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charlie chaplin quotes about life. to life Charlie Chaplin as
to life Charlie Chaplin as

EarendilNov 27, 09:52 PMFunny that you say "accurate" color.....

Anyone ever hear of the "Pinkening" of the Apple displays over the last 2 years? If you haven't then you may have seen it on your trips to the Apple Store.

Apple LCDs have had a nasty habit of having a Pink hue to them that you cannot dial out of the display. Granted, Apple has been pretty good at replacing these models, but it has been a major issue to those it has affected.

Yes, I'm quite aware of that issue. I do not mention it because it is an anomaly in the build. Dell also had backlight bleed problems with the 2005ftw units (and by all reports, wasn't handled all that well by Dell).
However which panel each company decides to use in their product is a choice, the results of which will effect every monitor in the line up. Do you see the difference there?

True accurate color will only be had by using color calibration units. So with that rebutle I will say that you will be able to achieve "accurate" color with that $250 LCD monitor from Best Buy.

Yes, but some panels are far more prone to the color shifting with time. Also the evenness of the color/contrast/backlighting has to be even across the entire screen. Color calibration units only measure a small part of the screen in order to create a color profile that your computer will apply to the entire screen. That profile will not help you if the screen is imbalanced.

Dell, quite honestly, doesn't care about the prosumer market. THis is obvious in their recent choice to take their 23" monitor from 8 bits per color down to 6. So instead of 24 bit color, you get 18 bit color which is then dithered to get 24 bit color. For those that don't understand color bit depth,
18 bit = 262,144 colors
24 bit = 16,777,216 colors

Why would Dell do this you ask? Because they can now drop their response time to 6ms from 16ms. That's right, they made a change that severally effects the color quality in order to archive one of the few stats that people use and see to buy a monitor.

There is far more to monitors than ms, contrast, and even color accuracy. There are people in this thread that seem to think that all monitors are created equal but for the case they are put in, or that there is only one component inside the case. To these people of course monitor prices should all be about the same.

Before anyone screams foul on Apple pricing ONE more time I dear you to go to and check out the different monitors sold by them. You can pay $2000 for a 20" there if you like.

Monitors are just like most computer hardware, not all created equal, not all priced equal. Weigh you needs with your budget, research the product, and make a choice that's right for you. If Apple doesn't offer a choice that fits your equation, that sucks (happened to me), but fortunately there are a hundred other companies out there, one of which might just offer what you require.


charlie chaplin quotes about life. Charlie Chaplin#39;s 3 Heart
Charlie Chaplin#39;s 3 Heart

twoodccFeb 17, 03:22 PMNo remote login?

Well the Internet is terrible here. I do have MobileMe, but can't get it to work here. I don't have remote login on the windows boxes. But I know the Internet works there b/c my server is up

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin

mattyukJan 31, 10:54 AMVW Polo 1.4, had it 3 year.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin

iW00tJan 7, 12:35 AMHighly unlikely that the Quad chip will end up in the iTV. Especially at the already announced $299 proce point of iTV

It will be a loss leader than. Apple sells these boxes for $299 and make their money when they sell movies.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Charlie Chaplin and his wife
Charlie Chaplin and his wife

AppliedVisualOct 23, 10:52 PMThere is no way I am buying a MBP without NAND.

Weird... While the NAND flash/cache would be nifty, it's hardly a feature I would consider to be vital. FW800 and DL DVD writer on the 15" MBP are much more worthy causes. ...I doubt we'll get those features either. :( You won't see NAND with this update - probably not until spring/summer '07.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. charlie chaplin hitler.
charlie chaplin hitler.

chuckles:)Jan 12, 05:01 PMApple would never call a computer a "macbook air".

its a stupid name that says nothing about the product.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Jackson Painting of Charlie
Jackson Painting of Charlie

donlphiNov 29, 02:05 PMIt's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

Already been done...

charlie chaplin quotes about life. And so tis Friday and Charlie
And so tis Friday and Charlie

joe.caversFeb 23, 03:53 AMNo idea what film that is, but I do spy Handbrake on the MacBook, which looks identical to the one that I just retired. My optical drive in that machine was starting to go, I think. Only thing I've used the one in the new MacBook Pro for is to reinstall the OS after I got it...

Handbrake comes VERY close to destroying my Macbook ha ha, the CPU goes up close to 90 degrees celsius! Terrifying!

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin

toddybodyApr 19, 02:52 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

True dat ... This is going to be my first iMac ... I have never owned an apple computer before .. Bought my first iPhone last year
... iPhone 4 ... That was such a wonderful day ... Can't wait


charlie chaplin quotes about life. Real Life Angry Birds
Real Life Angry Birds

dmaxdmaxNov 28, 01:23 PMErm... So you're calling a slightly reheated Toshiba Gigabeat-POS with pseudo-WiFi (sure, it may be fully enabled in the future, but with a screen with that resolution, it'd be preety much useless) a "moterately high ante"?


And by the way, there's already a "Gates' sucessor", and I'm talking about the CEO title, not the Chairman... Come to think about it, Ballmer is already a "chair-man" of sorts... :D And we all know how smart that guy is. :rolleyes:

What I meant by moderately high ante was the dollars spent, not the product.

I don't think we'll know what MS executives will do when Gates leaves until he's gone. Even Mr. B.

Don't get me wrong - I think the Zune is crap. However it's always foolish to ignore the 800 pound gorilla, even when it's lazy and clueless. They can wake up and buy clues.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. charlie chaplin hitler. going
charlie chaplin hitler. going

vincebioOct 23, 07:07 travelling to states this week, and could pick one up at the apple store 5th avenue for much cheaper than here in uk..

its gottta come out sometime...

charlie chaplin quotes about life. This is quot;Chaplin – A Life.
This is quot;Chaplin – A Life.

miloblitheAug 31, 03:00 PMLet's hope that those specs aren't the final ones. That they're just to clear inventory.

