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the world is yours scarface statue. THE WORLD IS YOURS SCARFACE

FearNo1Apr 23, 10:42 AMNo, I did not mean the traditional GPS. I was referring to the one that the 911 system uses. I don't think that can be turned off. IOW, if you have any modern cell phone, you can be tracked. The difference is that with the iphone, the info is stored on the phone itself.

you can turn off the GPS in a phone and most people assume that when you do it stops tracking you yet as it already been shown it just starts storing info base the cell towers.

I just do not like the fact you can not opt out of it. It just feels wrong to me.

the world is yours scarface statue. THE WORLD IS YOURS SCARFACE

AdeFowlerJul 20, 05:06 AMI found this to be most interesting. I think we could actually see some Adobe apps by Septemeber. Adobe has been going on an 18-24 month cycle and based when CS2 was released Sept/Oct would be 18 months and 24 would be April when Adobe has said basically "no later than".
I think it'll be very awkward for Steve to announce the Mac Pros without a UB version of Photoshop being available, however I can't see CS3 being finished. However we know that Indesign is progressing well, so I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce Chizen came on stage and announced the availability of time limited betas; assuming Adobe are willing to help Apple.

Now what should we spend that 9.5 billion on? ;)

the world is yours scarface statue. the world is yours scarface
the world is yours scarface

aafuss1Aug 7, 06:54 AM[B]Leopard
-Native NTFS write
-Soltaire game as a dashboard widget
-PC-run Mac OS X, but only via virtualization
-Tabs in Finder and Safari be draggable, Dragon Drop style tabbed windows-like OS 9, and be easily recalled-bookmarks.

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Videosthe world the-world-is

DoraemonMar 19, 07:59 AMIn Australia (where Im from), the market is dead ! Most Apple Stores are large and if you ive in the Country - they don't exist. The rest of Asia is like that.

Like you can expect to have a Mac store in the middle of nowhere. That's BS. It's not profitable to run a Mac store in the (Australian) desert.

And have you ever been to China? You'll find lots of Apple stores there. And if you are in Japan, go to Akihabara, man and take a look around. There are like 14 Mac stores within three blocks.

I am outside the US. And there are iPod ads where ever I go.

And no, Apple is not dying. The markets where Apple is dominant will remain like that, since Apple is "attack[ing]" (to quote you) in the pro music and pro video markets. And in these markets Apple is making lots of money.

the world is yours scarface statue. the world is yours tattoo
the world is yours tattoo

chuckles:)Aug 24, 06:52 PMMaybe dual optical drives like the Mac pro. This is getting standard on Macs obviously.



the Mac Pro is one thing, but you wont see dual optical drives in an iMac much less a Mini, there's no point 4 the standard consumer market.

the world is yours scarface statue. the world is yours
the world is yours

4GodSep 1, 12:17 PMI dunno, I think Apple would include support for a dual link dvi with upgraded graphics card so you could attach a 30" Apple Cinema display. I think this would happen before introducing a 23" iMac IMHO.

the world is yours scarface statue. scarface, good Yours world
scarface, good Yours world

twoodccJul 13, 10:42 PMdang, that would be awesome. i just hope i can buy one and put it in an external enclosure and have my mac be able to use it

the world is yours scarface statue. Scarface #39;The World Is Yours#39;
Scarface #39;The World Is Yours#39;

KilamiteApr 21, 11:20 AMRead the letter. I'd like an open response from Apple which specifically answers those questions.

the world is yours scarface statue. The+world+is+yours+statue

MikeELLAug 18, 06:05 AMHi, here's an excited essay for you all!

You've read some talk about apple releasing the iPhone concurrently with the next gen iPod... I'm going to make a prediction (read: wish) of what I see as the ultimate convergance of all the rumours I've seen lately. If I'm right, I'll keep talking about it for quite a while :)

I predict that the "iPhone" is the next-gen-iPod. I think that apple will happily combine both devices if/when they could be satisfied that both sets of functionality were covered.

I forsee a (3G?) phone which is also the next gen ipod (has a none-touch screen over it's entire face). This timing would tie in well with Leopard's release timing. My reasoning is that if Leopard's rumored ability to call any Phone is true, why not speak of it at the wwdc06 keynote unless they had integration with a smart new phone that they hadn't released yet? (the tech itself isn't anything new)

I therefore think the iPhone (combined with iPod or not) has to come before Leopard's release.

It is the talk of wireless iPods which has made me think that iPod/iPhone will eventually be combined. If a combo device has bluetooth/wifi, it also means it can function seemlessly with front row - also not mentioned in wwdc06 keynote and begging for an update given Apple's obsession with Macs as media devices.

For the record, I'd also like to see something like elgato's eyetv incorporated into front row - record from tv and send to your phone/iPod while using the device as a remote control for tv - but that probably counts as a second wish.


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the world is yours blimp.

kelving525Sep 30, 02:48 PMSo, did you keep it?

Just curious ... I'm on the fence here, really just waiting to see what else comes out in the next few weeks.

Yes, I'm still using the case. It's the only case that feels nice from what I saw in Best Buy.

the world is yours scarface statue. the world is yours tattoo
the world is yours tattoo

rogJan 3, 03:47 PMMy predictions:
Price cuts across the board for Macs. Mini starts at $399 to compete with low cost wintel machines. 24" iMac @$1499. 17"MacBook @$2199. I think iMacs will go quad core except the $699 model, MacPros will be in 2 configs at 8 core, and 1 config at 16 core for $2499. Ship date for 10.5. Early preview of unnamed next generation OS due in early 2009. New iLife and iWork of course. No iPhone or updated iPods.
Also a 10.5" (1152x768) ultraportable 2.5lb MacBookMini.

