 09:45 AMMust we get involved in this? Can't France do something for once by themselves, or any other european nations for that matter? When was the last time they even fired a weapon? You know, the taliban were once known as freedom fighters too. I'm so sick of these countries, let them self destruct, maybe some day they will choose to civilize themselves. Please, no more US to the rescue, and then they all wonder why many Americans have a feeling of exceptionalism. :rolleyes:

miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot photos.
miranda lambert hot photos.

MacBoobsProAug 7, 04:47 AMYeah, but you have to live in the UK. It all works out

Yes living in th UK is like punishment for being born at the moment. Can I stay with you in Aussie? I have a G5 and a MacBook you can use. :D

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert Picture
Miranda Lambert Picture

LeoffNov 27, 03:30 PMI don't understand this. Apple has carried a 20" monitor as their low end for two years. Why offer something even smaller after so long? This seems like a step backwards. Why not reduce the 20" to $399 and lower the price of the other two? Dell is putting major price pressure on Apple with their monitors; though they are not as good looking, the price has no doubt won over many would be buyers...not me of course. :p

Well, see... there's this little thing called market analysis and listening to the people you sell things to. I highly doubt Apple was sitting around going "we need to release something new because its been months. I know! How about a different monitor size!"

Why not reduce the 20" to $399? Why should they when they seem to be selling just fine at where they are?

Dell is putting IMAGINED price pressure on Apple with their monitors. Selling cheaper crap will cost you less.

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert

EvangelionAug 30, 02:30 AMWho says Intel will keep selling Yonahs for long time once Merom comes out?

Link ( In short: "You'll note that Intel is quite aggressive with ramping Core 2 Duo up, but going into 2007 over a quarter of Intel's mobile processor shipments will still be Core Duo. "

miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot pink dress
miranda lambert hot pink dress

relimwSep 6, 10:45 AMPlease explain to me who would buy a mini and why?
I just don't get it when a imac is close in price with a monitor.
What am I missing?
I have two minis, one of which is running headless, one is running with one of my extra monitors. Why would I want to buy yet another monitor? Besides which, if you're using them as a "poor man's build farm" you don't need superdrives.

miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot pink dress
miranda lambert hot pink dress

Mac Fly (film)Sep 6, 06:33 PM &

Guys, you've got to start somewhere. The TV show thing started with disney, and look at it now!!

(not in Europe yet, grumble grumble)

miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot pink dress
miranda lambert hot pink dress

BranskinsApr 1, 12:58 PMWow this dev preview runs amazingly well! I cannot wait until Lion is released!

miranda lambert hot pictures. miranda lambert hot pics.
miranda lambert hot pics.

ManualJan 2, 07:16 AMI am expecting MACworld to bring (2/3 of):

A couple of interesting new MacPro BTO options.

A new iMac which is an iTV mainframe of sorts.

iTV enabled monitors.

An iTV breakout box for talking to existing computers and televisions.

802.11n in many places including a "surprise" (to some) announcement Macs have been shipping with 802.11n for several months now and it can be enabled by a software update (available today).

A consumer SAN.

New iPod games

New iLife/iWork apps and upgrades and backgrounds.

FCP update.

One more thing: Video iPod

Later: a "media release" perhaps leading to or at NAB
Later: an iTunes event announcing more movie studios and broadcast content libraries.
Later: Leopard, Mac-Mini C2D, MacMaster (workstation class system)


happy new year everybody!
my local retailer told me on friday that they had been unable to order larger quantities of imacs for schools ... apple (germany) told him that they have to wait for macworld because new (upgraded? entirely new?) imacs will be presented there ...

since macworld SF has usually been a consumer-based event I think this would be possible

this is my 1st contribution to this forum (which i really enjoy to read!!!) :)

miranda lambert hot pictures. Miranda Lambert Pictures
Miranda Lambert Pictures

WhySoSeriousMay 3, 10:36 AMI'm all for merging the two OS's together....but do we really need to hype a feature like this on the main page or even in the keynote presentation in June? Seriously, it's just an alternate method to delete an app....BIG FREAKING DEAL.

Guess I had/have higher expectations than most when it comes to Lion/iOS5...

lordonuthinFeb 17, 12:16 AMdang. well all my computers are down back at my apartment, so my production will be very little. i just started folding on my mbp with an a3 unit, so we'll see how it goes

Sorry to hear that, when will you be able to get back to your apartment to get everything started again?

My points are down too for some reason, not sure what the problem is as everything is running ok.

phungyJan 3, 08:31 PMFound a coupon code if anyone wants to go to Macworld.

1. Go to the Macworld website and click "Register Today"
2. Enter coupon code digg
3. You can get the 4 day exhibit hall pass for free.

steviemMar 18, 07:46 AMThe only way to impose a no fly zone is to have your fighter jets and bombers in the region. Also they have to destroy/disarm Libya's SAMs and possibly destroy/disable Libyan Air Force air fields.

Remember several Gulf States are part of this force too, so it isn't 'the West imposing democracy' like before.

There was nothing about us making up lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Just footage and communication from the people of Libya and news organizations showing the devastation Gaddafi is putting upon his own people.

I see no reason for troops to enter Libya, apart from the UN once the Libyan people overthrow Gaddafi if there is a need for aid. Although I'd much rather see UN over in Japan getting food and supplies to cities affected by the recent Earthquake/tsunami and nuclear reactor scares.

rdownsMar 22, 01:03 PMAt my base they picket outside of the entrance gates every thursday. And all military members are to take a different entrance to avoid getting hurt. They have signs saying horrible comments and they attack you and your vehicle. Yes they get arrested if they attack anything, but at least 1 gets hurt a week. As for funerals somehow they find out where they are and play music, throw a party, cause a nascence basically to ruin the moment of memory and putting someone to rest.

How about a link?

Busted. The IT company owner who happens to serve in the military at the same time. Busy life.

His profile says he's the Director of IT. Who am I to question that?

So two questions (I will try to write out as best as I can, hopefully it's understandable).
1: Is it possible that while I am on a business trip with my laptop that if I needed to access my network at work that I can remotely access it to view computers on the network with abilities to grab files from a computer, check things / alter things, and maintain. If so how?

2: If someone is on my network is it possible to see what traffic they are bringing in or out of my network without installing a file on their pc / mac to know the site they entered, file download, etc.

Thanks team.

HecubusProAug 31, 04:00 PMI just hope Apple doesn't make a habit of this "stealth" upgrade ********. I'm ready to buy now, but I'll wait a bit for an update. If I hear about people receiving core duos when core solo is written on the box, then I think my head will explode.

Acording the story in the link I posted above, it's happened to at least one person so far. That may be what they're going for with the Mini's. Would they do the same thing with C2D and MBP's, MB's, etc.?


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