I'm hoping for Merom based mac minis.. Merom costs the same so why not ?

Knowing that Apple doesn't pay listed prices, it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple could get the Yonah chips for less than Merom ones.

Also, Apple has historically liked to scale its product lineup to encourage buying then next item up the scale. Some have even referred to it as "crippling" the lower machines.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. charlie chaplin movies free
charlie chaplin movies free

MichaelgtrusaMay 3, 04:33 AMA good uninstaller is need in OS 10. I'd like to know where and how much is installed.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Smile(Charles Chaplin)
Smile(Charles Chaplin)

prady16Sep 1, 11:47 AMWow......Time for replacing my desktop!

charlie chaplin quotes about life. charlie chaplin hitler
charlie chaplin hitler

broncopdeJun 24, 02:01 AMI just don't see people wanting to have their arms up like that to use a desktop computer. It works so well on the iPad cause you can use it where your hands are already sitting (in your lap). But this...doesn't strike as being very practical at all.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. charlie-chaplin

twoodccSep 6, 12:01 PMRemind me to never ask you for computer advice.

The parents bought a top of the line g4 iMac back when superdrives were 2x.

They still haven't used the superdrive to burn a dvd.

fine by what you will. that's them, but what about their kids? or anyone else who ever uses it? what about backing up their data?*

say what you will, but a dvd burner is always worth it

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Smile - Charlie Chaplin
Smile - Charlie Chaplin

suneohairNov 15, 09:58 AMFor some time, Handbrake didn't use more than two cores - owners of Quad G5s reported CPU usage of exactly 50 percent, then someone changed it and Quad G5s reported 100 percent CPU usage.

What we don't know: Was the code changed to use up to four processors, or as many processors as are available? Developers are usually very unwilling to ship code that they haven't been able to try out, so expect a version using eight cores about two days after the developers have access to an eight core machine.

In the case of Handbrake, encoding to MPEG4 seems already limited by the speed of the DVD drive; you can't encode faster than you can read from the DVD. H.264 is still limited by processor speed. Using eight cores is not too difficult; for example, if you encode 60 minutes of video, just give 7 1/2 minutes to each core.

Applications should be, and most likely are written to take advantage of available resources. A developer should be writing applications to take advantage of 8-cores already, they don't need an 8-core machine to do so.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. Charlie Chaplin#39;s
Charlie Chaplin#39;s

econgeekApr 12, 10:07 PMNot true. If you buy a Mac-app or iOS app all the updates for that version are free. A new version is a whole new program that must be bought again on both platforms.

What confuses you is that most iOS developers have decided to just keep updating their first version forever and not come out with a whole new version because they've decided that makes more sense on a smart phone than it does on a desktop machine.

But that's a business decision, not a technical one. A developer could do it either way on either platform.

Yes, that SKU will always be free for updates. They can create a separate SKU for a new major release and charge people again. Some did this when the iPad came out.

Apple is moving towards cheaper software, and has been from around 2000.

I think it would be pretty weird if each version of Final Cut was $299 now.

charlie chaplin quotes about life. charlie chaplin movies
charlie chaplin movies

zoozxSep 7, 08:12 AMNice idea, lets give communism another shot!

A good idea, just poorly executed.
Actually makes more sense than the system we have now.

iberroaApr 3, 02:08 AMbeautiful... :apple:

Apple OCMar 19, 03:45 PMIs it me, or does war seem kind of rediculous now. :cool:

I mean, I understand the need for "non occupational forces", but this is getting kind of rediculous. It almost seems like it's almost a capitalist motive to demonstrate weapons for sale at every opportunity. :D

I am a bit suprised the Mods let you start such an Anti-American thread title ..."U.S. will use Lybia as aerial target practice"

This is not about the USA ... this is about the UN Security Council deciding to stop a Dictator like Gaddafi from forcing his will on the people of Lybia.

The USA is only one of 10 countries that approved this decision.

Those with knowledge of this situation will agree that sometimes people need protection from thugs like Gaddafi who tell his people "there will be no mercy" and fire weapons upon them for the sole reason of staying in power.

where many others in this thread just want to chirp more "Ridiculous" Anti-American crap.

gLaDiAtOr73Apr 19, 03:34 PMi wish they could wait and roll out the new imacs w/ Lion in June. im trying to hold out...its

KeeblerJul 18, 08:30 AMi forgot to mention the use of bit torrent technology.

i wonder, and hope, that apple will use this somehow. i'm too techie, but remember a few months back, apple bought a data storage warehouse. what if they designed some sort of torrent system where your dload would come from multiple sources? that would surely make it faster?

now, i'm not saying this is the be all and end all, but it's intriguing to see if it would work.

it would be one of the only ways to make high quality stuff dloadable in a timely fashion. is it possible for them to also have some sort of a 'restart' or 'pickup' dload service so if something happens with your connection during dload, that is picks up where it stopped??

i wonder.... :)

Hans BrixApr 20, 04:58 PMYes I can drive a standard car.

I would like to clarify a few things for people who don't live in North America on why so many don't drive Standard. Most cars today can't be had with a standard and even it's available you'd be hard pressed to find one, most dealer lots don't stock them. Certain cars have them but most don't offer it in higher trim levels so your stuck with automatic if you want a nicer car ex: Lexus IS, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Accord, many Hyundai's.

I've noticed this more and more. Hate it.


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