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Scarface is a replica of the

durvivorOct 23, 01:19 PMIn my opinion, there is a VERY good possibility of the Macbook Pros being updated tomorrow. Here's Why:
If you look at the Macbook Pro's "last updated" section, you'll notice that it was April 24, 2006. Tomorrow will be October 24, exactly 6 month's difference. Coincidence? perhaps, but in my opinion if it's not tomorrow, it's not until late November.

Awesome, this means there will be further Macbook and Macbook Pro updates on April 24th (a Tuesday). I'm guessing that will be too early for Santa Rosa w/ Robsin caching technology. But, I bet there will be speed increases, graphics and hd increases.

the world is yours scarface statue. Scarface the World Is Yours
Scarface the World Is Yours

CplBadboyApr 19, 01:16 PMHoooraaaayyyyyy!!!

The news Ive been waiting for and not a blinking boring update to the iPhone being white. Maxed out iMac here we come. Its been long time coming. Happy Chappy:D

the world is yours scarface statue. the world is yours tattoo
the world is yours tattoo

clj7Jan 7, 04:20 AMMy Dad also drives a a VW Golf, which has a GTI engine. Can't even imagine how much petrol it must be going through.

the world is yours scarface statue. scar face the world is yours
scar face the world is yours

fanboyJan 11, 08:30 PM13" screen means you can only shave about a pound off the Macbook's current weight - so a 4lb, not 3lb. notebook.

If the above is true, then I guess this is not a macbook lite, but a macbook pro lite, so I'd expect starting price of $1999.

They might be able to make it lighter with a smaller enclosure, no hd, no optical drive, and a smaller battery. But, yeah, probably closer to 4lbs than 3lbs.

the world is yours scarface statue. The+world+is+yours+tattoo+

IcarasApr 19, 12:03 PMJust in time for the back to school promo!

Which is about a month away. I wonder how many buyers on the fence for this refresh will have the patience to wait even longer for the promotion.

Oh, and that's right, Lion should also be out in about 1-2 months after that as well. ;)

the world is yours scarface statue. The+world+is+yours+tattoo+

kntgspSep 14, 11:13 AMInteresting. Instead of jailbreaking, know what I do? I copy my files onto my iOS devices as a backup. No problem. I have several GB of data on both my iPod touch and my iPad.

I have yet to find a single Windows or Linux computer at work that will allow me to simply drag and drop some files onto the device as if it were a mounted drive like any other USB stick or Android/Symbian phone.

It's why the girlfriend has the iPhone4 and I am using Android at the moment (which I am growing to detest for lack of decent VNC options)

the world is yours scarface statue. gameSlave, Scarface: The World
gameSlave, Scarface: The World

slackpackerApr 13, 05:20 AMBasically - All hardware has to come up with new drivers - I did not see anything about Plug-in support. And I see no reason why Apple will release boxed copies. But maybe they will to placate us all. FCX is what I wanted Apple to do. Trash the old and make something new and modern. Unfortunately the Original Programer of FC is no longer with Apple so the old code was unusable.But when you do that you have to re-build the feature set from scratch.

the world is yours scarface statue. The+world+is+yours+tattoo+

Dont Hurt MeSep 1, 02:52 PMApple used to have all-in-ones, consumer towers, pro towers, etc. Remember the PowerMac 6400? Too many products is too confusing for the consumer. If that means that a couple of people can't get the exact configuration they want, so be it.Apple still needs to sell a not overpriced cube, Millions,perhaps billions have monitors that are just fine. What they need is a machine between near nothing Mini and workstation MacPro. Its been said a million times so here it is again.:)

fun173Jan 28, 10:00 PM^^ It may be an illusion but are your rear tires smaller than the front ones? Anyways, you have an awesome car. Looks very nice.

twoodccNov 15, 10:48 AMcongrats to mc68k for 7 million!

MultimediaNov 15, 05:43 PMIm really looking forwards to this, if the 8-core 2.66 Macpro its going to cost just a little more than a quad 3ghz Macpro, im going to be buying as soon as it hits the website...

As a recent Mac switcher, coming straight in with a base spec macpro(4x2.66/4gb/1750gbHDD), im now happy to invest in a more powerful machine.

My only concern is the heat... my current Macpro runs 24/7 and 95% of the time is at full load across all 4 cores... and its still silent with temps never going over 52c... will these quad core chips run much hotter, meaning the front fans have to spin faster/noisier to keep the machine cool?Maybe. If Apple goes from the 80 Watt 3GHz Woody to the 120 Watt 2.66GHz Clovertown then definitely. But if Apple chooses to only offer the 80 Watt 2.33GHz Dual Clovertown, then perhaps not and we'll all be happier campers. Or perhaps Apple has other cooling schemes in mind to keep a 2.66GHz set of Clovertowns quiet via other ways. Given that the Logic board stays the same, I'd rather buy the 2.33GHz version.

mrapplegateApr 3, 05:48 PMI have the same thing happens with my safari in full screen where you hover your mouse over the top and the menubar slide down it is a bug because it the bar serve no function right now -that definitely did happen in DP!
Although Safari has not crashed yet where it crash several time a day in DP1

I don't think it is a bug. It allows more screen to show when using full screen mode. The menubar re-appears when needed. Preview auto hides the menubar as when in full screen mode.

jholznerNov 15, 08:21 AMwell, OSX whooped xp for multicore usage then

I noticed that too. Wonder how Vista will do. XP is 5 years old while Apple has had multiple OS updates since then which were probably optimized for this sort of thing.


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